Very Berry Fabrics – Liberty Tana Lawn Giveaway


I’ve been promising a giveaway of Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics over on my Very Berry Fabrics Facebook page for a while now – to celebrate the giddy heights of getting to 300 followers over there. But I’ve been too busy selling the stuff (thank you so much for all your generous support) to get myself sorted to cut and photograph the fabrics I wanted to share with you…

But finally – here it is… the good thing about being this disorganised is that it includes quite a few fabrics that are new in the shop:


I’ve tried to stick with a red, pink, blue and grey theme – I keep imagining how lovely these would look with a pale grey or powder blue solid (or natural linen of course!) to make some cushions or a small quilt:


You could make an awful lot of gorgeous hexies with these beauties:


A little bit about Very Berry Fabrics….

  • I only sell Liberty Tana Lawn, concentrating on providing short lengths and bundles for people who want lots of prints for their pennies.
  • I’m just starting out so I’m learning all the time.
  • I only buy in small quantities so if you see something you want, it’s best to snap it up – on the other hand…
  • I only buy in small quantities so there’s pretty much always something new to see.
  • I work really hard at getting you a good deal, so some of my fabrics are slight seconds.
  • I often have larger pieces available – just drop me a line.
  • If you are buying from overseas I will set up a custom order so that you are not overcharged postage – just get in touch!
  • I can’t always guarantee next day delivery, but I always try to get parcels in the post as quickly as I can (I know how hard it is to wait for fabric!)
  • I’m getting great feedback so far!

But you want to know about the giveaway right?

The Rules

As you can see from the pictures, there are eighteen 9″x12″ pieces up for grabs…

  • For a first chance to win, leave a comment on this blog post, telling me what you’d do with the fabric if you won (and the answer can certainly be ‘stash it’!)
  • For a second chance to win, follow Very Berry Fabrics on Facebook and LEAVE A SECOND COMMENT on the blog post to let me know that you have clicked that all important Like button!
  • For a third chance to win, please sign up to my newly minted newsletter… and LEAVE A THIRD COMMENT on this post to let me know..

(Sorry about all this commenting, it’s a nightmare to count otherwise!)

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, it will finish next Saturday 3 Nov at midnight, and the winner will be announced on the 4 November.

Good luck! 

290 thoughts on “Very Berry Fabrics – Liberty Tana Lawn Giveaway

  1. And I have signed up to your newsletter (and also seem to be commenting from multiple accounts… skills I didn’t know I had?!)

  2. They’ll be added to my other fabric from you and turning into my dream lightweight quilt with a cosy back – wincyette or flannel, I think! 🙂

  3. I’d love to try a cushion and maybe a bag as practice for the Liberty quilt I dream of making one day!!
    Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway 🙂

  4. I have lots of fun ideas of things to make for Christmas….they’d make great cushions or maybe a wallhanging/noticeboard.

  5. I would love to win, I adore Liberty fabrics. I would likely stash them for now and then make them into a quilt. I want to make a HST or flying geese quilt with Liberties soon. Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Hi Ali,
    I would love to win this gorge bundle to add to my stash of ever grwoing fabrics!
    Thanks for chance to win!
    xx 😀 xx 😀

  7. I would use it to accent solid cotton to make dresses, tops and skirts for my little girl, she loves it when mummy makes 🙂

  8. Hi I would love to be the lucky one who would win these lovely fabrics… I would use the fabric for the LIberty Field quilt I am working on right now. The pattern is designed by Kathy Doughty and is from her book Material Obsession I. 🙂

  9. I would love to be the lucky one to win the fabric. I would use it for the Liberty Fields Quilt I am working on right now …. the pattern is designed by Kathy Doughty from the book Material Obsession I …

  10. I would make a small to medium wall hanging that was 5″ squares of Liberty alternated with plain white or linen. Then I would hang it so I could see it from my bed to inspire all the time! Yay!

  11. What to make….well, a quilt for sure. But it would take a while to decide which one – so I’d put the fabrics within site and admire them daily

  12. Definitely a quilt – although I would be so overwhelmed at having to choose a pattern; while pondering, I would put these on a shelf, where they could be seen for inspiration!

