A low key intro

So, I’ve decided to have a little dabble in selling fabrics… I’m starting in a very small way with a bit of de-stashing of my existing collection, but in the long term I plan to specialise in selling bundles of Liberty fabrics (I have other ideas too, but they’re not at a sharing stage!). My Crafteroo friend & colleague Kerry has created this beautiful logo for me:


Isn’t it gorgeous? I wanted it to reflect the brand name obviously, and also give a little nod to one of my favourite Liberty prints – The Strawberry Thief. Kerry has come up with something fabulous from my vague ideas and I can’t tell you how delighted I am with it!

So, I’ve been thinking and planning this (in a small way) for a while now… and then (I’m a great believer in synchronicity), Emma got in touch to ask me to trial The Fabric Marketplace, and to help her with getting feedback on the site. So, as of today, I am selling a few bundles of de-stash fabric (and some Liberty lawns!) on The Fabric Marketplace… Over the next couple of days I hope to share a bit more about my experience of using the site, and on Friday I’ll be hosting a fab giveaway sponsored by Emma in return for feedback about The Fabric Marketplace. Why not join me in a bit of de-stashing?!

33 thoughts on “A low key intro

  1. Good luck with your new venture Ali – another success I’m sure. I just nipped on to the comp this morning before work (early) and saw your post, dashed straight to it and bought two charm square packs – yippee.

    No doubt you will be restocking very soon.


  2. Well done on selling out so quickly – I missed the boat too, like many others. Great logo, it looks like your new venture is going to be a success story.
    Teresa x

    1. Ho ho Helen – I do love a ref to that line… Now I can just imagine Tom and Renee discussing charm squares… Thanks so much for your support – your parcel is on its way. πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely logo… how great to have a friend that can get that right for you! Your site looks all sold out but I’ll pop back.. good luck with it, Jill x

    1. Yes, I can’t believe I sold out and wish I had made up a few more bundles. I am about to go and cut some more in a minute. Thanks so much for your kind words, and yes, I am very lucky to have such a talented virtual friend. πŸ™‚

  4. Love your logo, it’s perfect. Good luck with your new venture, you bundles look stunning but have sold out already (a very good sign!).

  5. Love the logo. Great idea to sell stashes. Looks like you’re doing well as most already out of stock and I have just found your email. Good luck with the venture.

  6. I think your logo is lovely.
    I’ve had a good look at The Fabric Market Place – what a great idea! I’ve left feedback on the site and I have started spreading the word about it.

  7. Oh boo – I snoozed and lost! I saw your Liberty bundle but we were just about to eat and so I just had a look again and it`s out of stock! Good luck Ali – I`m sure you`ll do just great. I love Liberty!

  8. Fantastic idea! I’m sewing my own stash into scrappy log cabins, so won’t be selling but will be tempted to buy more scraps! Would love to see more of the ten charm squares in different colours. Would be nice if you could put together sets of all one colour as, for instance, I have heaps of pink but need more bits of red.

    1. Oh Fran I wish I could oblige, but sadly I don’t have enough fabrics in single colours, if you know what I mean. My own stash is a bit lacking in red..! However, it’s really great to get your feedback – I am really interested in the different ways that people buy fabric. Thanks!

  9. Good luck with the selling! To help you along I’ve bought your Liberty charm squares. Thanks! Xx

      1. Parcel arrived already! It was waiting for me when I got home from work πŸ™‚ But can I really face cutting them up? Or will they sit around looking pretty?!?
        Thanks x

  10. Thanks Ali. I love your bundles, you have such a great eye for colour mixes. I am trying to resist snapping them all up! Good luck with trying out bundle selling, if they’re mixes like these you’ll have no stash left to sell! The logo is brilliant, completely perfect!

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