New Liberty patchwork packs at Very Berry Fabrics

I’ve been putting together some pretty new patchwork packs for your delectation… I hope you like them. The other good news is that there is a free Liberty mini-single (9″x12″ piece) with any order between now and Valentine’s Day. Love Liberty!

20 5" squares

Twenty 5″ Liberty squares

Lib 48 main

Ten 5″ Liberty squares – grey, blue, orange

Ten 5" Liberty Squares

Ten 5″ Liberty Squares – red, white, blue

Lib 50

Ten 5″ Liberty Squares – green, white, blue

Just pop round to my Folksy shop if you fancy any of these…

6 thoughts on “New Liberty patchwork packs at Very Berry Fabrics

  1. Gah! Too late, (just got home from work)I love the grey and green and blue and orange, they would have made a gorgeous scarf, will there be anymore.

    1. Tammy, yes there will be more – but it will be next week I think – I have visitors over the weekend. 🙂 Thanks for your enthusiasm! If you want to get in touch with me direct on veryberryfabrics (at) gmail (dot) com, I can sort you a custom order – I think I still have most of these fabrics in stock.

  2. Oh these are beautiful! I have half of a patchwork quilt I’ve been making for years and it’s just been sitting there, staring at me accusingly for months now. I really need to get back into patchwork!

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