  13. I would save if for now then make an extra special baby quilt for my first baby (whenever that may be but we’re thinking of trying next year, eek!) Thanks for the chance to win x

  14. Wonderful fabrics, maybe some new cushions, a make-up bag, a doll dress, so many projects! Thanks anyway!

  15. I have a pretty big stash but….I’ve never ever had a piece of Liberty Lawn. I’d like to have some to pet so I can figure out what all the fuss is about. And see if everything everyone says about it is true…..Then I might stash it….or pet it….or sew it into a cool quilt.

  16. I love Liberty fabrics! I would stash them until I decided on the perfect quilt pattern to highlight them.

  17. Oh yum! What a lovely pile! If I were so lucky to be the winner, I’d actually share them with a friend who is a Liberty fanatic. In fact, she is making a full-size all-Liberty quilt, all with scraps and small cuts (I sent her the link to your shop a while back!). It’d be nice to gift some to her to help her with her quilt. With my part … well, I might combine them with the few other small Liberty pieces in my stash and make a little wall-quilt. That’d be lovely. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  18. I am currently gathering together red, white and blue coloured fabrics to make a quilt for my sister who has married an Australian and is now living out there. I’d really like to do a patchwork Union Flag or Australian Flag. The fabrics you are offering would be perfect 🙂

  19. I love Liberty. Should I be lucky enough to win, will stash and just admire for awhile and then make a quilt for my grand daughter.

  20. I have liked, followed, and adored you on facebook for ages. I love to read the posts about what your deals are so I know when there is a fab one about.

  21. I would a long time admiring them before I could possibly cut them up. I think the small patterns are lovely for tiny things like needlecases and pincushions. Thanks for the fab giveaway.

  22. I would use those gorgeous small scale prints on my new fascination – miniature quilts – half-inch squares – and the washable glue I won in your give-away here is a Godsend – I will post about it when the quilt I am working on is done.

  23. I’m torn between two ideas – either use it for some small projects, like wallets, zippy pouches, small bags for Christmas gifts or for a quilt, most probably triangles against cream/natural background.

  24. Wow, what a lovely giveaway! I’ve never owned any liberty prints, so I would probably just look at them for a while and stroke them occasionally.

  25. I haven’t been around blogland much lately, but I ventured back in this week to see your AMAZING bag and then I find this lovely giveaway? Awesomesauce 🙂

    I think I would use the fabric to learn to love Liberty. I’m a bit of a heretic, and have found it a hard style of fabric to like, probably because people make such lovely things with it that I get intimidated!

  26. Lovely fabrics – I think I’d brave trying a my first dress for my baby girl (16mnths) and use the rest plus some solid sashing for a queen sized quilt I’ve been wanting to make for ages.

  27. I have just made a cushion cover from your 4″ squares for my aunt and I love it so much that I’m making another one for myself. If I were lucky enough to win I would make a lap sized quilt to go with my cushion.
    Thank you so much for this generous giveaway.

  28. I would love to make some sort of applique wall art if I won! Yet another great giveaway from very berry fabrics. ThankYou for the opportunity. xxxx

  29. i would add them to my little collection, and when I’ve got enough, they’ll become a bed quilt. Thanks for the chance.

  30. Ooh – how scrummy! I would love to win your giveaway as I would love to make a quilt of small hexies. Then I’d use any leftovers for windows and bases for Fairy House pincushions, and weeny scraps would be miniature bunting for pretty boats. Not even the smallest scrap would go to waste!

  31. What beautiful fabrics! I would make a quilt with them, as that is my latest obsession. I would also hide them away from my friend in case they mysteriously ended up in her quilt!

  32. Beautiful colour combinations. Have just liked you on facebook. I like your site and have been reading about labels – very interesting. Thanks for a great blog.

  33. I would definitely not stash them (although I still have some Liberty V&A limited edition that I did not use) I cannot decide on what to make, but thinking about a quilted weekend bag.

  34. Helloooooo again Ali, I clicked the button on VB FB page as soon as you posted it so I am signed up for newsletter too xxx

  35. Hi Ali, great giveaway. Absolutely love your liberty pieces – each and everyone one of them. If I won, I’d have mown stash to use as and when but would continue to make funky little purses. I also think I’d like to make something for myself, may be a cushion. Thanks once again xxx 🙂

  36. Wow! What a generous giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    I’ve been in love with liberty for almost a year now, but I still don’t have any! I would use these for a sweet little baby quilt, maybe just simple patchwork!

