Cosy flannel for snowy days

I’ve been trying out a pattern from a book called Home-sewn Home that I’m reviewing for the folks at UK Handmade. I finished it today, just in time for the six inches or so of snow that has arrived…with a bit more to come. Some people might want cosy scarves and hats, but I want to stay indoors, cuddled up with my hot water bottle, watching the lovely snow fall…

Hottie bottie cover


A cosy flannel cover for a hottie bottie (as they are known here), what could be more wonderful? And this gorgeous Anna Maria Horner print would warm the coldest of hearts…  Hope you are keeping warm, wherever you are…

11 thoughts on “Cosy flannel for snowy days

  1. Very pretty “hottie bottie” 🙂 just the ticket for this cold snap. We’ve had 4-6″ here in South Wales too. It may be disruptive but it is beautiful, and we haven’t got the usual wet, dirty sludge after one day either – it’s almost all still here!!
    Teresa x

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