Parcel tape and pretty fabric

My Very Berry Fabrics promos are going so well this week that I’ve barely been able to keep up with the wrapping of parcels, let alone with considering doing any blogging… I’ve also been very lax in replying to blog comments – I am so sorry to be so ungracious! But, I did want to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who has said nice things over the last few posts. I will get better I promise…

So there’s still no time for a proper post today, but I thought any potential customers out there might like to see today’s Limited Edition bundle. I got a delivery of new fabrics (hooray!) which meant I had enough greys and blues to put together this subtly pretty bundle of ten 5″ squares:

Ten 5 inch Liberty Lawn squares - bargain price & free UK postage

My fingers are itching to piece some of these myself. Must (literally) tear myself away from the parcel tape tomorrow and switch the sewing machine on.

6 thoughts on “Parcel tape and pretty fabric

  1. Thank you for another irresistable bundle of Liberty lovliness. I was thrilled with my pink bundle and had to buy a complimentary blue package. Lovely and soft, thinking of what I shall create ………..

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