Celebrating the 1000 milestone

I love Facebook. It feels pretty uncool to say that, and there IS plenty that bugs me about it, but really, what would I do without it? The fact that it allows me to keep in touch with people I’ve known for years, build friendships with people I’ve only met online and even find people I’ve lost touch with over the years, makes it pretty indispensable to me.

I really enjoy maintaining by Facebook business page too – it’s great to chat with other makers about fabric and other crafty stuff, and it’s fab to make connections with customers too. So, I was hugely delighted that we reached the milestone of 1,000 Facebook Followers at the end of March, and I promised a giveaway…

It’s been a little while coming, but it’s finally here! It’s the…

Thank You Facebook Fans Giveaway

There are 2 main prizes and a couple of runner up prizes too.

First up, the wonderful Emma from Emma’s Fabric Studio has been kind enough to sponsor this giveaway and has provided this blissful prize:

Tara bundle from Emma's Fabric Studio

Photo © Emma’s Fabric Studio

Isn’t it stunning?! This bundle is called Tara (after one of Emma’s sewing group friends), and comprises 2 prints from the Pillow and Maxfield range for Michael Miller with coordinating ginghams and solids – you can read more and see the prints here at Emma’s shop. Here’s a bit more about Emma’s Fabric Studio..

Emma’s Fabric Studio is a one stop shop for all things fabric, based in Kent in rural England.  The Studio is a haven of fabrics, haberdashery items and inspiration to help you create your projects whether they are for retail purposes or as a personal gift for someone special.  We encourage our customers to share photos of their finished items, to socialise on Facebook and to keep up to date with what we’re up to via our blog.  We are taking the ‘Make Do And Mend’ and ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ ideologies forward into the 21st century to create a new and fresh way to ‘make your own’ and capture the home made ethos.

The other big prize is a wallet made by me in your choice of fabrics – here are some I’ve made, just to give you the idea…

The power of the flower wallet

The power of the flower wallet

Wallet / Purse

Purse / Wallet

You can have small or large, whatever you like, as long as you don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks because I have a waiting list as long as my arm just now!

There will also be 2 runner up prizes of Liberty fabric charm packs, put together by me…

The Rules

  • Leave a comment on this blog post. As usual you are free to just say, PLEASE PICK ME! But if you feel like joining in then do tell me what you like about ‘Social Networking’ (isn’t that the crappiest phrase?!) – Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogging… whatever it is, I’d love to hear your experience.
  • If you want to, you can specify the prize you’d like – but there are no guarantees!
  • The draw will be made by me, using random.org next Monday afternoon, so please get your entries in before 12pm on Monday 23 April – any comments made after that time will not be included in the draw.
  • The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.

Good luck and thanks again for being such fab people..!

145 thoughts on “Celebrating the 1000 milestone

  1. As far as Social Media is concerned, I left Facebook after realizing that people want to share every painfully minute detail of their life and oh everyones life is great (as if!). I decided I don’t need that kind of pressure. I will keep in touch with my friends through emails and phone calls.
    I would love the first parcel.
    I am on twitter though.

  2. Fab giveaway! I do like facebook as I can keep up with snippets of every day life of friends and family whom I rarely see (especially those half way round the globe) – things that you wouldn’t bother to put in a letter or email, but actually tell you more about people and their lives than the ” big” things that are deemed worthy to write in a letter.

  3. Love your wallets! You have an excellent eye for fabric combinations. 🙂
    Congrats on 1000! I like using Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, since I am living outside of my home country for the past few years. It helps to share photos and keep in touch with everyone.

  4. How did I nearly let this one slip by? I would so love one of your wallets, every time you post a photo of a new one I think I should make one but I’m sure it would be nowhere near as gorgeous as yours! Yes please and congratulations on your milestone!

