Return of the Mouthy Stitchers…

Mouthy Stitches 2

So I am most excited to be in Round 2 of the great Mouthy Stitches swaps. I made the cut by the skin of my teeth because there were only 75 swappers (*only* 75 – poor swap mamas!) this time.We have all been waiting impatiently for it to come round, and as far as I can work it out, the swap was full in about 3 hours…! I was dead keen to be involved again because Mouthy Stitches 1 was fabulous – a great bunch of people and I got a most lovely zippered pouch from Marg @ Sunshine? Paradise?. I’m really pleased that we are making tote bags this time round – just my kind of thing, and I always love it when I can make something that someone will find genuinely useful.

The first task in these swaps is to make an inspiration mosaic – here’s mine:

Inspiration for Mouthy Stitches 2

1. Wall quilt, 2. PTS Recieved!, 3. Fan Bag, 4. DD’s new bag, 5. DSC00464, 6. Patchwork for Ladies with Secrets, 7. Flex Frame Purse – Verykerryberry Pattern, 8. County Fair Market Bag side b, 9. vyšívaná kabelička, 10. Cosmos Pillow Complete, 11. Patchwork Tote, 12. jane market bag front- PP10, 13. PTS7 Complete, 14. Mini quilt – Front, 15. Jane Market Bag, front view

I spent about 2 hours putting this together last night, whilst listening to Andy Murray win the US Open (yes, I did stay up until the end… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). It’s such a pleasure to browse the 1,000s of patchwork and stitched bags on Flickr and choose my favourites. I think scrappy and bright colours (with the odd insult thrown in!) are the themes here. Can’t wait to find out who I am going to make for this time, although they will have to work hard to live up to the loveliness of Annabella, my first Mouthy Stitches partner… haha – no pressure partner!!

Meanwhile, I’ve listed some more Liberty lawn charm packs (4″ and 5″) at Very Berry Fabrics – sorry I sold out there for a while, couldn’t keep up with all that rotary cutting! Here’s the 5″ version:

5" Liberty charm pack from Very Berry Fabrics

I’ve tried to include some of the lovely new fabrics I have in… including the gorgeous D’Anjo and some bright pink Mitsi (my fave!). Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Return of the Mouthy Stitchers…

  1. Thank you Ali but it was me who was the lucky one. I love my pouch and use it every day. I love your mosaic and can’t wait to see what you come up with for your very lucky partner!

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