Got my sewing machine out…

Got my sewing machine out for the first time in a week today… I felt a little pang for the lovely Singer! I’m still working on a tutorial for what I’ve named, in my head, as the Liberty Bricklaying Cushion Cover Tute. This is not a good name is it? I have to come up with something a bit better…

The first version, if you remember, was a subtle-ish grey, so I decided to go with a totally different palette for this one:



The tutorial (she said, boldly) will definitely be with you by Friday next week. This is a stupid undertaking when we have an old friend coming to stay, and it’s my birthday on Wednesday… hmmmm.


In the meantime I have a new Liberty bundle in the shop. I thought it was time for some purple:

Purple Petals  (Liberty mini-bundle)

Hope you like the combination as much as I do… and hope you have had a lovely weekend too…

6 thoughts on “Got my sewing machine out…

  1. Loving it as always Ali – the name “walled garden” springs to mind in my head. Enjoy your birthday and don’t worry if you don’t get the tute out it can always wait until next week – just enjoy your friend’s visit xx

  2. Well Liberty and bricklaying aren’t words you often hear in the same sentence right enough… 😉 How about Wallflower? Since it’s like a wall of flowers…

  3. Gorgeous cushion cover. I’m not great with names either, I thought of Wonderful Liberty Wall, Liberty Layered Lovelies, and Beautiful Bricklaying.

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