Book Review: Simple Crochet

Simply Crochet

It’s interesting to see how, as the autumn draws in, I see crochet appearing on lots of general craft blogs that I follow, and there’s no exception here at Very Berry – it’s clearly time for a bit of cosiness! Cosiness like this perhaps – doesn’t this lovely pic sum up the winter woollies we are starting to think about just now?

Scarf pattern from Simply Crochet

This is one of my favourite patterns in a pretty new crochet book I’ve been sent to review – Simple Crochet by Sara Sinaguglia (published by Octopus Books). I love this gorgeously fluffy scarf and beret combo – isn’t it pretty? – and so easy to make too. I’ve had a go at the scarf pattern already, just to test it out. Here’s my version, using a different yarn for a completely different look (sorry that my dark shirt doesn’t really show this up very well):

My version of this scarf

The pattern is very clear and easy to follow – I have the proof!

This book really lives up to its name – the projects are definitely on the simple side (and mostly quite small too, so not daunting) and it would be ideal for a beginner, or beginners who are keen to expand on their skills. There are good clear teaching photographs that walk you through the basic stitches step by step – and you could definitely teach yourself to crochet from this introduction. And of course there’s the incentive of all the lovely projects!

Motifs decorating a table runner

What I particularly like about it, is that it gives  a fab introduction to the versatility of crochet – there are lace trims for bags, pillow cases, even shelf edgings, and there’s also lots of motifs too, used as decoration for table runners, bags, pouches etc. There are pretty accessories and useful things for the home too. It really takes you beyond the granny blanket and the beanie hat (although there *is* a very lovely granny blanket!).

Mod zippy pouch from Simple Crochet

As you can see, the photography is stunning, and extremely inspirational, and I absolutely adore Sara’s choice of yarns – she has introduced me to lots of new, covetable thread and wool choices (this could be a bad thing!). There’s an emphasis on natural fibres and natural  colours throughout, which exactly meets my tastes, but might not be for you if you prefer something more funky and bright.

Crochet edging on a napkin from Simple Crochet

The only down side is that quite a lot of the projects do involve a bit of sewing too, so if you are not into sewing, this might be a bit off-putting, although you could buy plain pillowcases etc., to embellish (which of course would still be a lovely project!). A minor quibble, but I think worth mentioning if you are allergic to sewing machines…! Personally I love the combination – two of my favourite things!

I have a copy of Simple Crochet to give away. If you would like to win the book, just leave a comment before midnight on Friday 12 October, telling me what you do to increase the cosy quotient in your life at this time of year. The giveaway is open to everyone, anywhere…

Good luck!

59 thoughts on “Book Review: Simple Crochet

  1. Just found your lovely review of my book and your gorgeous blog! I wanted to say how much I loved your version of the scarf – it’s great to see it in a different, seriously cosy looking yarn. Sara x

  2. It was so chilly getting to work this morning at 6am I am in desperate need of a cozy hat….in a deep purple chunky knit….I would love to have a go at the one from this book 🙂

  3. I like snuggling up on the sofa under a blanket. Ideally with hot chocolate, in front of some children’s tv with my girls. Just ordered some colourful yarn for crocheting things for Christmas so book’d be v handy.

  4. so I have just (like two days ago) figured out my slip stitches. chains and crochet 1s and already my 4yo wants me to make her a scarf! hmm i need help -this book would be ideal!

  5. Ok I wasn’t going to enter because I can’t/don’t crochet but…this week my husband has decided to learn and he might be quite good too, so it would be useful afterall! To get cosy oh thick socks and slippers, hot chocolate and the stove on! thanks for the giveaway

  6. I’ve just started crocheting a very simple rug in chunky coarse wool to go in front of the fire – for the cats. That should keep them cosy, and free up some space on the sofa, right?

  7. This book looks so inviting! I’ve let my crocheting lapse, and this looks like the very thing to dive back into! Cooler days bring out the baker in me – saucy puddings, fruity crumbles, spicy slices and biscuits, mmm….
    Thanks for your lovely posts, the fun you have with craft shines through!

  8. I like to sit on the seat in the bay window, which also happens to have the radiator, snuggled up with a blanket, good cup of tea, and hopefully a movie. Would love to learn to crochet as it would be something easy to do whilst doing the above! I’d use it to add details to skirts and bags, and make hats for for two girls!

  9. Im handing in my phd thesis in a few weeks and can’t wait to have my evenings back to do craft work, so this would the the perfect incentive to get it done!

  10. I have been wanting to learn to crochet for a while now and this book looks fab. I already love sewing and could certainly see myself adding in some crochet embellishments to my projects. If I master this skill I would probably have a go at making something snuggly for my tiny Italian Greyhound Eddie who is recovering from surgery for a broken leg. My mum has knitted a couple of sweaters for him and I would love to make him one too!. IG’s don’t like the cold!!. Thanks for chance to win. Love Nicola xxx

  11. having just tried to learn how to crochet and not doing too well this might be a godsend. I have pulled down from the attic all the woollen/faux fur throws and woolly cushions and sent the cotton ones up there instead. makes the rooms look warmer instantly x

  12. As the nights draw in it means candles lit (preferably Yankee candles and they make some beautiful cinnamon scented ones), a throw over the knees and fluffy socks on. In the kitchen it means lots of homemade soup, and comfort food like stew and dumplings or baked apples, crumbles or pies. I love food! I have never learned to crochet and it has been on my to do list for 2 years now, the book would be a great incentive. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. As the nights start to draw in it’s only right that the quilt comes out, the candles go on, and I bring my crochet out. It always feels to me like a wintery hobby – the first thing I made myself this autumn/winter was some wristwarmers!

