There’s been quilting afoot…

Tumbler quilt

I don’t think I would ever have thought of making a quilted floor mat – it seemed a bit outrageous to let someone stomp around on my beautiful sewing..! But I have seen some fabulous examples in books from Japanese designers like Yoko Saito and Suzuki Koseki, and clearly the idea has taken root in my brain somewhere, because when I realised that our new laminate floor needed it a bit of protection round the sink area of our downstairs loo, I thought it was time for some quilting.

In the synchronicitous way that often seems to happen in my sewing/blogging/crafting life, just before Christmas, lovely Gwen from my top-fave shop Celtic Fusion Fabrics, sent me some of her gorgeous linens to try. First the colours were just right for our decor, and then (bonus!) the linen will be a bit more hardwearing than quilting cottons.  So making a mat using these lovely fabrics was first thing on my To Do list for 2013.

Tumbler quilt closer 2

I needed quick results (I have children who can’t seem to get from sink to towel without splashing everywhere) but wanted to do something a bit more adventurous than squares – some fabulous tumblers seemed like a good choice.  You can see Gwen’s fabrics (these lovely La Couture linens), and I added some extra Sevenberry linen (smaller white spots on a blue background), some great Melody Miller viewfinders and one of the fabrics from Jessica Jones’ Outside Oslo collection. It’s all bound up with some of Anna Maria Horner’s Hugs and Kisses from Loulouthi.

It met with the approval of some small pink feet anyway. The cuteness of this pic has *almost* got me used to the idea of people walking on my quilting… Mind you, I’d quite like them to stop walking on my lovely new floor too…

Quilt & feet

25 thoughts on “There’s been quilting afoot…

  1. fantastic! Love the colours and the tumbler design. I need to make something like this for the kitchen floor, it gets wet by the sink and then I tread in it with my socks… not good!

  2. What a gorgeous mat! I keep coming back for another peek 🙂
    I think I really need something like this too – if only I could find my mojo!

  3. Gorgeous, not sure I could face putting it in the bathroom though. I rather like the idea of one next to my bed. Love your fabric choices too.

  4. Oh it’s great, but don’t think I could bring myself to use that linen, my heart’s gone all pitter patter! I do want to make my own bathmat soon though…

  5. Lovely choice of Fabrics and he colours go so well together. I love the viewfinder ones particularly and tumblers are one of my favourite shapes.

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