Nearly-Jubilee celebrations & giveaway

I was really delighted to spot a lovely new shop selling wool felt the other week.

And I was even more delighted when the owner got in touch to offer me some free felt sheets to try out… I’ve been having a little play with the felt today, and can vouch for its excellent quality and the wonderful fuzziness that you always get with proper wool felt (I am a felt snob, I admit it).

In my continuing obsession with all things miniature, I made a tiny little pincushion using a bottle top for a base. Here it is:

Nearly Jubilee pincushion

In spite of being utterly uninterested in the doings of the Windsor family (am a grumpy old curmudgeon), I seem to have caught Jubilee-itis, and this pincushion started out a bit red, white and blue…so I threw lots of colours at it in an attempt to save the situation..!

You can get a better idea of how small this one is from this pic:


I even put little magnets in the bottom thinking that it would be useful to be able to stick a pincushion to your sewing machine – then I realised that my sewing machine is plastic!  But they are very useful if you have dropped a pin/needle and can’t find it…

Anyway, back to the subject…

Some more about the Wool Felt Company

Although it’s a brand new shop, the Wool Felt Company is the brainchild of the owners of one of my favourite online fabric shops, Fabric Inspirations, so, as far as I am concerned, they have a proven track record. Currently they are stocking 100% wool felt sheets in a lovely wide variety of shades, but the intention is to stock a good quality 30% wool felt blend too. Definitely a shop to add to your list when you are looking for wool felt.

I wanted to share my luck with you lovely readers, so I have cut all the felt sheets in half and I’m giving away this lovely bundle:

giveaway felt

giveaway felt 2

And I will throw in the Nearly-Jubilee Pincushion I made today, and a felt craft book too.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me about your jubilee party / holiday weekend plans, or you can just shout ‘I hate enforced national celebration/I don’t live in the UK (delete as appropriate) just send me the gorgeous felt’.

You have until midnight on Sunday 3 June to leave your comment.

Good luck! 

70 thoughts on “Nearly-Jubilee celebrations & giveaway

  1. I have just had a lovely day off work today sat with a bit of sewing and a couple of glasses of wine watching the Thames Flotilla on the T.V. It is pouring down with rain and is dark and cold outside, so a lazy day was needed.

  2. Hi There, I am from Scotland and unfortunately i will be working this holiday weekend even though my kids are off school. However I will remain chirpy and optimistic and hope that I might win the lovely Pin cusion and wool felt bundle, simply gorgeous. Even though I am fairly new to all of this crafty business I am getting very creative of late and I cannot stop sewing, crocheting, knitting, cross stitching, embroidering, Totally loving your website & Blog. Thanks for the opportunity xxx

  3. I don’t like crowds, so we are avoiding the crowds and will be spending the long weekend at home with lots of nice food and perhaps a glass of something!

  4. Today is the Republic Day in Italy and It’s holiday! I’m spending my free time finishing a little cushion for a bride and..a diaper cake for her baby boy who will be christened during the wedding next sunday.
    I love felt. Thank you for the chance to win. Barbara from Italy

  5. I agree with you about Fabric Inspirations, great place. I will be sewing this holiday but will take time out to watch the Thames Pagent.

  6. Hi, I just found your blog and I’m so impressed with all of the great things you’re doing!
    About my plans: I’m celebrating the Jubilee with some creat colorfull crochet baby blanket I’m making at the moment for my little one. And tomorrow I hope to have a little tea party in our local wool shop 🙂

  7. I’ll be working (people still get sick on Jubilee Day…) so we’re having a party at work. I’m going to bake a ginger cake and hopefully (if my clumsiness doesn’t get in the way) ice the Union Jack on it. Long live the Queen!

  8. I want to enjoy the jubilee, but honestly it is just not me. The whole thing has been going on for toooooooo long already. My teenagers don’t do village parties either so that is out. Hopefully I will sew and read. We will be visiting my mother in law one of the days. For that alone I deserve felt!! Great giveaway, thank you.

  9. I am sick of bunting! I need the felt pack to protect my sanity as I will be spending all 4 days of the weekend clutter busting. Ugh.

  10. Fab giveaway. I don’t do queen-stuff so I’ll be cleaning out my bunny hutches, going to the tip and painting the bathroom. I’ll probably end up not painting the bathroom and spend the time crafting instead!

  11. If I could, I would inoculate you against Jubillee-itis, being a republican curmudgeon myself! But the pincushion it totally cute, so maybe I will let you fester!!!! Have you tried pre-felt? You would love using it, some bubble wrap and the odd 10 minutes to make your own ‘printed’ felt!

