Seamstar Giveaway: Flea Market Fancy

This giveaway is now closed and the winner announced – sorry to all the latecomers. Maybe next time!

I think a lot of us could do with a bit of fabric sunshine in our lives at the moment (given real sunshine is pretty much absent), so I am delighted to be able to offer lovely Very Berry readers the chance to win a bundle of fabrics from one ofΒ my favourite collections of the moment, the beautiful, so-good-they-made-it-twice, Flea Market Fancy.

The creator of this gorgeous line is quilt designer Denyse Schmidt who, time after time, produces collections which feel absolutely modern, but which also have a really charming vintage character. If you are a regular reader, you will know I am a huge fan of her designs, and have been looking forward to the reprint of this popular line for a long time. So, when Courtney from Seamstar got in touch to ask if I wanted to give away a bundle of this fab collection, I jumped at the chance.

It’s also a real pleasure to work with Seamstar, because it’s one of my go-to shops when I need something fun and interesting to add to my fabric stash. It’s also one of those fabulous shops that sells pretty much all you need when it comes to notions, haberdashery, patterns, trimmings and…. well, you get the picture! It’s always so brilliant to be able to get all the bits and bobs that you need, and only have to pay one postage charge! Along with its easy-to-use website and speedy delivery, Seamstar is really ticking all the boxes for me.

ssgiveaway1 (1)

The Giveaway Rules

  • The prize consists of 6 Fat Quarters from the Flea Market Fancy collection (prints may differ from those shown in the picture), with free p&p to the UK.
  • The winner will be sent the prize free of charge after the draw has taken place.
  • If you are outside the UK, you are very welcome to enter, but the prize only includes the cost of postage within the UK, so you would have to pay the difference.
  • The prize must be claimed within 30 calendar days.
  • The giveaway will finish at midnight on Thurday July 12 and I will announce the winner on Friday 13 July (lucky for some!).

And more good news…

Seamstar are also offering 10% off their products to Very Berry Handmade readers until the Giveaway finishes (excludes sale items). Just enter the code VBJulyΒ into the Discount Code box when checking out. Hurrah!


All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the giveaway is to leave a comment on this blog post. As usual, it’s perfectly ok to just say ‘pick me please!’, but if you want to put the work in, how about telling us what you always look out for when you’re browsing flea market stalls…? For me, aside from vintage buttons and haberdashery, I’m always on the look out for funky vintage pots, especially cups and mugs, we seem to break so many!


Good luck everyone! And a huge thanks to Courtney at Seamstar for making this giveaway possible.

This giveaway is now closed and the winner announced – sorry to all the latecomers. Maybe next time!

199 thoughts on “Seamstar Giveaway: Flea Market Fancy

  1. Definitely old books, I wonder how many people have read them and how many places they’ve been to, I bet the story of the books life is sometimes more interesting than the story inside, if only I could know!

  2. Pick me,Pick me!! I am just about to give up work and become a full time mum and NEED lots of lovely new fabric for all my projects i am going to do! Thanks x

  3. Hello. I’m always looking out for things that I can change into other things….that they weren’t really meant for…..if you know what I mean!!!! Pick me!

  4. I would love a chance to win! πŸ™‚ I will be off to browse Seamstar once my toddler is in bed! I spend many an evening looking at fabrics online, when I really should be sewing lol. I’ve actually never been to a flea market, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one advertised!

  5. I love vintage anything but I look out for mainly fabric and china bits and pieces for our kitchen. Thanks to you and Seamstar for the chance to win!

  6. Ooh, lovely fabrics. I guess I am always on the look out for fabrics and cloth items I can upcycle as well as pretty china. Would love to win this! Thanks

  7. I always, always look for vintage buttons and trims – so, so much cuter than the modern stuff you find in most modern stores (especially the chain stores I have local access to) and way cheaper! Thanks for the giveaway chance – I love FMF so much!

  8. Well this is very exciting!…..i love to find old bone china and little unexpected things – a tiny wooden owl was my best find. You can’t beat a flea market….or a good church fete at this time of year!

