Weekends and Winners

I  had a wonderful weekend, thanks so much for all the lovely comments. I thought you might like the photo I took on Sunday (we had such lovely weather):

Clough Hall - Newnham College 2013

You can see the window of my third year room on the right hand side behind that white balcony. Wasn’t I unbelievably lucky?! It was lovely to catch up with my fellow Newnhamites, although tricky to reply to that question ‘so, what do you do these days?’. It’s a bit complicated for me… I wish I could reduce ‘I run an online business selling fabric, I sew things to sell, I design patterns, write recipes and home-educatel my sons’ to a snappy job title. I might have to work on that one…

It’s time to announce the winner of the Mini Amigurumi book:

mini amigurumi winner


Comment 35 was left by the lovely Teresa of A Time for Stitching. Congratulations Teresa, I will be in touch by email very soon.

14 thoughts on “Weekends and Winners

  1. I can’t believe I won the Amigurumi book. I’m looking forward, very much, to receiving it and having a go at making something from it.
    As for the “what do you do” question, how about “I run my own business doing what I love to do!” Not many people could say that!
    Teresa x

  2. Yeah, that doesn’t even become a snappy acronym! I’d go with ‘Published author who runs her own fabric empire from the boarding school she runs’ 😉

  3. Glad you had such a good time. Don’t worry about how you describe your “job”, I bet a few of the high fliers would gladly trade positions with you. I am in awe of all you achieve with your time, you should be very proud.

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