Mix Tape Bag – Mouthy Stitches 2

So I can finally reveal the tote bag I’ve made for round 2 of the Mouthy Stitches swap. I had to keep it a big secret because if I’d revealed more than a tiny bit of it, my partner (lovely Sarah at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard) would have easily guessed who it was for – I pretty much made what she asked for!

As usual with Mouthy Stitches swaps, we all put together an inspiration mosaic for our partners, including all our favourite quilting/tote wonderfulness. Sarah had this wonderful Button Play mini quilt by Julianna of Sewing Under the Rainbow in her mosaic, and included a note saying that it would make her ideal tote.

It seemed such a shame to make anything different – so it was time for ‘Ali at Very Berry’ to become ‘Ali the Bag Fairy’ (hmm, not so flattering!) and grant Sarah’s wish… Here’s what I came up with:

Mix tape bag

and here’s the inside (the bag is reversible), complete with slip pocket and concealed zip pocket:

Mouthy stitches tote (inside)

I can’t tell you how tricky it has been to keep this a secret… I enjoyed making it so much – I had a great time finding lots of fun selvedges and texty fabrics to make the Mix Tape ‘labels’, and when I had a sudden inspiration to make a rainbow of tapes, it all seemed to come together.

I can’t tell you all the fabric choices because it would take forever, but lots of people have asked about the gorgeous lining fabric – it’s called Insect, and it’s part of the Autumn 2012 collection from Echino – now available at the always-brilliant Eternal Maker.

And the best thing, as ever with Mouthy Stitches, is that it has been a brilliant swap…full of inspiration and fun. Huge thanks to the Swap Mamas for organising it, especially as I know some of them have been having exceptionally tough times recently.

Looking forward to the next round already. 🙂

46 thoughts on “Mix Tape Bag – Mouthy Stitches 2

  1. Really fantastic bag Ali, your swap partner will be absolutely thrilled. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG! Sarah is the luckiest girl alive. What a brilliant job you did! Thank you so much for being in the swap, making that bag and having fun doing it.

  3. Oh my gosh that is fabulous!! Would you or sarah mind if I made one for myself?! Child of the 80s that I am! I love the fabrics you picked out, such a wonderful design 🙂

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