Weekly fabric news

The people at Saints and Pinners have clearly been working really hard on their website in recent weeks. I am hugely impressed by the free patterns section, where there are some great beginners’ projects with all the instructions that you need along with a link to the relevant bundles from the Saints and Pinners shop. For example, you can make this simple but very effective quilt:Free quilt pattern from Saints and Pinners

Photo © Saints and Pinners

… all you need is this bundle of Fat 16ths.


There’s 15% off all fabrics at Dragonfly Fabrics if you enter the code SPRING at checkout. For some reason Dragonfly haven’t made it on to my Big List – it’s just an omission on my part because it’s an excellent shop – a real all-rounder with lots of excellent dressmaking fabrics as well as quilting cottons (I will add them asap). One really useful service that they offer (it would be great if more shops did this), is to provide samples of up to 5 fabrics of your choice for £2.50 including postage. Very useful.


Quilter’s Cloth is having a promotion on fabrics for children, with lots of bargains to be had in their Specials department.


Doughty’s has got a great new Basics Department which is full of really useful utility fabrics and craft wadding. They have hessian in different colours (I’ve been looking for that everywhere!), osnaburg and scrim, calico and muslin and much more. And as always with Doughty’s, the prices are very competitive.


The Quilt Room have some very funky new rulers in from Creative Grids, along with some very lovely looking patterns by Pam and Nicky Lintott, that make full use of them.

Creative grids pattern book from The Quilt Room

Photo © The Quilt Room


If you dash, you’ll be just in time to take advantage of The Village Haberdashery’s offer of 10% off Alegria fabrics from Cloud 9 with the code ALEGRIA10. 

Alegria at The Village Haberdashery

Photo © The Village Haberdashery

They also have 10% off all their ribbons and trims until 8 May with the code TRIM10.


Emma’s Fabric Studio has 20% off Kate Spain bundles and precuts this weekend. Hurry round to pick up a bargain!


The Little Fabric Store is closing (for good reasons thankfully!) and so they are having a huge clearance sale. There are some really excellent bargains to be had. In fact I don’t know why I am telling you about them, they are so good…  All the best to the owners for their future plans.


M is for Make has masses of gorgeous stuff in the sale section, as does The Eternal Maker. Both are well worth a look if you’d like a little fabric flutter but you’re not very plump in the pocket.


And just a little plug of my own… I have 2 Liberty charm packs coming to my shop on The Fabric Marketplace by 8.30pm this evening! And have you remembered The Fabric Marketplace giveaway?


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a lovely bank holiday Monday if you are lucky enough to have a holiday!

12 thoughts on “Weekly fabric news

  1. Hi- just wanted to let others know that the little fabric store site seems now to be down. Unfortunately I still haven’t heard from them (despite 3 emails) about my fabric order from the beginning of May. I hope this is a one off and has not affected others as it is very frustrating! I’m not sure whether they have closed for good now- but if not I would urge others to be more cautious as a bargain is only a bargain if it actually arrives!

  2. Thank you for the information about the Little Fabric Store. I have just helped them to clear some of their stock! I was feeling really down and it has definitely cheered me up. 🙂

    1. Oh Dina, that’s good to hear. Nothing like a bit of fabric retail therapy to cheer a person up, I know to my cost (literally!). Hope you are feeling a bit more cheery today. xx

  3. I have spent quite a while looking through these offers, and spending some money….. I was disappointed with the fabric marketplace, as it didn’t seem to go to a secure site when I wanted to pay, and I can’t find a phone number or email address for them? but otherwise, thanks for this wonderful post 🙂

    1. I’ve passed your feedback on to Emma, I’m sure she’ll be interested to hear it… I’ve told her she’s welcome to reply directly on here to your comment. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the round up!

    2. Hi Crafts@Home, thank you for your feedback. There is a ‘Contact Us’ link in the top right corner of the Home page, which gives an email address, but if you didn’t see it then it is clearly not predominant enough – an issue that I will need to address. Also, with regard to your comment “it didn’t seem to go to a secure site when I wanted to pay”, payment is made through Paypal so I would be interested to know if you were taken elsewhere to make payment, if you could clarify this I would really appreciate it. I hope this answers some of your concerns and that you will visit The Fabric Marketplace again soon. Emma

      1. Sorry, wrong company, I think I bought from yours, no problem….. It was the Village Haberdashery…… I have now found their contact address, but it goes to sage pay and asked for bank details without having a secure website, has anyone else come across this? The 10 percent reduction is no longer valid now either 😦

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I’m just about to attempt to make a quilt (the first was a disaster) so the Saints & Pinners link is really useful.

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