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with social networking. I joined Facebook initially to monitor my daughter. I did enjoy finding old friends, but I found the amount of information overwhelming on top of everything else in my life. So I go on it very little now. If I were fortunate enough to win, I would choose the Liberty print charm pack. That may be the only way I would ever get to use some of the amazing fabric. Thank you!

  6. Yes please, I love your crafting items!
    I do blogging by myself, I use fb just for information and see what other people and friends are up to, sometimes I leave a comment.

  7. i don’t know why i like social networking. i sit on my computer for hours, not talking to anyone, not doing anything and get cramp in my leg….but i still like it. weird.

  8. Congrats on 1000 and would love to win either the fabric of wallets. Fb is a great way of staying in touch with friends and finding more like minded souls :D.Jo x

  9. Congratulations! I have to say since Facebook started making changes to the layout I got completely lost and rarely use it, although I do love keeping in touch with my far away friends and relatives! Twitter is really beyond me, I have an account but no clue what to do! hashtag what??! (I can’t even find the hashtag symbol on my keyboard, hahahaha!).
    Did you mention Liberty? yummy 🙂

  10. Hello! As i was reading your post i kept thinking to myself…. Yes, This is what i think about facebook too. I sure find it helpfull, yet it should be used with care because of its risks. Facebook and LinkedIn are the only social networks that I use….so I can only speak about these.
    Thank you for this giveaway….
    Kind regards,

  11. What a lovely giveaway! I prefer Twitter to Facebook and my new love is Pinterest! I wouldn’t mind what i won it all looks scrumptious!

  12. I’m not a great lover of Facebook or Twitter, although I do use Facebook to keep up to date with my favourite crafters and shops. I do really love following the blogs of lots of crafty people who provide great inspiration 🙂
    Congrats on all your followers and thanks for the lovely giveaway – I’m a big fan of your wallets!

  13. I’m a big Facebook fan too, I like how it enables me to feel close to the friends who sadly don’t live so close at the moment. Just have to watch that sucking-all-my-time thing that seems to go with it….. Would love to win 🙂

  14. Hi 🙂
    Congratulations on your sucess getting to the 1000 😀
    I use facebook and love it, I made many friends and as I live in sweden but Im from portugal allowed me to do friends and specially to do friends with some craft interest as me and that is awsome!
    Ty for ur give away!

    Catarina Appelgren

  15. I don’t mix crafting and “real life friends” so I love Facebook for keeping in touch with friends who I’d otherwise never have time to chat to and for finding “lost” friends. I love blogging for the crafting community

  16. Great give away I especially love the fabric! I love social networking because of the ability to share information and create or maintain relationships over long distances. This is especially important to me because I am an American living in Scotland so have to keep in touch. But I love blogs because especially this me because of the wealth of information. I taught myself to sew by reading blogs. Big thanks for that!!!

  17. Hello, Social networking…I love being able to find and share ideas the only problem is that with all these wonderful blogs I’m reading about sewing more than actually doing it! Love the materials and ideas, Thank you for the competition, x

  18. Gorgeous Fabrics 🙂 I love FB for keeping in touch with friends, old & new. As a sewing beginner I have found lots of very useful crafty pages and love having a nosey at all the beautiful handmade goodies 🙂

  19. Thanks for the competition! I love Facebook for generally chatting to mates, keeping up with news/products and entering comps. Im not so keen on twitter, but do check tweets from certain people now and then.

  20. Hello! now I know what I’m doing (sort of) I am going to leave my comment! I’m quite new to Facebook as I didn’t have internet access at home until very recently and it was blocked at work, however now I have onlne access to my hearts content which is great, need to convince the hubby mind as he is not a fan, think it’s the thought of the 1000’s of pictures he’s been tagged in that put him off! Anyway, I’m new to blogging too and didn’t know I had a style of writing at all untl my friend Emma asked me to do Tara Tuesday’s on her website! First part went out yesterday so lets see how successful (or not) it is! Have had great fun putting it together and just hope the readers enjoy it too! Oh and you know it makes sense to PICK ME to win the competition!!!! TYVM! xxxx

  21. I have always found people on social netwerk to be VERY supportive and free with thier knowlage. They are always keen to give an handy hint etc.. while in ‘real’ life i find people to be far more reluctant to part with it.

