Brit Quilt 3 – Round 3 Finish

Finished brit quilt

So, here it is! My mini-quilt for Round 3 of the Brit Quilt Swap is all finished, and went into the post this morning. My goodness it was a marathon… very early on I started to wonder just why I had decided to do needle turn applique for all the leaves – it was an awful lot of sewing. But, the finished result makes it worth while I think, I wouldn’t have been satisfied if I had stuck with raw edge applique. I hope my partner thinks so too. I want to say an enormous thank you to the people at Dragonfly fabrics (have you seen their gorgeous boiled wools? I am longing to make a wool quilt… no raw edges!) for providing me with almost all the fabrics I used for this mini-quilt  – I really appreciate their generosity.

I wanted to put in a little extra gift, so finally got round to finishing off this (very) mini-pincushion to go with the mini-quilt.

brit quilt pincushion

I really like doing the embroidery on these… it’s a great way to practise stitches. There are some simply stunning mini-quilts being exchanged in this swap – take a look at the Flickr group pool and prepare to be impressed.

Speaking of being impressed, this is the 1st of 2 blog posts for me today (although that’s mainly because I didn’t get round to posting this one last night). Later on today I will have a fabric giveaway for you…want a hint about the goodies on offer? Check out Backstitch for some clues…


22 thoughts on “Brit Quilt 3 – Round 3 Finish

  1. Your partner is very lucky……….hurray it’s me!!!
    I’m honoured to recieve such a gorgeous quilt and am so grateful for all the work that has gone into it. I love the fabrics and the colours are so “me”.

  2. What a beautiful mini quilt! I am sure the recipient will be thrilled. The mini pincushion is adorable too. What a talented lady you are.

  3. I actually clicked out of my Reader to come and tell you how fab I think the mini is … I love yr colour and print choices …

    … and THEN you give a link to my biggest crush – boiled wools – sooo with you on wanting to make a wool quilt … Yay! I’m looking for those fab felted dyed tweeds like at Weeks Dye Works … but seemingly impossible to find in the UK??!! … I just want to sew soft warmth … any ideas?

    1. Thanks Sarah!

      Oooh, Weeks Dye Works is amazing, what have you done to me!! I wish I did know where to find those gorgeous felted wool tweeds… maybe you need to open a shop (in the huge amounts of spare time you have, lol!) and import the Weeks stuff. Hmmm. I think investigations are in order… One thing I DO know is that the wool felt sheets at Blooming Felt are woven then felted, so they would definitely be the sort of thing that would be good for quilting with.. Sadly no tweedy ones though…

  4. That would make a fabulous package to receive in the post. Your partner is one very lucky girl. I love the colours you have chosen on the leaves, and of course anything with Liberty is always perfection.

    1. Oh Tara, you are kind. I do feel quite proud to have got it finished – some bits of it could have been a bit better, but that’s the perfectionist in me talking! Hope you are having a great weekend. 🙂

  5. I love the mini that you have made, it looks fantastic, as does the pincushion: a lot of work has gone in to both of those!

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