ATC swap progress report

Attempting a super-fast blog post because I am trying to stick to my new resolve to turn off the internet at 8pm every day… but I really wanted to share some of the awesome work that is already appearing in the Very Berry ATC swap group on Flickr.

Here’s some sweet stitching underway by Claire at Little Red Monkey & Co:

Textile Trading Card Swap

An awesome applique mermaid by hokeycokey (sorry can’t match up Flickr name with real person – someone tell me who you are!):

ATC Swap - Finished!

Some gorgeous applique beach huts from DD Blogger (sorry, another one I can’t match up – do tell!):

ATC May 2013

and some stunning stitchery from Natalie at Sewing Room Secrets:

ATC 2013 progress


And now, on the dot of 8pm, and totally inspired by the above, I am off to do some stitchery of my own… 

12 thoughts on “ATC swap progress report

  1. Man, You guys must have super-concentration power or something, because I cant even sit still long enough to the learn proper ways of starting flowers! Much less do all of this….<3 ❤ total respect 2 u all!!! Amanda Siefert

  2. Ok what are ATCs – clue needed as its something I might like to join in with and my sporadic blog reading recently means I have no idea what you are talking about. I too try to turn off the internet especially in the evenings, I find I sleep better as a result

  3. Really inventive! I’ve finished mine but have yet to work out the mystery that is Flickr. Would be great to see more.

  4. Some lovely ATCs being created here
    Ali I left a request to join the Flickr group about 10 days ago but still can’t access it
    Well done on sticking to your resolve on your 8pm rule

    Jackie x

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