  12. That is the cutest pincushion! I’ll be spending the time playing with my craft stuff! Any excuse…

  13. I am going to a jubilee lunch on the new estate we are moving to, in the hope of meeting new neighbours 🙂

  14. I’m in Canada…so no long weekend this weekend. But for our long weekend 2 weeks ago and we went to hubby’s grandpa’s 90th birthday! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  15. We had a Jubilee cake stall today and the kids dressed in red white and blue. They sang songs at school and had a tea dance!

  16. Unfortunately our main plan for the weekend is starting potty training with my little boy! Think I am going to make Heston Blumenthal’s jubilee trifle thing that Waitrose are advertising though!

  17. I’ve just discovered your blog through a link on pinterest! I thought your little red ridinghood wallet was wonderful! I’ve started a short course on sewing/using a sewing machine so your blog will be very useful, i’m sure.
    I will be studying during the bank holidays as I have my last exam of the year at Uni on Thursday but my hubby and kids will definitely join the celebrations in town. Thanks very very much for the chance of winning this fantastic giveaway. Pati x

  18. We are off to Grandma Patch’s house for the weekend. They have a festival every two years and it just happens to be this weekend so we will be visiting that. Tall ships, street entertainers, markets, the red arrows and fireworks. Fingers crossed for more sun!

  19. A big hello from Portobello. Here in Edinburgh’s beautiful seaside town, we have bunting all year round, but none for the Jubilee so far. It’s very different to what I hear is going on down South. The children get Tuesday off school, but not Monday, which is ok because they are celebrating on Monday by ‘decorating the Queen’s knickers’ instead :o)

  20. You game me a laugh on your use of the magnet. Good save. Live in the U.S. so totally missing the Jubilee. Hope it is stupendously awesome. Go ahead and catch the fever.

  21. I have always adored the Royal family from afar for I live in warm and sunny Malaysia…Princess Diana has always been my favourite… MAY the Queen have a wonderful and healthy life!


  22. I will be in official grump mode because it’s my birthday but the bunting littering the country won’t be for me!! All I ask for is one day a year that’s mine … 😉

  23. We’re going camping – my sis and her children and me and mine right by the sea on the west coast of Scotland. Forecast looks great, can’t wait! Thanks for another lovely give-away and your ever useful reviews of the best places to buy fabric.

  24. We are off to Cornwall on Saturday for the whole week with a group of 14+!! It’s going to be great fun. We’ve all got bunting to decorate our tents and we’re holding our own ‘street tea party’ at the camp-site.
    Teresa x

  25. I dont live in the UK but I will be spending time with my children and camping in Kuipto forest, Australia. I love to craft and would love to create something bright and fluffy from this felt! I so love the colours, And must admit and a miniatures addict as well 🙂

  26. We are going up to the Lake District until Monday so will miss most of the celebrations. On the Tuesday we are having a street party. We live in a small cul-de-sac and everyone is very friendly so thoroughly looking forward to that.

  27. In between supervising DH remodelling our back garden (LOL) and feeding the washing machine I am intending to make some fabric baskets and felt thimbles – and enjoying not having to go to work!!!

  28. I don’t live in the UK but I will enjo the Jubilee in front of the TV with a friend having tea and scones and some saved up English sweets and a pack of crisps … living the clichée .. sort of..

  29. Hi Ali

    No celebrations for us as we’re off camping to the lovely Lake District – can’t wait. No doubt at some point we will probably get caught up in some sort of jubilee thingy going on around and about. I love camping sooooo much.

    Thanks for another fab giveaway Ali – hope you enjoy your weekend too


  30. Unfortunately I fractured my ankle 3 weeks ago and I am on crutches and cannot put any weight on it. Back to hospital in 3 weeks so I cant do much ‘partying’ although I love a Right Royal Do. I’ll just have to spend more money on fabric to make me feel happy – especially at the Wool Felt Company!

  31. Luckily our village Jubilee committee have organised a barn for the village picnic, as the weather forecast isn’t too promising for Monday. The choir that I sing with will be performing at the church Thanksgiving Service first, singing Let it Be and Fields of Gold.

  32. Love good felt. And very much like your miniature – too small and fiddly for me to attempt but I shall admire from afar.

    No jubilee celebrations here – just four lovely days of reading, eating, cycling and walking on the beach.

  33. I do not live in the UK, but I AM Canadian, so there are Jubilee celebrations here too. That said, I will not be participating in any of them, but spending my weekend sewing!

