Liberty Charm Pack Giveaway

I’ve diversified a little into fabric selling… there are a couple of reasons for this. For a while I have struggled with the conflict of having to make things for customer requests whilst wanting to work on my own ideas – I am hoping that fabric selling will allow me to turn down a few commissions! The other big reason is that Sandy and I are applying to become foster parents. It’s going to take a while, and may not work out, but in the mean time I need to earn money in a way that needs a bit less intense concentration, so that I have a bit of headspace to think about it all.


I am going to concentrate on selling all kinds of bundles of Liberty of London prints for patchworkers and other sewers who don’t want huge amounts of expensive yardage. I am looking forward to buying lots of beautiful prints for you all to drool over, and hopefully buy! I have lots of plans for my little shop, but to get things started, I have been selling on The Fabric Marketplace, and promoting on Facebook.

Thanks so much to everyone who has ticked that like button on Facebook. I promised a giveaway when I reached 100 likers, so here we are!

The Giveaway!

Liberty Charm pack for giveaway

  • I have 2 packs of twenty 5″ squares of a selection of Liberty Tana Lawn prints (see above!) to give away to two lucky winners.
  • I am happy to send anywhere in the world, so feel free to enter wherever you are.
  • All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog before midnight on Thurs 28 June, telling me what you like about Liberty prints.

Here’s the sort of loveliness you can make with these gorgeous fabrics – in a picture taken on a much brighter day!
Needle book again or how about browsing this wonderful Flickr group of Liberty Scrap Challenge picsΒ – gorgeous stuff.

In the mean time, if you just can’t wait, I have similar bundles of 5″ squares in my shop right now.

193 thoughts on “Liberty Charm Pack Giveaway

  1. Firstly, congratulations on applying to be foster parents – I was fostered and adopted with my two brothers as a child so know how vital this is. It infuriates me that people today have to jump through so many ridiculous hoops to even be considered – I would never have ended up in the family I did today. Secondly, congratulations on your venture, it sounds marvellous! I’d love to be entered into your giveaway πŸ™‚ good luck to you on both fronts!

  2. i’m a beginner sewer and have just recently begun to try to learn quilt piecing, so I havent used liberty fabrics, but I think the pictures I’ve seen of things people make with it are great and prints they offer are always gorgeous!

  3. Wow – only just stumbled upon this site tonight and it’s lovely. I have just had a sewing machine for my birthday at the ripe age of 41 and really starting to build a fabric collection to try out some ideas. Fingers crossed for me and congratulations on 100 likers. Good luck with the fostering, I do hope you find it very rewarding x

  4. They make me feel like having afternoon tea on the lawn, under a huge cedar tree – just like in an Agatha Christie novel from the 1930s – and you can’t ask for more than that!!

  5. I love the vintage appearance, it always reminds me of home and al of my mums eclectic fabric choices.

  6. There is something about Liberty fabrics that just makes my heart race and i would love the chance to win some to make some lovely things with πŸ™‚

  7. Liberty fabrics remind me of my childhood, of sweet dresses in hot afternoons, of lots of cousins enjoying life.

  8. Congratulations on reaching 100! πŸ™‚ I personally love the intricate designs of all of the liberty prints; particularly the floral ones! xx

  9. Thank you for a nice giveaway! I like liberty prints because they are so busy. You can get a lot of detail in a small area. They also use pretty florals with a nice vintage charm.


    owens olivia at hotmail dot com

  10. When I take a look at my stash, there’s a bit of a trend going on there – yep, flowers flowers everywhere! And in all sorts of colours πŸ™‚ I think those Liberty fabrics would look just great alongside them!
    And congratulations on taking the step to apply to be foster parents, I have huge admiration for people who foster, so I wish you both the very best of luck with the process.

  11. Liberty is just the best! The fabrics are so lovely to touch and the patterns are so inviting. I’d love to make a purse!

  12. Liberty has such bright, cheery, florals! So feminine and pretty!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  13. I love Liberty as they’re so vintage-yet-modern and so feminine-yet-trendy. Does that even make sense?! Unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to work with them and make something for myself so I would be over the moon to win!

  14. Its so generous of you to do a giveaway, especially with such nice fabric! Good luck with the fostering.

  15. Oh, love the liberty. Nice giveaway!

    Good luck on the fostering. One of my best friends has adopted 2 fosters. I’m sure you’ll be great. And I know it will keep you busy.

  16. Such a cool giveaway, thank you so much for the chance! I had the luck to have a few baby dresses made of Liberty lawns and I\’ve always cherished them. So anytime I use a little piece of Liberty fabric it reminds me of those beautiful dresses and the fun I had putting them on my teddy bears after I’d grown out of them!

