I don’t call this making do..

I mentioned before that I’m making some props for a friend of mine who is stage managing a production of a show called Ordinary Days, and I’ve been taking the opportunity to use up some of my stash of thrifted fabrics. I’ve had such an enjoyable couple of days putting together pouches out of upcycled fabrics (spruced up with a bit of new) –  it’s been really nice to have the opportunity to play around with ideas and patterns I haven’t used before.

My brief is to create a set of pouches and purses for the show’s main character, intriguingly, one of the pouches is for a nutmeg grater and fresh nutmeg. Fortunately I already had a mini-grater to use for my measurements! I had an inspiration that Michelle’s cute dumpling pouch pattern would be ideal for this, and here’s the result.

Dumpling purse

The purple fabric is from a set of cotton napkins I found in a local charity shop, and the snazzy accent fabric is, of course, the gorgeous Bloom from Ruby Star Spring.

The other pouch was considerably less fiddly to make, although making bias binding always takes a little patience!

Simple bias pouch

Simple bias pouch

For this one I’ve used some grey corduroy from an old pair of trousers for the main outer fabric and some red linen for the lining. The floral binding is made with some Laura Ashley fabric that my mum and I bought in a remnant sale in 1988. I remember the date because we also bought some fabric to make the dress for my school leaving dance! 24 years definitely makes it vintage I would say (which makes me ancient!).  I think the outside is a little bit plain, so I’m wondering about adding some red linen flowers to jazz it up a bit. Not too much though because I think the heroine of the show is feisty rather than floral..

It feels brilliant to be led by the fabrics that I have available to me rather than buying the fabric specifically for the project. I really would like to make room for a bit more of this in my sewing.


Nearly forgot! The winner of the Make Do and Mend book is:

make do and mend winner

Kerry left comment number 45, so well done to her – Kerry, I will be in touch for your address.


Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am off to watch the second half of the Champion’s League final, enjoy a beer and crack on with some crochet. I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of lovely fabric news.

6 thoughts on “I don’t call this making do..

  1. gorgeous makes! I’m not sure what I’d do with a nutmeg grater holder though!!! I’ve just announced an upcycling competition that I think would be right up your alley if you fancy it?

  2. I tried the dumpling pouch but totally messed up the zip. I’ve never sewed a zip with such a steep curve and the end result was not pretty. Seeing your perfect pouch and having some Bloom fabric on my shelf makes me want to have another go!

  3. I love that dumpling pouch, I saw it in Pinterest and thought I must make myself one! I too have been rummaging in my scrap bag this evening. I’ve been commissioned to make a couple of embellished/personalised blankets so I just need small pieces for each of the letters. When you’re dealing with small pieces like that you appreciate the finer design, a bit like your fabulous scrap booties (can you do a tutorial for them?). Any news on the pouch you sent to Sew Hip? E x

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