Just a lovely day

We had such a glorious day here yesterday. We felt a walk and a picnic were definitely in order and took ourselves off to Deep Hayes Country Park, which is on the edge of Leek in Staffordshire. It’s amazing to think that the area, like many that are now country parks locally, used to be full of industry – with coal and clay extraction, iron smelting and brick making all happening in the area. I would say it was beautifully quiet now, but it was actually full of the racket of birds out in full force!




We got home with plenty of time left for me to finally get round to potting up my tomatoes into the pots of my AutoPot easy2grow kit – hurrah, no more watering (the tomatoes anyway!). I’m growing a variety called Ruby this year from the Real Seed Company. It’s a seed from Bulgaria, and is apparently early, and doesn’t grow too tall. This will hopefully work out well in my small greenhouse with the short growing season we are going to have this year…

Tomatoes 4 June 2013

I also listed some new pink/aqua cushion kits and patchwork packs on Folksy. If you like my kits, but you are thinking ‘I wish Ali would cut something different than pink fabrics’ – don’t fret, I have purple, blue and grey versions in the pipeline. But, even if you’re not a pink person, you’ve got to admit, these are rather pretty…

Lib 64 1

I hope that, wherever you are, you’ve been enjoying life too!

11 thoughts on “Just a lovely day

  1. I love pink (my mum just bought a pink cushion kit from you and it is gorgeous!), but I’m looking forward to seeing the purple and grey kits!

  2. I knew I had heard the name of your country park before! I have been along that canal on our green boat and moored there 😉 I have inherited some spare tomato plants from my brother so there will be lots of watering here!

  3. Wow, it looks beautiful there, I love taking my boys Severn Valley Country Park, it even has the bonus of the steam trains running through it! My boys are both train addicts! I hope the sunshine returns so we can all get back outside! And your fabrics are yummy, is it too soon to start planning my Christmas list?

  4. Gorgeous photos Ali – what a beautiful setting to enjoy a bit of (rare) British sunshine. I’m doing a bit of potting up in the garden today too, with the birds sweet company x

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