  17. Oh Ali, what an amazing thing to do – I hugely admire you both for the effort and commitment you’re making. Very best wishes to you and Sandy and good luck with the new ventures xxx

  18. I love them because they are just so charming. They remind me of all the good stuff from the 70s an 80s, such as long dresses made for me by my grandmother. πŸ™‚

  19. I haven’t had much experience of Liberty fabric but it seems to me that it’s very versatile. I’d love to win some to make one of the projects in my Liberty sewing book.
    I wish you every success with your fostering application.You’ll make fabulous foster parents!
    Teresa x

  20. I have never used Liberty prints but everyone seems to love them so I would like to see what they are all abut!

  21. Good luck with your new business and with the process of becoming foster parents–two huge adventures!! I love the range of colours in Liberty of London, different to many other collections. Thanks for offering this giveaway πŸ™‚

  22. The Liberty prints are comfortable and inviting, just like I want my home to feel! awolk at rogers dot com

  23. I just love Liberty prints – they are such an assortment of prints – some are dainty and some a little more pronounced – I just love this fabric!!!!

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  24. I just think they’re so pretty. I went to Liberty recently during a day trip to London and splurged on a half metre (not cheap!) and spent Β£10 on a metre of ribbon (gaaahhh!). So as a result I’ve gone and fallen in love with the stuff.

  25. Liberty prints are timeless and somehow instantly recognisable, even the less-than-traditional Grayson Perry ones

  26. Hi Ali, all the best with on your fostering journey, such an admirable thing to do. I’m sure with your excellent eye for fabric your shop will be a big success. You’ve just got it!! Thanks for the giveaway too. I love Liberty, it\’s so unique and the quality of the fabric, it\’s so so soft and silky and amazing to work with!

  27. Hi Ali, all the best with on your fostering journey, such an admirable thing to do. I’m sure with your excellent eye for fabric your shop will be a big success. You’ve just got it!! Thanks for the giveaway too. I love Liberty, it’s so unique and the quality of the fabric, it’s so so soft and silky and amazing to work with!

  28. I love Liberty prints because they have such a traditional feel about them and they are so positively girly. the fabric is great to work with and makes wonderful quilts!

  29. There is something about Liberty prints that just makes my heart go all of a flutter! Wonderful to have the opportunity to buy small pieces so Good Luck with your new venture and with the fostering process.

  30. I love liberty prints as a complete novice in all
    Things seeing and crafty(6 months ago I had never picked up a needle.ever!)they inspire me to make pretty things!!they may not be perfect bit each time I am getting better
    And liberty prints make me handcrafted items look even better!!

  31. I love the timeless quality of Liberty Prints. I have always been put off by the cost of the fabric so I\’m really pleased to see your shop offering smaller quantities so I can still enjoy little bits of loveliness. Congratulations on your shop and your big family decision – I look forward to following along on your blog! x

  32. what an awesome giveaway! one of my favorite things about liberty fabrics (besides how divine they feel) is that they look both vintage and modern to me.

  33. Congratulations! Thanks for the lovely giveaway chance- Liberty is my hands down favorite fabric- there is nothing like it:)

  34. These are so pretty! As a bonus, this giveaway ends on my birthday. I think that’s good luck.

  35. Hope al goes wel with becoming foster parents.

    Meanwhile I have to tell you I find your fabrics beautiful. I will be ordering some and I’m sure they are excellent unity to work with.

  36. I like the clarity of the print quality and the miniscule details…
    and the floweryness
    and the feel of the fabric
    thank you for this opportunity to win some! (and good luck with your new adventures)
    Lady Jane

  37. Good luck with the foster parenting, It’s always nice to see people willing to share their homes and love. As for what I like about liberty…it’s odd, they are just so unique – they can’t really be mistaken for anything else a lot of the time. I haven’t figured out what it is yet!

  38. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I’m not usually a floral gal, but I’ve always been drawn to the Liberty prints because of the beautiful colors…and they just look like they feel so fresh and breezy!

  39. I think they are very happy prints and I love happy prints. I can never have too much fabric because I have heard that whoever dies with the biggest stash wins and I plan to win.

  40. I’ve never splurged on Liberty prints but they are fabulous. Elegant, charming, colorful…Congratulations on 100 likes and thanks for the giveaway – will be looking forward to your shop.

  41. Liberty prints remind me of the delicacy of the indigenous fynbos in South Africa (where I am from) – bushes with tiny flowers and leaves, literally meaning “fine bush”. Lovely to look at when you are living in London and longing for home.

  42. Congrats and good luck on your new endeavors. I love this Liberty collection. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  43. Liberty prints are so special to me- and not just because they are pretty. They remind me of traveling to England (from US) many years ago when I was in college, and already in love with Liberty… And all things English for that matter!

