The midweek sales spot

I have some super-pretty new fabrics in my Very Berry Fabrics shop, and I’ve been inspired to put together a few new bundles for people who struggle to choose their own!

Super Ditzy Bundle at Very Berry Fabrics

[fabrics from top: Douglas Stripe; Fairford, Sophie’s Blossom, Pepper, Emilia’s Flowers, Eloise]

I’ve already sold several of these, and there’s only 2 left now, so if you want a bundle of these super-ditzy fabrics then get your bum into gear (oh dear, there’s a lot of swearing in this blog nowadays. If you want a laugh, go read the comments on my Knickers post).

I’ve also got a couple of beautifully coordinating mini-bundles. Some Very Blue Blues to suit my end-of-February mood…

[fabrics from the top: Reiko; Sarah’s Secret Garden, Glenjade]

And to remind myself that maybe one day we’ll see blue skies and warm days again… my Summer’s Coming bundle:

Summer's Coming - Liberty mini-bundle

[fabrics from the top: Mitsi, Bourton, MaCleod]

Hope you like them!

2 thoughts on “The midweek sales spot

  1. Love those little vintagey floral fabrics, am just about to embark on a marathon making of Posy Gets Cosy’s new bunny pattern and these would make adorable dresses ! My girls have written a bunny story where there are about 10 bunny brothers and sisters and they want to make a bunny toy for each! agghh/bless x

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