So, 2012 then…

Blimey, what a year 2012 was! In hindsight, setting up a new fabric business, whilst trying to maintain all my other sewing, crochet and recipe experiments, exploring the possibility of becoming a foster parent AND taking only 5 days holiday was a bit of a mistake. Yep, this was definitely the year I learnt that your mental health doesn’t just look after itself…

I’d almost decided not to do a round-up of 2012 makes – I was feeling so down during November and December I felt that I’d achieved not much at all in 2012. I’d forgotten the good stuff. That’s why a post like this is so important to do even most importantly when your self-confidence has taken a bash. Here are some of my favourites from 2012.

Bags 2012

Bags 2012

The Mix Tape bag was definitely the highlight, up there in the top right and bottom left corners. But I’d forgotten how much fun it was to make the super-cool Noodlehead Runaround bag using that gorgeous Melody Miller vintage lady fabric.


Zippy Pouches 2012

zippered pouches 2012

I appear to have gone a bit linen crazy this year! I also finally mastered really smart zip endings and became a little bit obsessed with wonky quilt-as-you-go log cabin blocks as the basis for purses… I think my favourite here is the linen pouch using circles and Anna Maria Horner fabrics that I made for the first Mouthy Stitches swap. Just realised how much the Mouthy Stitches gang have inspired me in 2012 – hope there are more challenges to come from them in 2013!


Clippy Purses 2012

Clippy purses 2012

Another thing I mastered in 2012 was the sew-in clip frame purse (gluing frames was not quite so successful!).The hexie clip frame is probably the second favourite thing I’ve made this year.


Wallets 2012

wallets 2012

2012 was definitely the year of the wallet, which might be why I stopped making them some time in autumn, I just couldn’t take it any more…! I owe a huge debt of thanks to Liz who wrote this wonderful wallet pattern. I have adapted it in various different ways, but the basic foundation always comes from her tutorial. Maybe in 2013 I will make some more…

And finally….

Pincushions 2012

Pincushions 2012


Had to include this category because the favourite thing I’ve made all year is the Liberty pincushion with crochet edging. It was one of those projects that just took shape as I went along, and came together with ease, and I was super-pleased with the results.


Not so shabby after all… onwards and upwards 😀

All the best to all our lovely readers for 2013.

43 thoughts on “So, 2012 then…

  1. Your wee hexy Liberty purse was one of my favourites in the Swap! Totally gorgeous in every way! But love everything you’ve highlighted here and looking forward to what happens this year!

  2. Welcome back! Such inspiring things, always enjoy your posts. please can you tell me your neat zip end secret?

  3. Welcome back. I really missed your posts recently. I enjoyedd looking at your little photo collages. My favourite has to be the Liberty pincushionn too as I have a soft spot for both Liberty and pincushions. I also really love your pouches. This year I intend to get to grips with putting in zips so hopefully I will be able to make some myself.

    1. Thanks Teresa… I think 2012 started off well, but then went a bit downhill and I only remember the bad bit! Hopefully 2013 will be a bit more balanced. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2013!

  4. As ever Ali your work is beautiful and inspirational. Since last year was so obviously productive craft wise perhaps this year the focus could be on ‘Ali’ . Take more time for yourself, you deserve it.

    1. Thank you so much Linnhe, I really appreciate this. 2012 was such a wake up call, I have already started making changes… Wishing you lots of good things for 2013 – look after yourself wont you. xxx

  5. Oh WOW, this is my first visit, you made beautiful things in 2012 what an inspiration you are, can’t wait to see what you are going to make in 2013.

  6. So sorry you have been feeling a bit crappy the last couple of months Ali 😦 I hope you are feeling a little brighter now. You know I adore my zippy and it is in England with me now. I too also love that hexie purse – you are a wonderful maker and you continually inspire me. Happy New Year Ali!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Annabella. One of the really great things about 2012 was getting to know you – and just to repay the compliment, I use the lovely bag you made me almost EVERY day for shopping/errands and stuff – I LOVE it. Have a great 2013 yourself! xxx

  7. It was a good idea to do this round up of 2012 to show you that you achieved a lot. I really hope you are feeing much better – I have been thinking about you as I had realised life was becoming a bit of a struggle for you. Take things very carefully – it’s ok to challenge yourself, but it is important to remember that it’s ok if you don’t manage to achieve all your objectives. Be kind to yourself – you deserve it. Wishing you all the very best.

    1. Dina, thank you so much, I have really appreciated all your kind comments this year. I have made some changes, and will be making more, so hopefully 2013 will be an easier year for me. Have a great 2013 yourself. xxx

  8. ALL your makes are gorgeous Ali, SO pleased to see my wallet amongst them which I use every day! It is looking a bit grubby at the mo so may need to give it a little hand wash, do you think that will be ok?! Happy 2013 and looking forward to seeing your productiveness continue this year! xxxx

    1. Hi Tara – thanks so much – happy 2013 to you! It will be fine to give your wallet a gentle handwash – I washed it myself before I sent it to you, so I know it’s safe! Dry it opened out and flat, then give it a bit of a press, maybe using a damp cloth for a bit of steam (and to protect the cotton) and it will be looking as good as new!

  9. Happy New Year! You’ve also inspired me throughout the past year and yours is one of only two blogs that I regularly follow. You got me into linen (so I now have some lovely cushions on my sofa) and your fabric shop list has really helped me out too. Looking forward to more inspiration this year!

  10. The great thing by summing up the year like this is realizing that you have made a lot after all! And one more thing you have achieved is to inspire me 😉 I have made some purses so far, and have just received a shipment of purse frames so I can experiment more in 2013 – your hexie is to “blame” for that! Your mixed tape bag is also one of my favourites from 2012.

  11. Wow there are so many beautiful things here I want them all. If I can make half as much in 2013 as you have in 2012 I shall put them all in a big pile and roll around in them with joy……unless they are as pretty as yours then I shall be content with looking at them for a while before trying to find them new homes. Fantastic work can’t wait to see more :-)x

  12. WOW – I am a newbie and only hope I can make something’s that look as beautiful as yours – what a fantastically productive year you have had. Happy new year x

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