  44. Thank you so much for this giveaway, I’d like to win these fabrics, I love this print and color

  45. I love the intensity of the colours and the timelessness of them. They also seem quintessentially English to me, redolent of afternoon teas on a summer lawn (we don’t even have the summer here this year, but a girl can dream).

  46. I just discovered your blog and is so inspiring. About Liberty I must say that I love the design and the colors, especially blue and green combination.

  47. Best wishes in both your new endeavors. I love the Liberty prints & I’m so excited that they’re coming out with quilt weight fabrics too. I like the smaller designs, and the beautiful colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. Good luck with your new endevours. I wish you well. I have two of your charm packs on there way to me and can’t wait to play with them. Would definitely love to win another. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I love that Liberty prints are so instantly recognisable – they have a character all their own – plus they’re so colourful and fun! Fingers crossed that your fostering application goes well xx

  50. Wow i really love the liberty prints you are giving away! The floral prints are just too lovely:)

  51. It’s a great idea to sell Liberty like this, and I hope your fostering journey works out very well for you and your family.
    What I love about Liberty, besides the colours and designs, is the pattern repeat in their fabrics. These are often really subtle and can be seen more clearly in larger pieces of fabric.

  52. I love the classic designs. They are as fresh as they were over 30 years ago and they are an absolute joy to work with. Good luck with your plans.

  53. I am new to Liberty Fabrics and have only seen them online. I like the small scale prints and the colors. Good luck on your new adventure.

  54. Liberty fabrics remind me of my favourite jumper from childhood. My mum managed to find some in a shop that was selling up all its stock and she made a beautiful jumper with a lovely liberty trim. I was so sad when i grew out of it.

  55. thank goodness for sewing eh? Clears your mind for the important things… of which is admiring the beautiful scrumptious liberty fabric!!!!

  56. Thank you so much for a chance to win. Good luck with being foster parents– what an amazing, selfless act.

  57. I love Liberty fabrics because: 1) they are a little bit classic and can sometimes be a bit old ladyish which just gives them this old world British charm. 2) I love the buttery soft feel of tana – making it feel almost like silk. 3)It reminds me of my childhood 4) I love the sound the scissors make when you cut through it. 5)I love the small scale prints and the versatility of them all when used together. Thanks for the chance!!!

  58. Liberty fabrics are gorgeous. I’d describe them as ‘me’ fabrics, the sort of fabric I’d use to make something for myself or a dear girl friend, a nice break away from making things for the kids!!! Good luck with ur new ventures – fostering, what a wonderful gift to be able to give and ur fabric shop, selling fabulous prints for us to buy.xxxx

  59. I’ve not used Liberty fabrics in my work before so I have already browsed your existing store and think it’s a great idea to offer collections of smaller pieces. I make fabric-based cards for which they are perfect but also make items combining knitting and fabric eg little purses and handbag mirrors for which they would make great lining fabrics. So admire you for going for fostering too. Good luck with everything.

  60. Your creations are always impressive, I’m new to seeing and they certainly want me to tackle patchwork

  61. It is hard to describe why I love Liberty prints. Some are not my style at all, where others just really do it for me. I think it is probably that there is a bit of Art Noveau about some of the prints which is something that I really do love. Some prints are very traditional and are what you recognise immediately if you think of Liberty, I’m thinking Ianthe, well I do anyway! Am hoping to be lucky with this offer, thanks very much for the opportunity to enter the competition! xxxx

  62. Hi There, I just recently received my pack of Liberty fabrics from you and am absolutely delighted! What can I say The Liberty fabrics are simply ‘STUNNING’, beautiful and elegant. Would love to win some more! Many Thanks for the opportunity and I hope everything works out for you guys XX

  63. Congratulations on your numbers and best wishes re fostering. I have been using Liberty prints for about 35 years and I now regret getting rid of a few of my old clothes which were made from or lined with Liberty fabrics. I continue to buy them and love the idea of Liberty quilts because they won’t go out of style and I won’t take them to charity shops!

  64. I love the simplicity of the Liberty prints, no fuss, no nonsense. Am also loving the fact that Clarks are using Liberty prints in their new sandal range, certainly makes a pair of sandals look amazing. PS. Good luck with the fostering.

