Oooh, lovely fabrics!

I feel like I have spent most of the day cooing over fabrics… In the post this morning I got some beautiful new Liberty fabric to add to my growing collection. It’s the the lovely Wiltshire, which is definitely one of my favourites. I also got an instalment of fabrics from The Eternal Maker’s Japanese Swatch Club. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m a real enthusiast for the work of Japanese quilter and designer Yoko Saito, so I was thrilled to receive swatches from her 2011 Etoffe Imprevue collection for Lecien (not great pics sadly, but you get the idea). Can’t wait for the yardage to appear at The Eternal Maker – it’s really lovely, I have a plan to make cushions for our living room with these. Membership of the Swatch Club was my prize for winning the Pings and Needles Scrap Bag Challenge last year, with my patchwork baby bootie design. So it’s a a pleasing coincidence that the only picture (of mine) that I have to share with you today is a pair of completed booties…


I’ve actually made 2 identical pairs of these… I sew the soles on by hand (you can do it by machine but it brings me out in a cold sweat), and good grief did my fingers hurt afterwards. I need more thimbles, or some kind of protective gauntlets (I’m joking I think, but I bet you can buy them..).

My final attack of fabric lust broke out when the latest True Up blog post arrived in my inbox…. with previews of some lovely new collections due later this year from Moda – I’m excited about the look of a new midcentury modern collection from Jenn Ski, but as it’s not out until September, I guess I will have to wait a while! There’s also some smashing new Christmas (!) fabrics, including some ADORABLE prints by Aneela Hoey.  And as I scrolled down the page I caught site of the gorgeousness of Heather Ross’s new collection for Kokka, called Nursery Versery (argh, too too cute – sweet little mice!).

And THEN I thought I’d just go and have a look at Sew Mama Sew (anyone else planning to do the May Giveaway?) and spotted post about Denyse Schmidt’s new collection called Chicopee, isn’t it lovely?

Chicopee by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit

Photo © Sew Mama Sew

Am feeling a little bit overwhelmed, and may go and have to lie down in a darkened room….

9 thoughts on “Oooh, lovely fabrics!

  1. I love Wiltshire too! And that new DS fabric looks fab! I’m not sure about the SMS giveaway. I joined in with the last one and had my most ever comments I think. I deliberately didn’t request people become followers as I read something somewhere that it was frowned upon if you did this. I did feel a bit sad though, that not one new person followed and that people were purely stopping by for the free stuff. Since then I’ve only done give aways that I’ve kept relatively quiet about, so my regular readers are the only one’s likely to find out about it. It feels nicer to give away to the people that read me all the time.

    1. Wiltshire is gorgeous isn’t it – I keep buying it in different colourways. Irresistible! Know exactly what you mean about the SMS giveaway – I did it last May, and got a lot of visits and comments, but not sure how many people stuck around. What I do enjoy is when people take time to leave an interesting comment… So maybe I will try and ask an interesting question!

  2. Silly rabbit, you should lie down–it’s bedtime! Seriously, those fabrics Are lovely, and I appreciate your fabric updates very much! Always something unexpected.

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