  37. I’ve got a bit of a stash going on with quite small pieces of Liberty Lawn. My plan is to get a whole lot of them and make a lovely quilt ~ for me (I tend to give things I make away).

  38. I would make some patchwork strips to sew into a quilt for my bed – maybe with some Essex linen as the main fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Amazing giveaway!:) oh I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to cut into them….they are just too lovely:) but i think they would look adorable in minipincushions^^

  40. Wow, thanks for a wonderful giveaway! I’m saving up for a Liberty charms quilt, so I’d cut charms for myself and then share the rest with my Liberty-loving friends. Thanks so much!

  41. I would add it to my stash and maybe not even swap any of it, which I tend to do! But with that many new pieces I could certainly start cutting quilt pieces!

  42. I would admire them for an admittedly long time – and then I’d love to combine them with some linen for a fabulous pouch/tote bag!

  43. OMGness what would I do with this gorgeous fabric??????? Ummmm……. probably look at it for ages wondering what on earth to make…..and then decide to turn it into some cute little make-up bags and the like for Chrissie pressies 🙂 Thanks for the chance xxx

  44. Already like you on fb and receive yr newsletter 🙂 i have been promising myself cushions and a throw for our lounge since we moved here as ours have definitely seen better days – as my grandaughter says gran you are the only person i know with flat cushions.

  45. I have never even seen Liberty in person, but hear so much about it! This might be just the kick I need to try my hand at EPP! Thanks for an amazing and generous giveaway.

  46. I want to start a beautiful hand pieced over papers clam shell quilt top and I need it to all be liberty of course!!

  47. I would look at them lovingly, put them away for a bit, bring them back out again, arrange them, rearrange them, put them away, get them out again, stroke them and then maybe I would think about making a baby sized quilt.

  48. I already read your Sunday night fabric post and subscribe to your posts, devotedly. I don’t kow if it’s sacrilege to use Liberty lawns for logcabins, but that’s what I would like to do! Or…..learn how to do hexies :pI

  49. I would use the fabric to drool over! I can’t use prints as lovely as these unless I have had sufficient drooling time!

  50. wow! what a beautiful stack! I’m seeing 2 matchings pillows for my sofa, combined with linen, of course. What else?
    Tks fr the chance!xx

  51. I’ve been cutting for a Zig Zag Rail quilt, have used some prints I bought from you already for it so I’d use what I could for that and the rest would re-join their friends in my basket of small pieces that are waiting for a brainwave of what to do with them! Thanks for the give away!

  52. I’ve grand plans of making a quilt with EPP mini hexies in tana lawn. I can’t decide whether to start with the bits of lawn I already have or to wait until I’ve got enough fabric.

  53. Well the grey would go towards my own quilt… as you know from my previous orders I LOOOove greys! The others would be used to begin my daughter’s wedding quilt…I have until August next year! :)x

  54. I think I would get the fabric out of the cupboard now and then and pet it as I do somethimes with the fabric I already purchased from you 🙂 the right project to make will come some day and better pet and wait then cut into it and don’t know what to do with the cut fabric…

  55. I would use them to make the quilt that I have already planned bigger. I have also just made a cute little bag/purse with the free scraps you sent me and it looks really pretty, even though I didn’t make a very good job of it, so I might make a few more.

    jennylarking at gmail dot com

  56. What a brilliant giveaway!
    I couldn’t possibly decide what to do with it so I’d just have to look at it and pet it occasionally 🙂

  57. As if I need an excuse to snaffle more of your gorgeous Liberty fabrics! Your service is super speedy too. I would use the fabrics to make my mum a cushion to match the lap quilt I’m making with fabric bought from your shop. So glad you’re doing well.

  58. I’m already working on a Liberty lap quilt so I would add these lovelies to my quilt–and what a fabulous addition they would be!! Thanks for the chance! xo

  59. The first never wins, but someone has to be first.
    What will I do – stash it until there is time to think about what to do with it…

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