Odds and ends…

It’s been a very odd day here.. this morning, at 8.30am sharp, work on installing our brand new bathroom began. Here it is this evening – looking good eh?

Our bathroom...

I’m hoping that they come back tomorrow…!  It has been incredibly noisy and, although the blokes doing the work have been brilliant, it’s always so odd having 2 or 3 strangers hanging around the house, eating your chocolate biscuits… Can’t wait for it to be over, in more ways than one!

In amongst all the upheaval I managed to do a bit of work on a few things. I am taking part in the House of Pinheiro pincushion swap (never can resist a pincushion), and have almost finished what I wanted to make. I just hope my partner likes it. Here’s a little sneak peak:

Sneak peek

Of course I am using Liberty fabrics and linen. Speaking of Liberty fabrics, I also set up a Facebook page for the fabric selling side of my life (which I hope is going to grow!) – if you’d like to follow Very Berry Fabrics on Facebook, that would be wonderful…

I’ve also done a few rows of a crochet project that I have underway. I was lucky enough to be approached by Abakahn to do a regular monthly slot on my blog using their products. I decided to use some of their lovely Sirdar Simply Recycled cotton yarn to make a market/produce tote bag. I am hoping to share the pattern with you by the end of the month (fingers crossed!).

Crochet project

What I can say already is that the yarn is an absolute pleasure to work with – highly recommended.

And finally, I did the draw for the interfacing giveaway. Here’s the winning number, provided by the Random Man:

interfacing winner

And the winner is Kathie, who chose Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek as her fictional heroine. Congrats to Kathie – I will be in touch. And a huge thanks again to Julia at Gone to Earth for providing the prize.

16 thoughts on “Odds and ends…

  1. Pin cushion is looking pretty. I hate having workmen around too but it will be worth it in the end. Better get more biscuits in 😉

  2. Last Monday my bathroom also looked like yours but now its GORGEOUS!!
    Lots of noise, dust and endless cups of tea but totally worth it. I LOVE IT !

    1. Bless you Tina, that’s a very encouraging thought. They have been plastering all day today and it feels like very slow progress, but fingers crossed we will have a wonderful new bathroom by the weekend. I have to go and buy more chocolate biscuits tomorrow!

  3. Hey, Thanks for the comments on my blog – I love finiding new blogs to read!!! Loving the sneak peak of the pincushion by the way, it looks very pretty!

    1. I think maybe you had better wait until Friday Helen…. tomorrow will be re-plastering the walls after they spent all day ripping off the tiles today… It WILL be worth it!!

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