Possibilities for the Big List of UK Fabric Shops

I’ve been doing a little new year decluttering, getting rid of lots of old magazines and sorting through scraps of paper with notes and web addresses scribbled all over them. As I go, I’m making a list of shops that I want to research and possibly add to my Big List of UK Fabric shops. In case you were wondering, the criteria for being added to the list are these (although I do make exceptions – it’s my list after all…):

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  • the shop MUST be based in the UK (this is the only rule I don’t break!)
  • the shop sells quilting and dressmaking fabrics, or fabrics for homewares and accessories. I am planning to branch out into haberdashery shops and other more specialist fabric shops during 2013
  • the shop must sell online, or at least have their stock listed online with good pictures and details of how to order (I only break the online ordering rule when the shop is very very good!)
  • a good quality, easily browsable website

Here are the first batch of shops that I am planning to add to the list – if you have any experiences of any of these (or there’s a shop that you think it’s worth me checking out) then please leave a comment to let me know.

Stone Fabrics and Sewing Surgery

Stone Fabrics have a super and very extensive range of dress fabrics. Sadly you cannot buy directly online but the fabric stock is well listed with great photos so it would be very easy to make a telephone order. They also have a free swatch service. Sadly their haberdashery is not online, but again, you can order by phone.


Beckford Silk

Beckford Silk are specialist silk printers, dyers and sellers. They sell plain and printed silk and also plain dyed and devore velvet by the metre.  Even if you are not buying silk, their website is well worth a visit – the history  of the company and description of manufacturing at Beckford Silk is really interesting.


White Lodge FabricsWhite Lodge Fabric

White Lodge are specialists in fabrics for dancing and performing, but there is also lots here to interest you if you are after fabrics for bridalwear, party dresses and prom dresses.


Pennine Outdoor

Pennine Outdoor

Pennine Outdoor stock everything you need if you fancy having a go at making your own outdoor clothing. They’re also great if you are after fleece or microfleece for other sewing projects such as nightwear, nappy wraps, etc. They have lots of relevant patterns in stock, and if you are after hardware for sporty bags and rucksacks, it’s well worth a look.


So, please please – any feedback on these will be gratefully accepted!

11 thoughts on “Possibilities for the Big List of UK Fabric Shops

  1. As regards Tikki Patchwork I have ordered from Tiiana online and she has always been so helpful. I wish I could visit her shop but its too far from me in Devon.

  2. Anybody know all the meat ‘n guts surrounding shipping international to the USA? I have ALWAYS cherished and appreciated the fine material and prints I’ve seen from over there! The crap sold over here… I tell you! Lazy is as Lazy sells – and for an arm and a leg! I’m over their lack of self-respect!

  3. This is a great idea! I wish there were more fabric shops near me, I have to order everything online which is convenient but there is nothing quite like seeing the fabrics in person before you buy them!

  4. Can vouch for White Lodge Fabrics. I wanted a certain shade of dark green chiffon for my daughters prom dress last year. They rang following my e mail enquiry, sent swatches (clearly labelled) by return. I placed my order which arrived very speedily and a note with fabric saying as it was the end of the roll I could have it all for same price and they gave me a reduction as it was creased (polyester chiffon). It ironed like a dream and was a definite bargain. Would use again. Hope this helps.

  5. You really should add Midsomer Quilting, in Chilcompton, Somerset – I can dig out their full address and telephone number if you would like me to. They don’t have an online shop, but it’s the best quilting shop I’ve visited. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, well stocked, have free coffee and tea for visitors and a seating area for visiting husbands to sit and chat or read the newspaper. They have brilliant classes every Saturday and Sunday and hold exhibitions on a regular basis. People already visit from quite a distance simply because they are so good.

  6. A declutter is so satisfying Ali – I’ve been doing the same thing. Many moons ago, before all the outdoor wear became popular and it was quite hard to get fleece fabric, I’m sure I purchased some fleece material from Pennine Outdoors and made a fleece for my husband – quite trendy at the time. Just been browsing through their site again and it looks very useful indeed, especially the tent section with all the added extras you can buy. Will definitely keep these in mind in future.

    Thank you and all the best for the new year

  7. Hi, Check out Grace & Favour, Marsh Mill, Thornton Lancashire. FY5. Its a great little shop, with a good selection of homewares, fabric, and now has opened a sewing sanctuary, where they hold a variety of textile classes, patchwork amongst them.

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