  9. Oh what gorgeous fabrics, I’d love to be in with a chance of winning please. Apart from old sewing patterns and fabric, I always look out for unusual brooches at flea markets. x

  10. Seamstar never fails to impress with fabrics , colours, idears and give-aways. With their help I have changed my attitude to flea markets from total disinterest to ‘ obsessive searcher’. I love them and the fabrics on offer.

  11. Hi! Love this fabric, so fingers crossed!
    We are currently doing up our house so we are always on the hunt for interesting homewares, art & furniture. Currently keeping my eyes peeled for a magazine rack!

  12. I’m always on the hunt for any sort of treasure, as long as its beautiful I’ll find a place for it, shame my husband is not so accommodating *sigh*.

  13. Just love old pressed glass, any items will do but the best is the lovely pinky/salmon colour which will go well with my winnings. (I wish I would win!)

  14. Lovely giveaway, thanks !
    I love finding functional but quirky things for the home. Last weekend I was delighted to find 2 silver serving spoons for Β£5, beautiful intricate designs … they just don’t make them like that anymore.

  15. Oooh, lovely fabrics! Thank you for doing this. I looove flea markets – old crockery is my thing (nearly got a red polka dot tea service last week, but it was snatched up by an incredibly glamorous and very old lady just as I put my hand out to check the price tag! She had such a charming ruby-lipped smile – and good taste – that I didn’t mind too much…) Old jewellery, pressed glass, tablecloths, musical instruments – I’m on the lookout for a zither now – am I getting carried away again? Sorry… thanks again for the giveaway, please let it be me!

  16. oooh I have been so excited that this fabric line is reappearing! It is really gorgeous. I love finding bits of pretty china, especially little pots to hold all the stuff that seems to pile up in our house, coins, keys, erm why I am pretending it’s not all my fault – actually bobbins, buttons, safety pins, tiny cute bits of prettiness! It’s a wonder my husband has stuck by me! Thanks to you and seamstar for the giveaway, best wishes x

  17. I fell in love with FMF in Portland OR. I also got to do some great thrifting, sadly my suitcase wasn’t big enough to bring back my best finds which were milk and cream jugs, tableclothes and picture frames for showcasing fabric, wrapping paper and embroided bits and bobs.

  18. vintage lace & anything oldy worldy are my favourites , id love to win this fabric stash ! iv not used denyse schmidt fabric before so would love to create something wonderful with it πŸ™‚ x

  19. This is the thrifting season with flea markets galore!
    What I look for first is interesting materials, including shirts and skirts. However as I get more choosy there are fewer discoveries, so winning here would mean that I shan’t have to wait for yearns on end to give FLEA MARKET FANCY a try. Best wishes, mlise

  20. Pick me please – I’m upcycling quilts, rugs and other stuff for the home from old clothes, textiles and bits of haberdashery and love all things vintage.

  21. OOh I love a bit of flea market shopping and this fabric is just gorgeous.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. great site. it so good to find a new place for tutorials and ideas. my present vintage passion is for little girls cloths, now that I have one to dress!

  23. I’m always on the look out for beautiful and unusual fabrics that i can make into something else!

  24. Please pick me! It’s usually something for the home – normally the kitchen that I look out for, but with fabric a very close second.

  25. I am a sucker for all things vintage. I have an obessesion with furniture and shabby chic! At the moment I am really getting into quilting πŸ™‚ So these would be perfect!

  26. Ooooooh…..lovely….. a giveaway!? Beautiful fabrics…I’d love to be in with a chance of winning…..Thank you…xxx

  27. Beautiful fabric!
    My current thing to look out for is cotton doilies. I’ve collected a few, but i’m not even sure what i’m going to do with them x

  28. I love unique fabrics, beautiful buttons and getting inspiration for new projects. The Denyse Schmidt fabric is beautiful by the way!

  29. The fabrics are gorgeous!!
    I love flea markets! Two months ago while browsing in one in Pimlico I found a Newhome 539 and bought it for Β£5! I was thrilled… but my boyfriend wasn’t very happy as he was the one carrying it all the way home…

    ps: pick me please!

  30. Please let me be your chosen one!! My favourite items to rummage for on flea market stalls are the usual crafty gems – carded buttons, lace trim, yarn and crazy printed fabrics but I also hunt out old wool blankets – especially the traditional Welsh blankets, vintage enamel baking dishes, tin pots and jars, wicker baskets and old vinyl. My favourite way to spend a lazy Saturday!

