Very Berry Celebrity!

We’re on the cover of a magazine….

Cloth magazine

Don’t I look gorgeous….? No, that’s not me with the beehive (I wish…). I’m in there, in that little booklet on the cover… one of their chosen 50 Best Boutiques and Bloggers. Reading their write up is a bit like reading a nice school report – you’re very pleased, but thinking, have they mixed me up with someone else? And to carry on the school analogy, I also feel I’ve been included with the superstar six-formers (Tilly and the Buttons!, The Long Thread!), which makes my heart beat a little faster…

My write up

Cloth is a great read  – there’s a really nice balance of articles and an interesting variety of projects. Particular gems in this issue (other than moi, to quote Miss Piggy), is a fab article about Harris Tweed (I definitely need more tweed in my life), and a gorgeous round cushion project by from the craft goddesses Tif Fussell and Rachelle Blondel.


In other news, I have loads of lovely goodies from London in my Liberty fabric shop – including this little bit of loveliness, called Macleod, from Liberty’s 2013 seasonal ‘Classroom’ range.

Macleod main

I love this little subset of fabrics in the 2013 range, and hope to get more, as soon as I can get it at a good price… so keep checking back..

20 thoughts on “Very Berry Celebrity!

  1. Lots of hugs and congrats sent your way. Well done, you deserve it. By the way I really liked the little card in the last fabric order that talks about needle size etc, really helpful for an amateur.

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