Linen love…

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know of my deep enthusiasm for yarn dyed linen/cotton mix from Robert Kaufman… The flax shade particularly seems to work so well with almost any colour, for projects as diverse as this:

Sweet Candy pouch

and this:
Mouthy Stitches pouch - all done and ready to go.

It’s also an absolutely pleasure to work with. But it’s not always easy to get hold of (it’s out of stock at Eternal Maker and M is for Make at the moment, although happily Quilt Me Happy have some in – Tracey says it wont last long!).

So, I’m always in the market for new linen options and as soon as I got the chance, I popped round to Celtic Fusion Fabrics to check out the new broader width linen that Gwen has in stock, at just £2.80 per 1/4 metre (the broader width means it is fab value). It’s great stuff… It’s less flexible that the yarn-dyed cotton/linen mix, but it has that lovely crisp linen feel, and the weight is not too heavy. It’s great stuff for the money.

I’ve put together another Limited Edition bundle for Very Berry Fabrics today (thanks for the slightly overwhelming response to yesterday’s offer!), and I think it looks gorgeous with the linen, I hope you agree:

Special Offer: Gorgeous Greys Bundle: 10% off and free postage!


[Earlier on this evening I advertised this on my Facebook page, and said that the first 2 orders would get a piece of the lovely linen as a little freebie… They were pounced on, so I’ve looked in my stash and found another couple of pieces to offer to my lovely blog readers. So the next 2 buyers after this is published will also get some linen too, as a freebie. Enjoy!]

Free linen all gone now – sorry!

4 thoughts on “Linen love…

  1. Thanks for this, there are many of us linen-lovers out here. I use only linen for my summer cushions. Just looked at Celtic Fusion Fabrics and want to buy some of the turquoise for next summers’ cushions. Yum!

  2. Cool beans! I usually use linen from the dressmaking dept which I pick up when it’s on sale. I’m going to get hunted down by the quilt police 😉 The bundle is lovely though!

  3. I’m a big fan of the Essex Linen in Flax too. In fact I ran out recently and spent a good while hunting for a UK supplier who had some in stock. Always good to hear about alternatives.

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