Fast forward to the fob…

The swap mamas for the Mouthy Stitches 2 swap are alarmingly strict, and we are only allowed to include a key fob along with our bag. I’ve made mine today…. Very early on in the process, I regretted choosing to make a very small Flying Geese block using some extremely slippery linen..! However with quite a lot of linen wrangling, I got it sorted. Here it is, along with the inside of the bag:

Mouthy stitches tote (lining) & fob

I’m saying nothing more about it… But if you love the lining (that sounds like a Fast Show sketch), then you’ll want to know that it’s from the Echino Fall 2012 collection, now in stock at The Eternal Maker. I was casting round for inspiration for a lining fabric, because I didn’t have time to do anything complicated, but the bag is supposed to be reversible, so I didn’t want to use anything too boring. As soon as this fabric appeared on The Eternal Maker’s Facebook page I was on the case. I even resorted to nagging them to get it into the shop…


And some news from my own Fabric Emporium…. I have a few new fabrics in stock (and old favourites returning), and I’ve also listed some pink mini-patchwork bundles:

Pinks patchwork bundle

The final offer of the week is 10% off my Build a Bundle option – just put in your order and include the names of the six 9″x12″ pieces that you’d like to receive (from those I have in stock). Until 9pm today this bundle is available at £7.30 instead of the usual £8.10.


4 thoughts on “Fast forward to the fob…

  1. I just love that fabric, absolutely perfect for a reversible bag. I’m not sure I would have had your patience with the key fob. To heck with horse whisperer, I’m going to be thinking of you as the ‘Linen Wrangler’ from now on.

  2. That fabric is gorgeous! No idea what the Mouthy swap is all about, but whoever ends up with with that beauty is going to be over the moon!

    Oh, and the effort you out into that key fob WAY outdoes the effort in growing a pot of mustard! ;o)

    Janie x

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