  22. I have followed Emma’s Fabric Studio on facebook for a while now, I’m just starting my own crafty business and sewing group and facebook is the best way to communicate while I sort out my new website! X

  23. Wow what a lovely give away.. Fab fabrics. Love Facebook great for keeping “in the loop” of what’s going on with friends and coming across lovely handmade crafts pages like these. I don’t get much time to “network” my page as I’m kept very busy with my boys and type 1 diabetes! But great to catch up with it all from time to time n is very nice to hear what others have to say about my work when lovely encouraging comments are left on my page. 😉 thnx

  24. Social networking…well lets be honest FaceBook is an amazing place where I have met incredible like minded crafty people. We laugh, we cry together, we share things we have learnt and”ohh and ahh” over each others creations. Being a full time Mummy, part time creative and writer, can mean a lot of time with in the walls of my own home, having access to so many people has been a real life line. I have been inspired, I have learnt and I have increased the amount of really important people in my life.
    Oh and Please Pick Me!!!!

  25. I love Facebook to keep in touch with distant family & friends & look at the sites of the many very talented craft people out there 🙂 x

  26. You are so generous with your giveaways, they look super. I love social media, it is my link to the outside world, as being a mummy of two toddlers can get a bit crazy sometimes. I’ve made some amazing connections and been so inspired through twitter, totally blown me away at how powerful it can be 🙂
    Well done on your 1000 mark

  27. Yes please, would love some fabric to add to my small (but growing) pile.
    Haven’t got started on Facebook yet but thinking about it!

  28. What lovely prizes. I love facebook because its such an easy way to find out what is going on and catching up with friends. xx

  29. Love everything!
    I guess with just about everything else, there are good and bad points to social networking. I enjoy it because I can follow the projects and shops of peaople from around the globe. As well as be in the overall sharing community. It’s fun.

  30. Thanks for the chance to win! I love FB because it enables me to keep in touch with friends and family who are far afield!

  31. any chance I could be a runner up pretty please? or your prize (I love those wallets!) Social networking is a two edged sword for me- I started out liking the ability to keep up easily with my friends in other countries, but the way the big sites handle my data and the copyright issues surrounding pinterest worry me….
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  32. i was only saying to my friend the other day that if facebook had been around when my children were small how my life might have turned out so different. i have always been crafty and sewed and knitted like crazy when my children where in bed, never dreamt that I could sell it, Aw well 34 years later………..

  33. Hello, I love having three different friends who have made contact through facebook this year that I knew as a teenager and had lost touch with. That makes it great! Beautiful items you’re giving away, thank you.

  34. What a fab way to mark reaching such a milestone. Facebook is a fab way too discover so many talented people

  35. the reason for me to have a facebook account is to stay in touch with my daughters and nieces. Now their grantparents (my inlaws) are no longer here, we don’t see eachother that often. But with Facebook I can follow them on their daily life and react and stay connected 🙂

  36. Facebook has enabled me to keep in touch with family and friends on all continents!…..seeing our children grow up via the thousands of photos uploaded by everyone has always put a smile on my face…x

  37. What Ho, I like the old networking cos I can keep up with my chums with out having to make much effort, keeping friend ships alive for the super lazy! Means I make new internetty chums too. Happy with any prize, you know me and fabric!

  38. Yey well done Ali 😀 I’m trying to build up Facebook at work but to no avail, I found FB ads were great for building followers for my own business page, but work won’t pay out for something they don’t understand 😡

  39. Congratulations on your 1000 FB followers – I’m not surprised as your blog is great, one of my favourites. As for social media, I do a bit of everything, though I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging – takes up too much of my time at the moment.