  31. Old tablecloths- lovely soft cotton, and bits of china. I’m partial to tea out of a proper cup. My 3 yr old likes anything pink and sparkly….

  32. Brilliant giveaway, my mind is working overtime dreaming about what I can make with the fabric if I were to win!

  33. Oh please pick me! I love finding something that to everyone else looks really ugly and gets lost and missed but is actually something really beautiful. A little duckling treasure.

  34. ooh me please! I’m not picky when it comes to vintage finds, just about anything appeals to me lol, at the moment my current obsession is gorgeous vintage books, I also love glassware. I’m on the hunt for a lovely dressing table set to dress my new dressing table too.

  35. lovely fabrics! I can but wish…

    I’m a sucker for all this retro and vintage – furniture, pots, old packaging anything! Flea markets suck my purse dry 😦 so winning this beautiful bundle would be amazing!!! hehe

  36. Yey Fleamarket Fancy, so glad it’s back!
    As for fleamarkets I’m always drawn to any kitchenalia and habdash, especially ribbons!

  37. Lovely fabric! When I buy my next house I’m hoping to fill it with lots of lovely vintage market finds : )

  38. I always look for glassware, especially coloured glass so that you get that rainbow reflection when the sun shines through. Not that that happens that much this summer! And cake stands – you can’t have too many cake stands. Fingers crossed for the giveaway – and just to say you make beautiful things!

  39. I love browsing the vintage stalls. Somehow though I always end up ogling the vintage sewing machines – which is ridiculous because I have 2… or 3…at home!

  40. ooh I’d love to enter please!

    I’ve started looking for pretty bits and pieces for the kitchen, just to find something that little bit different.

  41. Lovely giveaway, thank you πŸ™‚

    I think I tend to look for sparkly things, and enamelled things. I’m a terrible magpie, but picked up a gorgeous 100 year old brooch for less than a tenner recently, so I don’t do so badly πŸ™‚

  42. I look out for so many things! fabric of course, teacups for candles, pots and glasses, old or broken necklaces, anything that I think I can transform

  43. Hi Thanks for the giveaway. Love Flea Mrkts. I always look for the vintage items but also like retro items such as dishes ,large pitchers,and so forth,also whatever catches my eye……….

  44. At the moment, I really want to get a set of pretty china plates, for servong cake on. Planning a trip to Paris soon and my guidebook identifies the best place to go for flea markets. I’m sure my OH won’t mind a little shopping trip…

  45. I got a bit of this fabric last week and love it so some more to add to my stash and make something great from would be lovely.

  46. what a wonderful collection of colours that is! I look at vintage textiles, thinking about what i can turn them into, oh and I love old lamps and china too, but coloured glass gets me time after time πŸ™‚

  47. I try to keep an open mind when searching flea markets so I can see the potential in anything. But I’m mostly drawn to fabric items of any kind and haberdashery. I’m also drawn to books.
    Teresa x

  48. Please include me in draw. I collect pressed glass cake stands and have over 30 so far! Flea markets are good hunting grounds.

  49. Oooo fab as usual giveaway! I tend to look at crockery, clothing that reminds me of the 1970’s childhood, and I love storage jars and pots that are glazed and simple neutral tones. Too many lost and broken along the way sadly!

  50. What a lovely giveaway and shop discovery!! I love flea markets and am always on the look out for interesting pendants, chinese ceramics, vintage handbags and haberdashery items and trimmings. Thanks very much, Pati x

  51. I love browsing through the vintage clothes and looking for the handmade ones. I love to see what techniques people used to finish of their clothes.

  52. I really enjoy rooting around at flea markets and in charity shops looking for lovely things to use in my crafts.

  53. These fabrics look so pretty. It would be good for me to win because using these fabrics would very easily prise me away from using purples and pinks!

  54. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m not much for flea markets. I almways get a bit grossed out thinking about thinking about bringing things from someone else’s house into mine. ***Especially*** vintage sheets. Ewwwwwwww! Now, Flea Market Fancy, on the outer hand, that is perfectly delightful! Thanks for sharing!

