I’m going to London… send money now…

I’m off to London at the weekend to catch up with old friends and stock up on beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn to sell to you lovely people. I want to go with a heavy wallet, so if you feel like buying before I go, well, think of it as an investment…

I have some pretty new patchwork packs listed, and remember, until Valentine’s Day you will get a free mini-single of your choice with your order:

Lib 53

Lib 51

Lib 52

Also, if you are in the market for my handmade stuff, I am having a decluttering sale on Facebook, with some really daft prices to encourage you to part with some cash!

Thanks for your patience with this slide into to outright commercialism – I have plans for some lovely giveaways and a tute or two just round the corner, so I will make it up to you…

4 thoughts on “I’m going to London… send money now…

  1. Ooooh have fun! I went to Libertys on Sunday to spend my Christmas vouchers and they were having a power cut! Couldn’t get in!! Aaaargh.

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