  14. Hello! Fiona from The Sewing Directory recommended that I contact you as I am keen to learn how to crochet and would like an ‘idiot’s guide’ book. I love sewing and basic knitting and this book would be just the ticket. If I don’t win it then I will buy it! Thanks for the opportunity.
    My cosiness is helped by thermal socks and fleecy tops and of course snuggling down to hand sewing and knitting funky scarves. 😉

  15. Fire up the woodburner, snuggle in a warm jumper, cover my knees with whatever I’m sewing and stick the TV on, preferably for a bit of Downton, possibly with a glass of warming red to hand….all interspersed with brisk walks kicking leaves. (the book looks great!)

  16. This time of the year nothing is better than to “wrap” in a warm blanket, with a good cup of jasmine/green tea, while doing crochet or embroidery work and watching Downton Abbey!!

  17. I love crochet so thank you very much for the chance of winning this book. It looks fantastic.
    As for the cosiness, I get out the crocheted blankets my aunt made for me a long time ago. They are very colourful and stripy. Then I get a cup of tea and snuggle on the sofa wrapped in one of my blankies either reading or crafting. Bliss!

  18. Oh I was so pleased to see at the end of the post that you are giving a copy of this book away. I love having a little crochet project on the go and this looks like the perfect thing. Natural materials and muted colours are my ‘thing’ too so I would love to browse all the lovely pictures for inspiration.
    Teresa x

  19. Ooh what a lovely book! I’d love to enter your giveaway! At this time of year there is nothing I love more than snuggling up in bed early with a mug of hot chocolate, a face mask and either a book or my crochet…it is even better if you have a colourful handmade blanket to curl up with!

  20. I have so much choice for winter. EPP, knitting a pair of socks, crocheted blanket, maybe some hand quilting this year too. This book looks lovlely.

  21. Hello, I will be knitting or crocheting some cozy warm cowls for my daughter and neice who have long walks to school and work.

  22. To increase my craftiness I am recycling and making some lamp shades and finishing the quilts to cosy up to in front of the telly. I am also going to learn to crochet!

  23. I’m planning to crochet myself a pair of fingerless gloves to go with the hat I made last year and the scarf from the year before! But my main cozy quotient comes from the combination of movie, blanket, cat cuddles and a hot chocolate while I’m working (slowly) on whatever my project is.

  24. Well, I can’t really say I have a lot of lovely warm blankies to cozy up to, but we do have the wood burner going which is quite cozy. I am new to crochet and am trying to teach myself. This book sounds like it would be perfect for me. I just spent an hour at the book shop yesterday looking at all the different books and walked away empty handed as I was overwhelmed. When my mother passed away last October, I got her sewing machine and have been self teaching myself to use that too. So, I do believe this book is indeed very perfect for me so that i can make my house full of cozy little lovelies that I have made all by myself:)

  25. Hi, all the cosy throws are out in our house, one for every member of the family, we even have a couple in the car! Thanks for chance to get a copy of this lovely looking book

  26. I am a beginner and am just learning to sew and crochet so this would be ideal for me and a great way to gain some inspiration. I love the dark nights when I start making winter stews and get out my beautiful hand knitted throws and cushions to snuggle up with (knitted by my fabulously talented mother-in-law!)


  27. It’s surely the cosiest thing you can do to light the wood burner, draw the curtains and knit, sew or crochet. Mind you I do it all year, whatever the weather (no fire in the summer though). I do prefer the winter now I am a full time crafter. No garden to tend to.

  28. What a fab looking book. this is the first year that I have had they Joys of Crochet to curl up with over the winter months. I’m looking forward to long lazy evenings with many cups of tea 🙂

  29. What a lovely book! I made the apple cosies when they appeared in the first issue of Mollie Makes. I always have knitting/crochet on the go but at this time of year start to make snuggly jumpers, mittens from super soft wool/cashmere blends and housey things for cosying up to as the temperature starts to drop.

  30. I tuck myself up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea and sew or crochet (combination of the two sounds great!). I’m crocheting 2 big blankets at the moment, super snuggly!

  31. I enjoy being wrapped up warm in my blanket, sitting near the fire with some great hot chocolate whilst getting lost in a good romantic book 😀

  32. I became hooked! quite literally last year to crochet and love it – so for me my basket of hooky stuff next to me on the sofa and I’m as cosy as can be. Love this giveaway. Thanks Ali

  33. I love crochetingt like crazy ( a blanket for a friend at the moment), light up some candles, bake cookies, have mugs of tea, spend long weekend mornings with my kids in pijamas, buy a new pair of sleepers…. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! Pati x

  34. I’m another with a wood burner, so we light that, settle down with a glass of red wine, watch something fantastic like Homeland or Downton Abbey, and I knit. Love it!

  35. I’ve already made a couple of hats, and made myself a lovely big crochet blanket last year, so now I’m spreading the joy and crocheting cosy things for my friends who have little ones on the way!

  36. I have no idea how to crochet but would love to try! Cosiness is next to godliness! Winter boots are my first port of call followed by apple crumble. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  37. I’m making quilts for us all to be warm and toasty over the winter. I’m a newbie crocheter though so would love to be able to do that better 🙂

  38. I draw the curtains nice and early snuggle my little boy up in bed, grab a cuppa and pull out my crochet or knitting.

  39. Ooo, this book looks super. How do I get a bit cosier this time of year? I put the dog on my feet! He works a treat 🙂

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