  65. Congratulations on all the likes on FB! I love Liberty prints as they are so English. I have a Liberty shawl that I’ve had for almost 25 years and I still love it; it’s so timeless.
    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  66. Good luck on your new adventure, it sounds very exciting!
    I have actually tried to buy one of your charm packs but could not figure out if you ship outside the UK or not…
    Love Liberty so much, it’s the softness and the pretty floral prints that do it for me πŸ™‚

  67. Good luck with fostering! I love the way liberty fabrics work with each other, contrasting colours and patterns that just seem to match πŸ™‚

  68. I Love fabric, but Liberty Tana Lawn takes it to another level! Keep up the good work at Very Berry, i love getting your e mails through x

  69. I like liberty prints because they are timeless, they never date and also they are so pretty.

  70. The fabric is beautiful, it might make me put down the hook and pick up the needle.!

    Fostering is an incredible job and people who are willing to get involved are my hero’s..

  71. Congratulations on your Facebook success! I haven’t been fortunate enough to see Liberty in person, but I do like the flowers and the beautiful colours. Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. I love Liberty fabrics, especially how crisp the contrast is, in the brighter colorways. And I also love the softer, very girly prints! Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  73. HI! Liberty fabrics remind me of my Mother<she passes when I was 14. But she did teach me enough about sewing to make clothes and adventure into any form of sewing. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck with the foster parenting!!!

  74. I really must get around to actually liking your fb page, instead of just looking at it!
    Having browsed the flickr group you linked, I love how versatile liberty prints are, and how they can spark the imagination. πŸ™‚

  75. What isn’t to like about liberty fabrics? they feel gorgeous and have beautiful designs on them πŸ™‚
    Good luck with the fostering process, I hope it doesn’t take too long.

  76. Oh good luck with all your plans – exciting times ahead!
    I am loving the teeny-tinyness of the prints now I am into tiny paper piecing!
    Thanks for the chance Ali x

  77. Congrats on 100 likers!! I love the way Liberty stands for outstanding English quality and is just incredibly beautiful, one touch of tana Lawn fabric and you are hooked.Thank you for a fabulous giveaway.

  78. Congratulations on 100 likers – and sendng lots of positive thoughts about becoming foster parents – it is an amazing (and much needed) thing to do. Liberty? It reminds me of when I first left home and went off to study and I bought myself some small liberty fabric items. The prints are amazing and (to me) uniquely british.

  79. Being new to sewing I have spent many a night with my head buzzing with ideas. I think looking at these gorgeous and intricate fabrics would certainly fill my dreams too :0)

  80. Good luck with the fostering, I’m sure you’ll be just what those children need. Loving the fabric, all the things I could do with it.

  81. Goodness, what’s not to like?! I made my first patchwork quilt in Liberty, I bought the fabric nearly 20 years ago for a staggering Β£50. I was still a student, but did at least get 6 or maybe 8 metres for that. It took another 15 years to actually make the quilt πŸ˜‰

  82. The prints are so vibrant and colourful and mostly floral which is my favourite…. I love Nature and anything related to flowers brings an extra smile onto my face ….thanks for the wonderful giveaway…hope that you will keeep receiving more and more demands for your bundles from purchasers near and far!


  83. Yay for 100 ‘likes’ on Facebook and yay for selling fabric…gorgeous flowery delicious fabric!! Fingers crossed – I would LOVE to make something with Liberty.

  84. I love the soft feel of the fabric, the gorgeous colors, and the variety of patterns – from traditional British to contemporary. Oh Liberty, how I love you!

  85. I’ve just included my last piece of vintage Liberty print from my mum in a memory cushion cover along with fabric from my daughters baby dress and my own childhood clothing. Would love some more Liberty print to include in future projects.

  86. good luck with your venture. it sounds like it will be a fun new adventure for you
    gosh. what i like about liberty. its hard to say. i love that it all seems to go together. it just has a look its own, you know what i mean?
    you can always tell when something is liberty
    and i looooooooooooooooove it

  87. Just got my pack of Liberty squares from you in the post today. Love the colours and the softness of the fabric. Good luck with the fostering application.

  88. Great news that you want to foster!! Good luck with that! I love Liberty prints – the colours, the designs and so English. I would LOVE to win the charm pack! Thank you.

  89. I would love to win these lovely charms!!! thanks for the chance to win and good luck on becoming foster parents!!! I’ve decided to shop more ‘local’ as in Europe so be sure I will visit your store πŸ™‚

  90. Hi Ali, What a wonderful and worthwhile thing you and Sandy are planning on doing and hope all goes well for you on that front. I absolutely love the liberty print packs you are doing and find them so useful when making my purses and smaller items. To be honest, I love everything about them, the feel of the material, the intricate patterns and the gorgeous colourways, I could drool over them for ages.

    Good luck with the fabric business Ali and thanks for the chance at this fantastic giveaway x

  91. Congrats on the 100 likers! I love how subtle and soft liberty prints are, there is something very calming about them πŸ™‚

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