  55. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a flea market, but I’d love to win this bundle. I’m planning my wedding at the mo and it has an awesome, shabby chic, vintagey feel – the goldy yellow tones in those fabrics are perfect for my colour scheme!

  56. Currently, I’m looking for old, interesting mirrors. We’re doing up our back garden (more of a small yard really) which was a horrible and dirty space when we moved in 2 years ago, basically a dumping ground for junk. So far, we’ve levelled it, put in beds with climbers and colourful plants,layed down warm and bright coloured gravel and put in a small table and chairs. We’re trying to make the space appear bigger so my bright idea was to hang loads of mirrors along the fence. It’s worked brilliantly but I’m still on the lookout for more mirrors to really make it sparkle!

  57. Mmmm yummy giveaway – I’m a bit of a charity shopper – love old crockery and glassware – not to mention fabric finds. Just love a bit of reclamation goodness!

  58. I would love to win this fabric, I also am a huge fan of DS. Just made a small ninepatch with some of her fabric. I am in france but paying some shippingcost is no problem.

  59. Sewing patterns, ribbons & other vintage haberdashery items are my faves at the flea market:)
    I’m an international (for the time being anyway, back to the UK soon) and very happy to pay the postage if I am lucky

  60. Hmm I love looking for materials I can reuse and bring back to life as something else!usually for bday presents or gifts,who wants designer anyway the best presents are those best thought out and made with love πŸ™‚

  61. Oh well, I suppose I should admit it………I really don’t like Flea Markets, Jumble Sales, Car Boots etc.etc. But I LOVE this collection!
    A great giveaway – I’d love to win, thanks

  62. This is such pretty fabric, I would love to make a hexie bag out of it. Thank you for the giveaway. I like to look for jugs every where I go.

  63. I used to search for books with silly titles, that just tickled me. I started with ” Advanced Lampshades” and never looked back. Unfotunately living in the czech republic, I get very little opportunity to increase my library

  64. Thanks for another great Giveaway. I’m always on the look out for vintage sewing materials especially thimbles.

  65. Adorable – got to be vintage sewing patterns love them but gave all mine away years ago x

  66. Lovely giveaway πŸ™‚ I love flea markets, lately I’ve been looking out for some interesting home pieces and furniture

  67. I would love to win these fabrics.

    When I am browsing around stalls, I like to look for nostalgia – something that personally reminds me of my childhood or a special memory. I also love wooden bowls or any item which shows both its age and quality,

  68. I look for old buttons, sewing notions like wooden spools, old quilt blocks that never made it into a quilt – anything that I can repurpose.

  69. Ooh I am in mid-quilt & so even more on the lookout than usual for lovely fabric…and this really is gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  70. Great Giveaway Ali! On flea market stalls I always look at clothes – basically the print so I can up cycle the fabric. Thanks for the chance. X

  71. I love flea markets, car boots, jumble sales – always got an eye open for vintage (or vintage style) jewellery, fabrics, afraid I might be part magpie……..

  72. I look for buttons but I also have a real thing for little boxes and tins. Not trinket boxes, more like old Oxo and sweetie tins – I don’t usually buy them but I have a hard time putting them down and walking away!

  73. Would love the chance to win this! Not been to a flea market for ages, last one was in Brussells, lots of odd stuff there, unfortunately I didn’t come away with any purchases as nothing grabbed my fancy! Did find some funky tweed jackets in Whitby though at a sort of flea market, wanted hubby to buy one but he couldn’t be bothered to try any one, typical bloke, hates shopping! πŸ˜€ xx πŸ˜€ xx

  74. Hey there, It’s Deborah from Scotland again! Entering another fabulous giveaway! What a beautiful collection of fabrics! Thank you again for the opportunity xx

  75. I loved the prints!
    Where do I find good market flea in south west London apart from portobello ?! Do you know any?

  76. I absolutely love little decorated side plates with flowers and gold, they always make me think of having little cakes for afternoon tea with my nan when I was little.

  77. Great give away, I love these fabrics! I always look out for vintage jewellery to add to my colection and any mid-century ceramics, there is nothing better than browsing in a market, except sewing maybe πŸ™‚

  78. Oooh, I always like to keep my eye open for anything one off and quirky, even if it is a tiny little pot with hairline cracks. If it’s beautiful and unusual (and not too expensive!) I’ll buy it! I saw one a few months ago, hesitated and someone else bought it!

