A very quick shop update

I know there are people who have been waiting for these, so just to let you know that there are now some new patchwork packs in the my Folksy Liberty Lawn shop:

Twenty 5 inch Liberty Tana Lawn Cotton Squares - pinks, blues, reds


They’ve been selling quickly, so there’s only 4 left now, if you are interested. Also, by popular demand, I am now selling Maxi-Scrap bags of Liberty lawn. These contain the equivalent of twenty 5″ squares, but you’ll get lots of different shapes and sizes (none smaller than 2″ square) and no two fabrics will be the same.

There’s also a brand new bundle, called Drama Queen:

Drama Queen - Liberty mini-bundle

One of the fabrics in the Drama Queen bundle is new to the shop. It’s called Amy Jane, and it’s a new favourite of mine. It is a gorgeous, intricate Art Nouveau-style pattern of flowers woven into heart shapes:

Amy Jane (blue, red, brown) - Liberty Mini Single (9x12 inches)

And finally for this update, another newbie in stock is this super-sweet floral called Katie and Millie:

Katie and Millie  (blue, red, pink, green) - Liberty Mini Single (9x12 inches)

I hope you like all these as much as I do. What a privilege it is to work with these gorgeous fabrics!

Happy Sunday (and Mother’s Day to my UK readers) to all!

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