Liberty, linen, are you bored yet?

I find my flighty thoughts are always running away, thinking about what I’m going to make next (which is, more often than not, something entirely different from what I am supposed to be making next..). At the moment, given any opportunity, they dash off to the lovely world of nubbly texture and florals that is linen plus Liberty. It seems nothing else will do! I am currently planning a Very Important mini-quilt which has been entirely in my head up until now, but I really wanted to make a few blocks, to see if I what I have in my head will work in reality. So I gave myself a bit of time off money-making sewing to have a play.

So here’s my first block – based on a flower block from my Japanese book in French (yes I wanted it that much!)  – The Daily Quilt. It worked out so nicely I decided I couldn’t resist making it up into a pincushion –  not what I meant to do at all, but you have to follow your impulses sometimes:

Liberty and linen pincushion

I interfaced the Liberty with light iron-on interfacing  because I have it in my head that it really needs to be a similar weight to the linen. I wonder if my quilting friends know whether this is a good thing to do, or is it technically frowned upon? I hand-pieced the blocks, using the technique I have learned from Japanese books by Yoko Saito and Suzuko Koseki – it’s a method I find very relaxing, but it is slow, so I am wondering about trying to make a block like this with my machine. The pieces are really tiny though, and I’m not sure about those tight angles. Wish me luck!

Hope you have lovely weekend plans, whether you’re sewing, playing, crocheting, baking, gardening, relaxing… enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “Liberty, linen, are you bored yet?

  1. Hi
    Just found your blog – thanks for the fabric shop list – introduced me to several I was unaware of. I wonder if you have seen the Citronille website and the blog of sewists who make and post their versions of the patterns?
    Lots of linen and Liberty – I think you would like it.

  2. I have no idea about interfacing the Liberty fabrics and whether it is traditional, but it will keep the fabric in shape and help to turn under the raw edges so they are protected from wear. Love the pattern.

  3. Lovely job Ali! Just bought some of the Essex Linen in flax, that you recommended from The Eternal Maker as I’ve just received a copy of Zakka Style. I’m busting to make something with linen and patchwork hexies – so excited!!! Isn’t it funny how fabric can do that to us. 😉

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