Oinks and yawns…

All this testing out and training up of babysitters so that we can do our Fostering course in September, means that we have been really busy going out this week! It’s very nice for me and Sandy (and the pubs of north Staffordshire), but not so great for our bank balance or getting blog posts written… sorry for the silence…

As well as plodding on with the applique for my mini-quilt (which is progressing, but definitely not nice enough to post here just now!), I’ve been working on some projects that I hope to submit to a book of simple craft tutorials (in pursuit of hard cash). Here’s what I made yesterday:

Little patchwork piggyI thought he looked sweet sitting on some of the fabrics from my Liberty stash, which I’ve also been photographing today. Now, instead of writing up the sewing instructions, I’m totally distracted by the idea of making another one using floral fabrics. Always the butterfly flitting from one idea to the next… πŸ™‚

But I have actually been really disciplined today, and started the extremely dull task of listing my Liberty fabrics as single pieces on Folksy. I told Sandy I’d be finished 2 hours ago and I’m still slogging away…yawn! I don’t really expect anyone to buy them as single bits, but I’m trying to give buyers the opportunity to buy custom bundles, and this seemed the easiest way for now. I shall be very pleased when I have it done…

We’re staying out of the rain, safe at home for the bank holiday – if you’re going somewhere (how I wish I was going to see Bellowhead, The Imagined Village and Seth Lakeman on Monday night at Greenbelt!), I hope you have a great time and that the weather isn’t toooo bad.

18 thoughts on “Oinks and yawns…

  1. I love little oink, he would be a great pincushion. Yes, do try a floral version and maybe even a bigger pig so that you could have a piggy family.

  2. He is adorable! I’d love to see his Liberty brother if you ever have time to make him.
    I can fully empathise with the baby sitter hunt. We resigned ourselves to going out singly or staying in. I’m so glad we’re past that stage.
    Good luck with the fostering course.

    1. Oh thanks so much Gwen. We are at the very early stages with fostering, but even at this stage it has been a mammoth task to organise someone to take care of our kids whilst we go and discuss whether we’re up for it.

  3. I love the little piggy! He’s super cute….. I’d love to have a go at making one and will look out for Floral Piggy! Have a great bank hols.

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