Child of the 70s that I am, for me, the word ‘knickers’ is imbued with a huge amount of snigger-value … when I was a kid it was our swearword of choice, as in, ‘Oh knickers, I forgot my PE Kit’.  Seems a bit tame doesn’t it? But, to the eight year old me, it was a very naughty word, so I am having to work very hard to overcome my childish giggles here… bare with me (uh-oh!)…

Fortunately, the knickers I’m featuring today bear no resemblance to the truly horrific navy blue gym knickers that were a regulation part of my school uniform. Far from it – these are the smartie-pants of the knicker world…


Tracy of Trixie Lixie Haberdashery Boutique has designed a fabulous pattern so that you can make your own gorgeously colourful & glamorous pants. Pants to be proud of, knickers that are nice, not nasty!

You can buy either the pattern (£9.50) or a Trixie Lixi knicker kit which includes a Fat Quarter of fabric, the pattern, full instructions, knicker elastic, gusset (eek another rude word) fabric, and a label for an all-in price of £15. The pattern includes small, medium and large sizes, and is reusable, so you can make a many pairs of pants as takes your fancy…



I love the colour combinations!

The great news is that I have a knicker kit from Trixie Lixie to give away…

The Rules

  • To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post – I shall leave the subject up to you this time – but feel free to share your own favourite childish swearwords (careful….). 
  • For a second chance to win, sign up to the Trixie Lixie Haberdashery Boutique newsletter, and leave a SECOND COMMENT saying that you’ve done so.
  • The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.
  • I will do the draw and announce the winner next Sunday 3rd March, so best to get your comments left before midnight on 2nd March.

Good luck!

86 thoughts on “Knickers!

  1. those prints are so pretty. I’ve made knickers using knits before but never wovens so I’d love to give this a go! Thanks for the give away.

  2. Hello. I would love to win some new knickers .. to make. Ooh we were never allowed to swear and I still don’t (I look after other people’s kids so can’t have them going home swearing!) My husband, bless him, calls his ‘knickers’ knickers too – it’s all my fault as English isn’t his first language and it was obviously what I use to call mine, so that’s what he calls his. I haven’t the heart to tell him otherwise now…. it’s been too long 😉

  3. Oh, dear, someone above me in the comments said “Oh hell” and it made me remember the kids saying “H, E, double hockey sticks” when they wanted to be clever! I remember once telling a classmate that you could make three words out of “glass” and they were so shocked! Thanks for the lovely give-away. Is the fabric a cotton knit? They are awfully cute…I may have to break the serger out and make some!

  4. We used to say sugar too! Or the whole ‘sugar honey iced tea’ phrase, if the situation was particularly bad lol 🙂 I say pants now, although I try not to say even substitute words around my toddler. He does now say ‘argh’, as that is what I say around him!

  5. Knickers was the swear word of choice when I was young too. I hate, hate , HATE the word panties though, ugh it makes me shudder. Loads of my female friends at work hate the word gusset so I always try to say it at least once a day to see their reaction, childish I know!

  6. Everyone’s comments have made me chuckle and while I think my favourite swear word was ‘bum’, my brother stepped it up a notch to ‘poo bum’. I remember being shocked the first time I heard my Mum say a proper swear word!

  7. Poobum was always my fave. Still say it now! I once said “oh shoot” at primary school after reading an American book and my teacher misheard. Got into a bit of trouble for that I can tell you!

  8. Euw! ‘Gusset’ is such an awful word! We used to say Oh Sugar! when of course we meant Oh Shit! but there was no chance of ever saying that around my parents. I was so shocked one day when my mum said Oh Bum! (I was about 10; she was about 40).

  9. Oh Hell was a very common one, although we had to be careful not to let it slip during Sunday School, its still a phrase I wont use in front of my mother lol

  10. Lovely giveaway! For some reason in our house “pigpig” was the worst thing me and my siblings could say to each other, far far worse than actually swearing. It caused so many arguments! Strange times…

  11. my brother and I got a lot of laughs in the 70s, when our family moved to Belgium and we discovered marathon chocolate bars were called snickers over here… hours of rhyming fun 🙂
    I have been thinking of making my own undies for a while now – winning this would give me the nudge to move from idea to action!

  12. I used to say ‘crumbs!’ a lot as a child! I have never tried to make knickers before but used to know of a guy who (apparently) made his own pants which I find strangely disturbing and not at all as glamorous as these ones look!!! My little boy loves the word ‘pumps’ always makes me suppress a giggle!

  13. I’m reminded of the joke about crude oil yelling knickers, but I don’t quite remember how it goes. I’d love to have a go at this though 🙂

  14. Pantastic! Love it! Pants was always the word in our house, I remember Mum saying she needed “bog roll” in Sainsbugs when I was about 7 and I nearly dropped dead at the thought that she knew the word bog!
    The endless combinations of material and trim mmmmm can’t wait to have a go and get started in some knicki-nacki-noos! Yes I resolve embarrassment by making up my own words!

  15. Lovely giveaway, thank you! I’ve always wanted to make a pair of knickers. As I grew up speaking German it probably wouldn’t be very funny to share my swear words growing up but my nearly 5 yo loves the word ‘bottom’ and gets the giggles every time she hears or says it.

  16. I to be careful which words I use as my work filters are set to report all but the mildest profanity, but I think sugar and fiddlesticks are my favourites!

  17. My big school gym pants were maroon, can’t stand the colour! My naughty words were fudge and sugar. I was even chastised as an adult for saying “sugar” at work as my boss said he knew it was a surrogate swear word. He’d have been more disgusted if I’d said one of my more usual profanities!

  18. I used to say Oh sugar! or darn! (see sewing related already!) I’d love to make a pair of knickers – especially in the Birds and the Bees fabric. 🙂

  19. Fab knicky noo noos. I have kids, bum crack is a favorite but the best naughty word in our house is ‘Justin bieber’ ( its great what you can tell kids).

  20. I did a blog post on making knickers a while back that included the words “crotch” and “gusset”. When I checked my stats I was amazed how many hits it was getting… probably from a lot of disappointed men.

  21. Oh how I remember wearing navy blue knickers for gym/PE. That was also in the early 70s.

    I used to say knickers too, and fudge. These days I use something a bit stronger lol.

    PS I’ve signed up for the newsletter 🙂

  22. Newsletter signed-up for. I saw the original blog/post about Trixie’s knickers and immediately added it to my “to do” list…………… 🙂

  23. Ha! Such a fab giveaway for some Smartie Pants 🙂 would love to have a go!
    I seem to remember Bum being a favourite as a little-y 😉 quite apt really.

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