I got mail!

So, my In the Frame Purse swap package arrived!  Look at the beautiful purses (two!) that Brioni sent. I feel totally spoiled.

Lovely purses from flossybossy

AND I got lots of fabulous goodies too. How did she know how much I love beautiful trims? And I have a heart yo-yo maker – excellent stuff.

More goodies from flossybossy

Thank you so much Brioni! And thank you also for Nicky to setting up the swap, and to Helen, my lovely swap mama.


It was a bonanza of a post, because I also got a parcel of delicious Liberty fabrics for a bit of a shop restock. I *did* take a picture of the whole bundle, but I appear to have accidentally deleted it in all the excitement. Anyhow, as soon as I saw the beautiful Mabelle print (a gorgeous swirly floral pink with hints of grey), and the blissful Wiltshire Berry in bright red and white, I thought of the muted grey tones of Isla Rose, and…. let me introduce you to the Rainy Summer bundle:

Rainy Summer

Sadly, I haven’t got much more Isla Rose, so there are only 2 of these bundles for now. It’s such a pretty combo however, that I’ll be looking out for some more…

13 thoughts on “I got mail!

  1. Defo! It is so lovely when you receive goodies like this in the post! I was so excited when I received my wallet which I am still loving btw! ;D xx

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