Petite pineapples

Perhaps it was the weather, but I had a sudden urge for pineapple…

Close up

Sadly, just the patchwork kind… This is my first ever pineapple block.

But because I am slightly obsessed with all things miniature at the moment, I decided that it would have to be a teeny pineapple.

A teeny pineapple block

Doing tiny complicated piecing with Liberty cotton should be right up there on the list of things not to do when it’s hot outside…!

So my plan is to make a load of these to use as a border on my first ever mini quilt. Is that bonkers? I shall no doubt have several 1000 more grey hairs by the time I finish them all.

But I did come up with a clever idea. I had a sheet of this fabric you can use in your printer left over from another project, and thought I would try printing out my templates to save having to draw all those fiddly little quarter inch grids. Here’s how it came out:

Print out on fabric for piecing

It worked really well, I think that’s one of the reasons why my block is so very accurate! But it’s an expensive method because the printable fabric is pretty pricey. I have a feeling that there are cheaper ways to avoid drawing template after template. Tell all quilting friends…

16 thoughts on “Petite pineapples

  1. Cor – well done you! I did a large scale pineapple block for a sampler quilt and it is certainly more difficult than it looks – small scale – genius!!

  2. It’s amazing – tiny piecing makes me wail! If you find a way to avoid having to draw up lots of templates purrlease pass it along!

  3. Could you not paper piece it and tear the rest away with tweezers? Or are they way to small for that…? Cheaper than the fabric base. They will look fab on your mini quilt- how many will you need?

    1. Thanks Kerry. I’m not sure about using paper because the distance between the lines of stitching is so small – it would be really tricky to remove the paper. It would take ages for starters! I think I am going to need around 16 for the mini quilt…

  4. OMG, that really is teeny tiny. It’s inspiring me to do something miniature with the Liberty prints I helped you to de-stash 😉

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