Cuter than cute sewing kits for you!

I know there are lots of women, who, like me, discovered crafting again when they were expecting their babies. I had an overwhelming urge to make blankets, woolly hats, little shoes, and could not resist the lure of the John Lewis haberdashery department (which had conveniently appeared just yards from my front door – horrors for my wallet!).

A Very Berry reader, Katie, has recently been in touch to tell me about her rotten experience of trying to sew a little outfit for her impending bundle… Pregnancy hormones are bad enough with the additional frustration and emotional trauma of deciphering the jargon of pattern-speak and wrestling with all that tissue paper! She decided that there had got to be an easier way, and her company, Little Dress Kits was born – and the baby too – here’s Katie with her little one. Can’t resist a cute baby pic!

Little Dress Kits

Katie thought that Very Berry readers might like to check out her lovely kids’ clothing kits, and give some feedback on their favourite products. To reward you for all this hard work, one lucky winner will get a kit of their choice from the shop. Fab eh?

Car Dungarees Sewing Kit for Beginners

Each pattern contains everything you need, and even better, the pattern itself is adhesive, so you don’t have to do any pinning! You’ve got to admit, these are super cute. If I thought I could get my 9 year olds to wear these dungarees, I would try it…!  Here’s what Katie says about her lovely kits:

“Little Dress Kits are ideal for beginners and make sewing good quality, gorgeous clothes for babies and toddlers simple. The sewing instructions are written to be easily understood by someone who has never heard of expressions such as ‘baste’ and ‘tack’, for example, before. Plus, instead of struggling with thin delicate pattern paper, the pattern pieces are on adhesive paper so they can be stuck to the fabric (no pinning!) making it much easier to handle, cut and sew for the beginner before peeling them off again.

Learn to Sew Nurse's Apron Sewing Kit for Beginners

Anyone can learn to sew with Little Dress Kits and once a Level 1 (Beginners Kit) has been completed, they can move on and progress to a Level 2 (Intermediate) Kit and then a Level 3 (Advanced) Kit.

Learn to Sew Pinafore Dress Sewing Kit for Beginners

Little Dress Kits currently have 8 designs including a Reversible Strawberry Apron Kit, Reversible Floral Pinafore Kit, Nurse’s Apron Kit, Sweet Heart Dungarees Kit, Car and Tractor Dungarees Kit and a Waistcoat Kit. The fabrics, trimmings and buttons are cute and great quality and produce a fabulous end-result which any beginner would be proud to have completed.”

Learn to Sew Child's Waistcoat Sewing Kit for Beginners

The Giveaway

You can have up to three chances to win a kit of your choice from Little Dress Kits.

1) Have a good old browse, and let us know which kit you would like as you prize, and why.

2) For a second chance, follow Little Dress Kits on Facebook, and leave a second comment to tell us you’ve done so.

3) For your third chance, tweet, blog, or share the giveaway on your FB page, and leave another comment to tell us that you’ve done so.

Little Dress Kits is happy to post anywhere, so this giveaway is open to readers worldwide!

I will leave the giveaway open until midnight on Friday 14th June, and announce the winner on Saturday 15th. Don’t forget, you will only get extra entries in the giveaway if you leave the extra comments!

Good luck! 

41 thoughts on “Cuter than cute sewing kits for you!

  1. ooh i’m in love with all of them but I would have to say the reversible pinafore would be the first on my to do list – it is adorable!! It reminds me of the little pinafore I used to wear when I went to Rainbows (mini brownies 🙂 ) when I was about 5 – I still have it although it doesnt fit me too well now! :p xx

  2. It would have to be the tractor dungarees, up to 12 months, for my chunky-monkey 6 month old son, who would totally rock that look! Although if I thought I could squeeze my 6 and 7 year olds into the nurse’s uniform it would be a tricky call – bigger sizes please 🙂

  3. Such a great idea. I haven’t yet sewed anything apart from quilts so I would have to go with one of the beginner sets. I would love to make the Reversible Tie-side pinafore. Thanks!

  4. I would love to make the little Nurse apron for my beautiful neice. Lovely kits and gorgeous presentation. Great idea, thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I love the waistcoats they’re adorable, would love to make some for my son and maybe try a feminine version too.
    Liked on Facebook too

  6. This is one of those ideas that makes you wonder why no-one thought of it before. Dress-making patterns have been the same for ‘ever’, as far as I know. It’s about time someone brought them up to date.
    Teresa x

  7. Great idea! Not a lot of places sell actual patterns plus all the bits to go with making something so well done! I love the dungarees!!!

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