Frame Purse Swap

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So I decided to take part in Nicky’s frame purse swap… mostly because it’s fun to join in with a swap with my lovely blogging acquaintances, and a little bit because I really need a kick up the bum to learn how to make them properly … I have a potential customer who has been asking me to try making one for ages.  You might remember that I had a go before, with only partially successful results. I hated messing around with the glue, and as I was using quite a large frame, it seemed really difficult to get one bit of the fabric into place without it popping out of place somewhere else!

So while I am making decisions about what to make for my partner, I thought I’d have a go at a sew-in version. Here it is:

Frame purse 1

Frame purse 2

The up side: stitching was a lot less stressful, and I much prefer the finished shape, and I love the curved top. The down side: I used this tutorial (which is great) and tried to tweak it to make a bigger version. Sadly I don’t think I got my measurements quite right because I couldn’t make the top edge of the fabric fit the frame… The solution was to cut off a good inch all round the top, and things all got a bit lop-sided. Which is why I have taken the pics from the side on!

But onwards and upwards! If my partner likes it, I will definitely stick with this shape, and I do love stitching by hand…


In other news, my Very Berry Fabrics Fabric page (for my Liberty bundle selling business) is gradually getting up to a 3 figure number of likers (I’m on 95!). I promise a giveaway of a beautiful Liberty bundle tomorrow if I can get to 100 lovely likers… Bribery will get you everywhere…!

19 thoughts on “Frame Purse Swap

    1. Thank you! I have a real problem with glue… I go into a complete panic, so it’s the glue that seems scary to me. I found the sewing really straightforward – would have been simple if I had got my measurements sorted.

  1. I think you have sewn it in beautifully Ali – and camouflaged and problems with the shape as I see nothing lop-sided! Love the puffiness!

    1. Thank you…! The photo shows a really good angle 😉 I really enjoyed making a sewn in version – and I love the look of the stitching, but I know that’s not to everyone’s taste.

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