  79. Ooh! Dying to get my hands on some of this fabric!! I always look for vintage cups and saucers – have a little collection of them now!

  80. Fantastic! Yes please! My last purchase like that was a quirky wooden mirror, with a tiny shelf attached, just right for tea lights.

  81. Like most of you I watch for fabric, buttons etc. but I have recently started looking for picture frames to recycle for my little patchy houses πŸ™‚

  82. At the moment I’m looking out for small glass jars or glass cruet sets for my beads and buttons

  83. Gorgeous fabric! When I’m shopping at a flea market I’m generally looking for kitchen-alia or small pieces of rustic furniture. Thanks for the giveaway.

  84. Thanks for the chance to win. Love flea market fancy and only recently got my hands on some. I do love the colors shown. I watch for vintage sewing supplies, books and furniture.

  85. Gorgeous Fabric I’d love to be the proud owner of these, at flea markets I always look for the weird quirky things

  86. I just got back from the Gift and Thrift Shop. On Friday nights, everything is half price from 5-8. I look for notions, zippers, embroidery hoops and vintage fabric. ( and anything else that catches my eye!)

  87. I just came back from the Gift and Thrift Store. Everything is half price from 5-8 on Friday nights. I always look for notions, zippers, embroidery hoops and vintage fabrics.

  88. I love to buy jewellery and old glass bottles and hurricane vases at markets – of these you can never have too many! Loving flea market fancy in these summery colours! Please pick me…

  89. I would love to get my mits on these lovely fabrics. When I’m rooting around at Flea Markets I love lace and ribbon. I love buttons too and I’m a sucker for wooden ones to add to my gran’s old button basket.

  90. I look for jewellery that I can take apart and reassemble, and I’d really like to one day find an old film camera to clean up and play around with – it’s not the same to buy one on eBay!

  91. I am desperate for a wooden apple – an original 1950s one, not the albeit lovely new ones the local craftsmen make; that would be too easy!
    Thanks for the chance xxx

  92. Brilliant giveaway – my favourite are charity shops, as you never know what you might find. I am always on the lookout for vintage fabric, buttons, wooden sewing bobbins, to be hones, anything that catches my eye!!! Thanks for the chance to enter Ali x

  93. Nice giveaway! I love Seamstar, been shopping with them for a good while now. I always look out for nice frames in charity shops/car boots/flea markets. I take the pictures out and put family photos in.

  94. I love to look for vintage linens, especially hand-embroidered ones. Thanks for the chance to win this great fabric

  95. Fantastic giveaway, I love flea market fancy. I always look for old linen sheets and bits of old lace at flea markets but they are harder and harder to find

  96. Gorgeous fabrics! At flea markets, I like to look for vintage fabrics, like old dresses or sheets, that I can re-purpose.

  97. I never know what I’m looking for until I see it!!! I may see an old dress and think that’ll make a fab bag – or a lamp and get an urge to make it into something else! Also jewellery – especially if it’s in the bargain bin cos it’s broken……so much you can do with broken jewellery!

    Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing give-away πŸ™‚

    Carol x

  98. At the moment, I love looking for clothes. It could be something I can simply refashion for myself to wear, or something that has great fabric, embellishments or buttons that I can use to make something completely different.

  99. ooo, I’ve been eying up the flea market fancy stuff for a while, would lovvvve to win this! Just discovered seamstar too (wish I’d waited for the discount, haha!). I love looking for buttons, fabric and tea and coffee cups at flea markets, or vintage jewellery πŸ™‚

  100. Aside from fabric/haberdashery type things I also look for jewellery and small quirky items that catch my eye. I dream of finding a small wooden chest of drawers at a bargain price, I could use as a jewellery box – although I doubt I ever will!

  101. I love a flea market- have been going since I was little and thought they were all about fleas. Back then it was a china bisque face doll I wanted to find, think I would be pretty happy to find one of those now!

  102. thanks for the chance to win! my favorite fabric from Seamstar has to be the Chloes Closet – 30s Playtime – Dots in Blue. I would love to make a Little Quilt of Love with this fabric πŸ™‚

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