Country Living Spring Fair 20-24 March – ticket giveaway

I’m very excited to be going (I have a press pass – the excitement!) to the Country Living Spring Fair next week. I hope the weather will be more spring-like by then!

Country Living Magazine Spring Fair 2013 header

I got a big parcel of seeds for this year’s vegetable gardening in the post today, but am feeling completely uninspired by the freezing quagmire that is my garden. I’m hoping that the all the amazing gardening exhibits at the show will send me home full of ideas and enthusiasm:

Our garden feaure

Creating a beautiful country garden is one of my great aims in life… I can dream!

Gardens and Outdoor Living

And I’m dying to have a goggle at all the wonderful roomsets. Don’t you just love roomsets? It’s like going to the top floor at IKEA, but about 1000 times nicer!

Roomset ideas

And of course there’s all the crafty goodness… In fact, I may need to calm down because I’ve only got a long afternoon there!


Anyhow, the great news is that I have 2 tickets for the Country Living Spring Fair (worth £32) to give away. Just leave a comment on this blog post to tell me about your dream country (or urban if you like) life. As time is short, I will be ending this giveaway at midnight on 13 March and announce the winner early on Thursday.

22 thoughts on “Country Living Spring Fair 20-24 March – ticket giveaway

  1. I live in South Africa and my daughter in the West Midlands. To me the UK is the ultimate – just love your history!!!!

  2. My dream is to always have time to do all the things I need to do each day with 5 children. To live by the sea would be the prefect choice, to walk hand in hand with my husband everyday along the shoreline collecting items for my seaside garden! Oh how I wish!

  3. Oh how fabulous , I would so love to go.

    My dream is to have a garden with real soil and sunshine. Where i am able to wake up everyday and make the things I have been working out in my dreams. To be able to recycle materials and create items to make life pretty.

    Thank you for the energy you put into your blog. It is great motivation!

  4. Oh to live in the countryside with your own craft space overlooking a garden full of home-grown produce. With dogs, horses and chickens. It’s endless summertime and there is endless time to make, bake and create a cosy home for your family

  5. I would love a house in the country, by the sea, where I can’t hear my neighbours and my cat can frolic in the garden with no other cats for miles around. Loads of time for reading, sewing, baking, gardening and generally appreciating how lovely our world is. I feel relaxed just having written that, thanks!

  6. I live in a tiny cottage in a small village with a shop, school, church and pub, perfect. My garden is large and has a courtyard for herbs and scented flowers just outside the kitchen door. This leads to a large paved area with a workshop, garden shed and espaliered apple trees, the dogs play here and my washing line lives here. Through a gate there is a vegetable and fruit garden with 2 glasshouses, I have an assortment of raised beds and borders, an area for trying new things and a little wildlife plot with a pond and suitable plant life. I have a resident hedgehog, a family of toads and lots of birds. I live my dream..

  7. My country life would be one where we live off our garden produce more and enjoy our home more. To do this, we need one thing: TIME! so that is my dream – to have more time to make lovely furnishings for our home, to fill it with flowers from the garden and to enjoy our organic food. The countryside would be on our doorstep, with a lovely view of the sea in the dinstance – it is a dream, but one worth working for 🙂

  8. My dream is for a greener life, more trees, a village hall, the town is a short drive away, great walks, bluebells in the spring, a garden that has flowers, trees and veggies all growing in harmony without the cats to destroy all the hard work. (Hang on, it’s my cat that does it!) In winter you get properly snowed in and aren’t expected to get to work … And of course there is the Aga in the kitchen and open fires in the house. Underfloor heating too – need some mod cons! We will have great neighbours, and great community there. I guess I want to live in the 1950’s – is it all those episodes my mother used to make me watch of the Darling Buds of May!!!!

  9. I would love to win. We will be in the big Smoke then already, so perfect timing.
    My favourite place is walking the dog across the Country Park, or by the sea or in the woods with all my favourite people.

  10. I would love to live in North Norfolk, after many holidays around Brancaster. I would own a gorgeous flint cottage, next to a pretty village where I would open my yarn store with a tearoom. Ah well, I can dream! I know you will love the CL Spring Fair, they are a treasure trove of loveliness (if that’s a word). Have fun!

  11. I’d love to live in a stone built house in a small town in the Yorkshire Dales. Big enough for some community but small enough so all that glorious conuntryside is a hop- skip and a jump away. A farmhouse kitchen and my own crafting room (DH can have a workshop) with a big enough garden for a small vegetable pot and a sunny patio and maybe a chicken or two.

  12. Well, I do live in a lovely little town by the sea on the Kent coast. My garden is tiny so I have an allotment. My dream is to have chickens, like I had as a child. I would love for my three year old to be able to collect the warm eggs in the morning!

  13. I can’t see me living happily either in the wilds of the countryside or the wilds of a city for that matter. I would love to live in a country market town, somewhere attractive, not too populated and where I can still get a pint or 4 of milk after 6pm. Maybe the Marches of Eng/Wal, somewhere like Monmouth, Ross or Hay. I just have to come up with a fortune and some Jedi mind tricks to convince the OH!

  14. I would love to have a country side home, with a country kitchen and a matching garden and a house full of warm quilts and crafts. Thanks for the chance to win, I would looove to go!

  15. I would love to go! Helas I have to work 😉 When we are on holiday in the UK (every other year, we go to the UK and Spain) we visit as much fairs as we can. I have fond memories of competitions with 3 carrots on a plate or 5 flowers in a vase 🙂 Oh how we love the English way of living!!!

  16. I spent a long time thinking about what would be my dream country life. I’m really lucky as I already live in the country…..just a few minutes walk from Rendlesham forest – which is great for walking the dog, and a short drive from the Suffolk coast – and just 5 miles from a fantastic quilt shop which is great for inspiration and feeding my fabric habit! I have hens in the garden to supply me with fresh eggs for baking – and a vegetable patch which keeps me supplied with all sorts of goodies. So after much deliberation, I think I’m already living the dream!!

  17. I would love a place by the sea with a big garden, as I love gardening and the seaside. It would be a different and more challenging sort of gardening that I have at present.(though I have a very big garden at present but not by the sea. The place would have to big enough for a sewing room as my other love is Sewing.
    Thanks for a chance to win.Elisabete

  18. I dream of a life in the country with space for a few sheep and a cow called buttercup! A place where life is slower and simpler!

  19. I would love a cottage in Norfolk, up near Brancaster, I would have lots of outhouses – a sewing room for me and a studio for Matt. I think I’d like to be close to the beach so the children could come and go. 🙂

  20. I would love a peaceful place to share love and laughter with my partner, close to my children, friends and nature. A place where I have time to read, crochet, sew and keep on learning new things. A place where the sun shines but I can still see rainbows. A place where a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate whilst I read a magazine makes my day. Is that too much to ask? Thanks so much for such a fab giveaway!!! Pati x

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