Thank you so much everyone for all your kind words about my adventures in fabric selling. And yes, I sold out! There were only 7 bundles, so I’m not buying my new yacht just yet (maybe next year…), but it was so nice that you were all so encouraging, and the sales really helped! Here are my first parcels, all ready to go:

First fabric parcels!

I have been busy with my rotary cutter (whilst watching the wonderful Porco Rosso film from Studio Ghibli with my boys) this morning. And I promise I have more Liberty coming tomorrow. There’ll be packs of 3″, 4″ and 5″ squares for your delectation.

5 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Congratulations on selling out. What a boost to your confidence – and your stash busting!

  2. What a lovely distraction whilst cutting. Porco Rosso is one of my five year old’s favourite films – though as he has called it “Punch Pig” for the last couple of years, I fear that the more poetic parts of the film have bypassed him! I love Studio Ghibli films.

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