The Have Some Fun Project

It’s time to make some changes… Sewing has become a source of overwhelming stress for me recently, which is hardly the point is it? I had to make a change from the treadmill of taking on far too much, and committing myself to projects that were just sapping all my strength and causing me so much anxiety that I started to lose sleep and dreaded switching on the sewing machine.

I took a break, and whilst we were away for a few days, I had time to think it all through, and realised I was getting myself into such a state. So, decision taken – it’s time for Project: Have Some Fun.

Here’s my first fun project. I love to hand sew and I am loving the new experience of making framed purses (thanks to Nicky and the In the Frame Purse Swap), so it seemed like the obvious place to start:

Have Some Fun purse

Have Some Fun purse

I have had a lovely time working on this over the last few days. I love to do felt applique, and working with this gorgeous wool felt has been a real pleasure.  I sketched the design first, then traced it in sections onto some bondaweb, ironed the bondaweb onto the felt, then the felt onto the Moda cross weave fabric. Then I stitched it all in place whilst watching Team GB win a whole sackful of medals – I’ve got to say that this week, I am definitely Having Some Fun..

I’ve also signed up to join Julia (owner of the wonderful fabric store Gone to Earth) in doing a bit of Free Motion Quilting sewalong (there’s a Facebook group too), using Angela Walter’s book as a guide. I expect this will be a bit stressful (I get twitchy when I think of FMQ…), but I will be doing it for me, with no deadlines and with a real desire to learn a skill, so I am looking forward to my book arriving!

Sorry for the me, me, me post, and hope that you are having fun this weekend, whatever you are up to.

24 thoughts on “The Have Some Fun Project

  1. This purse is so cute – I love the wool felt flowers – reminds me of Clarice Cliff! Glad you are still making purses – it’s seems to be my new obsession!

    1. Oh Nicky, that’s the nicest thing you could say because I am a Potteries girl born and bred, and Clarice Cliff is part of my heritage 😀 Yes, agreed re obsession – I have to order a few more frames 😉

  2. I’m sorry to hear that things are weighing you down at the moment. I can imagine it’s
    It’s easy to get bogged down with things so that it’s no fun any more. It’s good that you’ve seen the signs and are able to re-assess things. I wish you all the best with finding the ‘fun’ – that lovely purse is certainly a good start.

    I love hand-sewing very much too. It’s so theraputic and relaxing. I was doing some hand-quilting while watching the olympics – isn’t it amazing how great Team GB are doing?!!

    Teresa x

  3. Hi Ali, gorgeous purse – if recent things have been keeping you up at night and getting stressed during the day, then that it a definite no, no. Things can soon get out of hand. Stop, take a step back and have a good look at things… and you’ll come up with an answer, just as you did with the delicious little purse. Love it. xx

  4. Loving the purses they are beautiful! Sewing is my stress relief. The minute it gets stressful I step away and remind myself, this is my hobby, it’s supposed to be fun!

  5. I love hand sewing too and minimise time at the machine, following in the footsteps of my aunt who still handquilts at the age of 87! I think your hobby can be your work and vice versa but I don’t make to order, just make what I like and what I can and then sell that. I still get a buzz every time someone buys something and love meeting customers face to face. It is my work but I work hard at making sure it’s all as much fun as possible. If I do get stressed the solution is just to play around with fabric and yarn (like the little pieces of Liberty I bought from you) and see what ideas float to the surface. Hope you keep blogging. I really love the purse, never tried those myself – it’s beautifully designed and made.

    1. Hi Alison, thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a great comment. One of my resolutions is not to take any more commission orders (unless it’s something I find really intriguing) – I really want to be led by my creativity for a while. Hope the Liberty fabrics bring you a bit of inspiration!

  6. I love the flowers peeping into the design, and the shape of the purse is great! Did you draft you own pattern. Always good to take a step back and assess what you need to do and what you don’t and make sure you are enjoying it all

    1. Hi Kerry – thanks so much – I’ve used that flower pattern on lots of things, I really like it. 🙂 The pattern is from an Etsy seller – – there’s some lovely stuff there. The great thing about this pattern is that it’s drafted for 3 or 4 different size purse frames, so you don’t have to try and resize it yourself.

  7. I am with you on the pressure of pushing yourself into exhaustion with your craft….I need to do some ‘Me’ sewing and have asked to join in the FMQ Facebook page. I have just taken posession of that gorgeous book and it is my bedtime reading at the moment. I hope I manage to fulfil this much needed me time!

  8. Great little purse! Where did you get your sew in frame from though?? My daughter has a saying that if you use your hobby for work then it turns into work and isn’t enjoyable any more. She is not wrong. Enjoy your break and try to relax as best you can.

    1. Hi – thanks for the lovely comment. I got my purse frame from a great Etsy shop called 3DPatternPaper – you’ll find it if you search for it. They’re in China, but it still works out as masses cheaper than buying from here, and there’s loads more choice.

  9. ooh love the purse, it’s so boxy and happy. Like a pert little 1940s robin.

    Yes, it should be fun … and you are right to stand up for that fun! I haven’t been up to much sewing or blogging lately, but I’ve stopped beating myself up about it. When I feel well I blog and sew …. when I feel ghastly I read or draw. If it were a source of income I’d sink without trace LOL.

    I want to do the FMQ too, but I’m not quite in the zone yet … can’t wait to be inspired …

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words about my purse – what a lovely description. Hopefully moving into selling my Liberty fabric bundles will mean that I can gradually stop stressing about making things for income purposes. It definitely sucks the fun out of it..

  10. Very cute wee purse! And sometimes one has to just do whatever the hell one wants (which is why I’ve been working on a project that is not due til mid October, but I really wanted to do anyway, and have totally ignored what’s actually due soon o.O )

  11. love the wee purse! ive just started selling handsewn stuff and id hate for it to become a source of stress.

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