The day after the day before

We’ve had such a rotten day today…! It all started so peacefully….



But to be honest, this peaceful sleep was the result of a long, long, LONG day in London yesterday, and it has been grump city at home with the Very Berries today. I have several thousand more grey hairs…. and the main reason I am posting these pics is to remind myself that our boys are very sweet sometimes.

So it was in the face of many obstacles that I made a start for my mini-quilt for Round 3 of the Brit Quilt Swap:

Brit Quilts Swap 3

I was really keen to get going, partly because I am fast running out of time, but mostly because on Wednesday morning I received a gorgeous parcel of fabric as a gift from Dorte and Simon at Dragonfly Fabrics. They had very generously offered me some fabric to use, as a thank you for including them in my Big List of UK Fabric Shops (I hasten to add that I NEVER accept freebies in exchange for adding shops to the list – I ONLY include shops that I like the look of and/or I’ve used myself). I mentioned to Simon that I would love some fabric in shades pink, orange, blue & grey to use for my mini-quilt, and look what I got:

Beautiful bundle from Dragonfly fabrics

Another lovely bundle from Dragonfly Fabrics

I felt overwhelmed by their kindness – I even love the beautiful ribbon used to tie the bundles! Thanks you so much to all at Dragonfly.

So, back to the mini-quilt swap…

When I first started thinking about my mini-quilt I came up with this mock-up, using just the one leaf I had lying around from another project:

poss brit quilt design

Here’s the block I made today:

first block

And this is what I got when I copy and pasted it to see what it would look like on a bigger scale:

test run for brit quilt

The method I’ve used to cut the leaves meant that it was really difficult to get a balance of dark and light in order to achieve the secondary patterns which I think are my favourite part of the original idea – I am going to cut the half leaves individually from now on so I can get the placement just right. It was definitely better having a bit more of a gap between the points of the leaves, AND I am not at all sure about the grey background. On the positive side I am still happy with the original idea, and with a few tweaks I think this is going to come together ok. Thank goodness I can check out the virtual version before I sew it…!

I hope to make a bit more progress tomorrow, grumps allowing… Hope you have lovely weekend plans too.

30 thoughts on “The day after the day before

  1. Now I wish I had entered this swap! Bother! But I love your leaves…And thank goodness the kids look adorable when asleep – hope that sorts out the grumps!

  2. Lovely fabrics and this is great – I thought it was actually one fabric cut into leaves when I first saw this on flickr – not individually pieced.

    1. Thanks so much Katy – the fabrics are gorgeous aren’t they. Not colours I’d normally choose, but it’s really good to work with stuff that’s outside your usual – ’tis the great thing about swaps of course.

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