I’ve finally got all my Liberty fabrics listed on Folksy. I’m so pleased to have it done! To celebrate this achievement (I know, it’s not *that* impressive…!) I have a Bank Holiday Special Offer up and running.

For the next few days, any purchase of a pre-packed Liberty Mini Bundle (like my Rainy Summer bundle below) comes with a free extra single piece of your choice (whilst stocks last!). Just buy your bundle and send me a note to let me know which extra piece you would like.

Rainy Summer Liberty Bundle

Offer ends at midnight on Tuesday 28 August… Happy Bank Holiday!

I’m not really expecting people to buy single pieces (it’s not exactly cost effective!), but this seemed like the best way of allowing people to build their own bundles of fabrics and create custom orders, whilst still having lots of nice big pictures of the yummy fabrics. I’d love to hear your feedback if you have time to take a peek at the shop. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Phew…

  1. Look gorgeous….a litle shopping later I think! I bought one of your sample/scraps bundles a little while ago- v quick and loved the pretty tissue and recipe card.

      1. Can I ask a question: which is the best blog/book for basic quilting techniques? My aunt bought me some beautiful books which are great for patterns but I’m still not sure how you actually construct things- what order you do things in to avoid unpicking everything because the fabric has crept and ruched….Thanks!

      2. Hi Sara – my favourite blogs for quilting hints and tips are Lynne’s blog: Lily’s Quilts (if you scroll down on the right hand side you will see a link to her tutorials) and Oh Fransson – . The writer of Oh Fransson is Elizabeth Hartman – and I know a lot of people think highly of her book – The Practical Guide to Patchwork – but I don’t have it, so can’t recommend personally. hth a bit πŸ™‚

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