Sleep is such a tricky thing isn’t it. I usually sleep really well (still making up for about 5 years of interrupted sleep with my boys…), but just recently I’ve been having a really rubbish phase of getting off to sleep for a little while, waking up feeling stressed and *then* I can’t get back to sleep again. When I do manage to sleep, I have classic anxiety-filled dreams – you know the kind – late for an appointment and you are completely lost…. you can’t find your bag and keep searching in rooms where everything has been moved around…. you go to visit a friend but find someone else living in their house…. (tell me it isn’t just me!!).

So for ages I’ve been thinking about making a sleep pillow filled with a herb mix to tuck under my  pillow to encourage a good night’s sleep – this stupid insomnia has prompted me to get round to sorting all out. Were you wondering what my applique ZZZs were for?  Here’s my now finished aptly-named Zed-pillow.

Zed pillow...

I’ve given it an envelope-style back so that once the herbs have lost their potency they can be replaced. The dried herbs will be held in a muslin sachet, once I’ve got round to making it…. I also have to work a bit on the herb mix. I’ll share the recipe when I have one figured out – it wont be long, I am so fed up of lying awake nights…!

When I haven’t been appliqueing with my Liberty stash I’ve been cutting it into bits to make some new mini-bundles (3 coordinating 9″x12″ Tana Lawn pieces) for my Folksy fabric shop. I am super-pleased with my shop pics – it’s taken about 6 months for me to get used to my new camera, but I am finally getting there….

It has been such fun putting together coordinating packs and coming up with daft names for all my bundles. Who said cutting fabric was boring?!

7 thoughts on “ZZZ…

  1. That is a fab looking cushion : ) I hope that helps you sleep better, I had a similar problem and switched to drinking decaf tea after 6 pm and I sleep much better now and sleep through that might also be worth a try. I certainly notice the difference when I run out or have tea stay friends.

  2. That’s a lovely pillow! We went on holiday with friends recently, and J put lavender drops on all our pillows at night, it smelt lovely.

  3. Love the pillow Ali, I could soo do with one of those. I never have a full night’s sleep and toss and turn all the time (my sleep pattern went downhill when I had my two boys, now 18 and 13!!!) I only allow myself two cups of coffee in the morning and for the rest of the day drink water or tick tock tea which does have caffeine in. I tried every trick in the book, but now have resigned myself to the fact that I am not a good sleeper. Hey ho, just one of those things xx

  4. Oh you poor thing, insomnia is so horrible. There are times in the middle of the night you swear you’ll never sleep properly again. I love the Zzs pillow and hope it works for you. What herbs will you be using?

  5. Hope it works for you! My worst nights are when I literally have work running through my head, lines and lines of numbers and file names and so on o.O Thankfully that only happens when I’m stressed on a project, and I’m not right now…

    1. The pillow is lovely and really hope it works. I sleep really well but I still have anxiety dreams (English Lit A level tomorrow and haven’t read any of the books), trying to run away and can’t move my legs…ughh horrible.) I’ve just snarfed up some of your Liberty charms – please keep them coming!

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