  34. I don’t live in the UK but there will be a Party in the Park in our village in Cyprus. The party is to raise money for charity but I dare say there will be a bit of red, blue and white about.
    Lovely felt, would love to win! xx

  35. i am loving all the red white and blue theme that is around at the moment it makes me feel cheery.Also loving the contemporary stuff too. I’ve not made my mind up what i want to do over the weekend but we all usually have a get together at some point.

  36. I’m going to a craft fair. And I might make a union jack cushion to put on my stall from the block tutorial by Lynne off of Lily’s Quilts on friday morning, but that’s it. Sorry to be boring!

  37. Hi! My local pub is having a BBQ on Mon to celebrate the Jubilee which I intend to go to! Our local Bonfire Society is lighting a Beacon before the Queen’s official lighting and then we will have a mammoth display of fireworks afterwards! We also have a Royal visit scheduled for July to mark the celebrations which I have volunteered to take part in! Archers……eat your heart out! Nothing like a bit of village life & community spirit! xxxx

  38. I’m going to celebrate the jubilee by going dancing – just as I did for the coronation!

  39. My husband is abandoning me for the whole of half term to go on a work trip. So will need some sewing therapy on his return. Love the pin cushion!!

  40. I’m taking you at your word… “I hate enforced national celebration just send me the gorgeous felt”.

  41. I’m exhibiting at Southwell Minster Jubilee Craft Fair and really looking forward to being in such a beautiful venue. Lots of red,white and blue, even made myself a lovely flag to decorate my stall! Have a great holiday weekend.

  42. Lovely felt pics! This weekend I will be (weather permitting) in the garden, planting my veggies and sweet peas. If it’s wet, I’ll be inside, not doing housework!
    I’m not really fussed either way about the royals, so the kids and I will either play at home or maybe go out for ice cream 🙂

  43. mmmm i dont live in the uk. but june 2nd is national holiday here in italy, and we’re going to have a party in our garden 🙂 hopefully it wont rain…..

  44. I will be in the Midlands visiting the family – who all share a genetic ‘meh’ link as far as Team Windsor are concerned. I try not to encourage too much royalty interest round here ever since my son told me I looked like the Duchess of Cornwall, as he was watching Kate (D of Cambridge) on the telly at the time I assume he meant her, but as I can’t be sure…
    Anyway the teeny tiny things you’re making are amazing – I love the loopy daisies!

  45. Well I’m really not into jubilee celebrations, but I do like felt and your pin cushion is very cute even though it’s quite red white and blue, I like the mauve coloured flower on top!

  46. Well…I’ll be sewing, giggling, and sewing some more at the FQ retreat on Sat and Sun then on Monday I plan to collapse and sleep for 48 hours 🙂 Back to work on Wednesday. Oh and – just send me the wool!! hahahah

  47. Village bonfire and celebrations! I must admit to being a bit ‘Bah humbug!’ about the whole thing!

  48. Lots of festivities at my children’s school–I just finished making some swirly red, white & blue cupcakes with my son, all set for a school competition tomorrow! As for the rest of the weekend, I will just be enjoying having my husband home for the holiday weekend, playing outside with the kids (hopefully!), and maybe squeeze in a little crafting.

  49. Between dodging the rain, (it’s bound to rain) we’ll be BBQing with friends and drinking lots of Pimms! I have fond memories of the silver jubilee – we had a school pageant and I was Boudica complete with blue poster paint!

  50. I Hate enforced national celebration!….. but I am hypocrite enough to eat all the celebration cakes that everyone seems to be baking lol. x
    ps I love your miniatures – I’m too fingers and thumbs to manage anything so teeny!x

  51. Fancy dress pageant for the kids on Sunday followed by picnic in the park, band and hogroast. On Monday, BBQ at our house followed by lighting the village beacon in the evening. So basically just one long party fuelled by plenty of Pimms. We’re only doing it for the kids though!!

  52. I have a brilliant 4 days ahead of me….FQR, a trip to the beach and a village celebration…..I am a lucky duck!

  53. Oooo lovely giveaway! I shall be with my family and my hubby will be home for a whole week (he works in Madrid so this is a real treat)! Have a lovely day yourself…Hugs, Jill x

  54. I’m spending the jubilee celebrations camping in Cromer with my hubby & 2 little boys! Let’s hope the rain tonight passes quickly. Fab give away. xx

  55. Unfortunately I will be working for most of the bank holiday weekend. I hope everyone else has a fabby time though x

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