Zippy pouch frenzy…

Can you tell I love making these…. these all got made over the weekend… can you also tell I am avoiding doing all the hard work on the pattern writing?

Motivational pouch

Motivational pouch

Think Positive Pouch

My Red Car pouch

My Red Car pouch

My Red Car Pouch

Retro apple pouch

Retro apple pouch

Retro Apple Pouch

Liberty print pouch

Liberty pouch

Liberty & linen (well, you know me…) patchwork pouch

All of these are now in my Folksy Very Berry Handmade shop. The pouch pattern is based on one in the lovely book ‘Simple Sewing with Lola Nova’ that I reviewed a few months back. This shape of pouch is totally zip-stress-free, which is probably why I love it so…

Don’t forget the wool felt giveaway is still happening… and now, don’t be surprised if you don’t see me until the weekend. Pattern writing starts tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “Zippy pouch frenzy…

  1. Ditto the Liberty and linen one (altho of course they are all lovely)… two things jump out at me – amazing zips and fantastic lighting. Any tips for the less able?

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