The finishing touches

Our bathroom was ‘finished’ on Friday – you might remember the photo I posted last Monday, when things were looking pretty dramatic! We had the whole room gutted, re-plastered, and all new fittings, tiles and a new floor. It looks brilliant (twin 1, Danny, says it is ‘colossally good’) – but it’s not really finished because we still have to paint it, and choose all those little things that will make it absolutely complete. I ordered this really cute shower curtain at the weekend, but there’s still a lot to think about – I feel a trip to Ikea coming on – it’s definitely time to treat myself to a new loo brush!

The slight problem on the horizon is that we are totally spent up now… So, because I am desperate to have lots of colourful new stuff in my gorgeous new bathroom, I thought I’d use some of my bigger fabric scraps and an old towel to make a bath mat…

quick and easy bath mat

I am hoping that the colours are going to look good with the new shower curtain, and I certainly think it looks pretty against the LOVELY new laminate floor. I am wondering about making blinds too, and a cushion for the built-in seat that we have in there… Do you think a matching patchwork cushion would look good? Decisions, decisions… so tough when you want everything to look just right and you don’t have much time or money to spare.


The winner of the wool felt giveaway is:

felt giveaway winner

Comment number 38 was left by Chrissie who will be enjoying a street party tomorrow (fingers crossed for the weather Chrissie) – I’ll be in touch for  your address.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, especially all the new visitors, thanks so much for being so kind. I tried not to feel to jealous at all the folks who were off to enjoy the Fat Quarterly Retreat… Sorry to all of you who didn’t win… I have a couple of giveaways lined up for future weeks, so don’t be too disappointed.  I have also promised a giveaway of a Liberty bundle when I reach 100 likers on my new Very Berry Fabrics Facebook page. So you know what to do…!


25 thoughts on “The finishing touches

  1. Allowing for the fact that patchwork rarely matches, yes, a similar patchwork cushion and blinds would be great. Not only would they match the bathmat, they would “match” their owner too!
    Well done on the bathmat! It looks great, colourful and perfectly executed. I have lots of scraps and really should use some up. Mmm, do I need a new bathmat?

  2. Love the bathmat and yes, I think handmade blinds and a patchwork cushion cover will look amazing! We’ve got an old 70s bathroom suite (it’s brown. Yes, brown), we can’t afford to redo it at the minute, but we’re painting and sprucing up what we can. I’m making a granny square patchwork cafe curtain and, I think now, a bathmat!

    1. Thank you Wendy – you’re so kind. Your cafe curtain sounds like a fab idea – would love to see the finished thing. A brown bathroom sounds quite hard to live with – although I feel your pain, we had some white and brown tiles from the early 80s – on every wall, floor to ceiling!! We’ve been saving for four years to get rid of them… we got there in the end. 🙂

  3. Lovely colour combinations but I think I know that this is a great strength of yours, bright yet subtle. Perfect match to the shower curtain, a cushion I feel would look great too and help bring the whole thing together, soft furnishings/dressing have a way of doing this.

    1. Oh Jane, you’re always so kind. The shower curtain came yesterday and it coordinates really well thank goodness. The bathroom is beginning to look pretty cool, I have to say. Just have to find the time to go and buy some tester pots today, so we can make a choice about paint. It’s going to be tough!

  4. Great idea for a bathmat. You are so creative, my mind would never have thought of it in a million years.

  5. Hi!
    Love your bathmat and think it matches the shower curtain perfectly! A patchwork cushion will also go with it too! Know what you mean about all the finishing touches though! After a long time I have finally had a new carpet laid in my lounge and am now after a decent coffee table to finish the room off, do you think I can find what I want?! Grrr! Must be patient but I want it NOW! Anyway, happy crafting! Am sure it will look gorge! xxxx

    1. Oooh, making the choices is so difficult isn’t it, when you want it to look just right. I have been dithering about ceiling lights over the last few days. Still haven’t decided. Thanks for your lovely comment Tara. xx

  6. Hi Ali,

    Love the bathmat! And I know just what you mean about all those finishing touches. We’re buying them for our living room and bedroom at the moment and while I love it, the price of curtains has been making me rather pale! I’m sure it will all look lovely 🙂

    I also know what you mean about the FQ retreat. While I’ve loved reading all the posts, I have to do it in small doses so I don’t feel too jealous or left out! There’s always next year!

    1. Hello Laura! Finishing touches seem to be a source of major expenditure don’t they… Especially when I really need to save up so I can buy some storage space for all my craft stuff. Shoe boxes are no longer cutting it.

      You are a better woman than me actually visiting blogs at the moment – I had to stop for a while because I was so jealous of the FQR jollities… I’m so grumpy!!

  7. Your bath mat looks fabulous. I have never thought of making one but I may give it a go.
    I am thrilled to have won your felt giveaway and can feel a good sew coming on.
    Chris x

    1. Hi Chris – thanks for the lovely comment. I will be posting your giveaway prize tomorrow morning (or at least my other half, Sandy, will be posting it!). Hope you enjoy using that lovely felt.

  8. love the bathmat. I am sat here waiting for a plumber to call as I have a leak in my bathroom, which is trickling down the kitchen wall 😦 Bought me back down to earth with a bump after such an amazing weekend

  9. The bathmat looks great, you’re so clever to think of making one, much nicer than a bought one.

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