Excitement building!

So, anyone else super-excited about the Olympics? I am unfeasibly thrilled, and looking forward to lots of exciting, eye-covering, can’t-watch-the-TV moments over the next few weeks! It’s definitely a time for celebration, and whilst I wasn’t bothered about Diamond Jubilee celebrations, I can definitely get over-excited and flag-wavey when it comes to sporting achievement. So perhaps it’s my state of mind that led me to put this rather patriotic-looking Liberty mini-bundle in my fabric shop the other day.

patriotic flowers bundle

Today I was clearly overcome with patriotism because I decided to use some of my stash to make a little Union flag to top a 2012 souvenir pincushion:

Liberty Union flag

It doesn’t quite work sadly (hope this isn’t an omen!) – the red bits need a little more red, and the white bits a little more white. I’m going to do a little quilting later on (whilst watching the Opening Ceremony of course!), using red, white and blue threads to see if I can get a little bit more definition into it.

What did work really well, was a fab way of printing my foundation block design onto fabric, which really cut down on all that awful foundation block drawing! I was dead pleased with how well it worked, and plan to share my method next week sometime – if I can tear myself away from the sport!

13 thoughts on “Excitement building!

  1. Glad you are enjoying your Olympics! I think your pin cushion (for next time) would look best with just the blue and red fabric as is and a plain white … perhaps felt?

  2. I think it looks sweet and I LOVED the opening ceremony – sat through the whole thing and am very proud to be British!

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