  40. Networking gives me the fredom to make new friends near and afar…..for instance now I am seeing so many beautiful handmade items by you and others through the blogs and I have learning new crafts too in the process..

  41. You really have to love and hate all the social networking. At the beginning I really didn’t get the point of them but after opening my page it has a whole new meaning for me.
    The fabrics and wallets are adorable! I would so love to be the lucky one! ^.^

  42. i love FB too! to me its a great way to chat to other similar people with small children in the evenings, it makes you realise that you are not the only one indoors night after night. Loove the fabric, i’m a bit of a fabric nut and make make make (my other evening habit).

  43. lovely giveaway! I love love blogging, its so much fun to share my thoughts and feelings and all the crafty happenings in my life and the people you connect with along the way are so amazing!

  44. Hi there I love your stuff!! I use fb just as a personal account and it’s great it allows business’ to share their items so I can admire them! X

  45. ooo lots of lovely stuff!!!! loving all the crafty sites on fb. always looking for inspiration for me to have a go at making and new products to buy, would love to be entered into the prize draw

  46. i have mixed emotions with FB! i love that i can stay in tocuh with family and friends that i have moved away from, but more recently from a business aspect im not a fan, since timeline came in its certainly a lot more work to promote etc, but then who am i to complain about free advertising etc!!
    im just getting in to Pinterest am really liking it at the mo.
    Congrats on reaching such a brilliant milestone x

  47. Facebook is O.K. if it doesn’t take over your days! Your wallets are soooooo colourful and the fabric is super too. I just hope I get picked.

  48. Hi Ali, I love Pinterest and like Facebook. It will be interesting to see how big Pinterest gets. I’ve been waiting for ages for friends to get into it like I have. I love the inspiration and ideas. Although more time doing and less time pinning would be good! Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations 1000 likes is brilliant work. Ex

  49. Congrats! Well done!
    I used to like Facebook more, before the changes kept happening. I’ve moved quite a bit and it has been a godsend to find old college friends and keep in touch with old workmates. I can’t call Gmail social media, but I love how I can receive and answer messages immediately with it in my phone. I also love Flickr, where I’ve met lots of people with similar tastes in photography, and now, where it’s a great project meeting place for sewy-bloggers!

  50. I have been a member on facebook for over a year – and it still isn’t me to a large degree… However, since I have also taken up sewing again – I am on there all day looking at everyones (including yours!) great creations. It truly marvels me at the ideas and inspiration that people have – and I am humbled…. There is soo many great things out there being created… I don’t get much work done!!!
    Kerry x

  51. ooh – lovely prizes! I, too, enjoy facebook for keeping in touch with family and friends who all live in the UK whilst I’m now in France. And crafty blogs? wow! there is sooooo much out there to learn about, be inspired by, glean info from, and often laugh outloud at. Brilliant.

  52. Hi, PPM, Facebook lingo for Please Pick Me!!
    Your fabric selections make for great and respected reading. High 5!
    As for Facebook it’s like the ‘ mad aunty’ , funny, helpful and part of life!!
    Emma. x

  53. These are lovely prizes – I’d love to win any one! I’m on Facebook and keep thinking I should get on Twitter too but I wouldn’t have the time to get to know how to use it. My Facebook use is a bit sproradic. I like to see what friends have been up to but I think it’s use is changing with it being used more as a business tool these days.

  54. Wow! And many congratulations on reaching your first 1000. I feel the same as you do about FB and the like but guess its a necessary evil in our modern age (she says typing on the bus). Ha ha we’re all ensnared! Aaaaargh

  55. Hi Verry Berry, I love fb too! As you say it’s great to keep up with school & college friends even old work mates especially if, like me, you have moved around a bit. Recently I’ve had lots of fun with new crafty friends too – non of which I’ve met, yet! Yes please – Pick Me, I love them all!!
    Sonia x

  56. I really must take some time to get to know Facebook better. The way they keep changing things throws me every time I open the actual site (mostly I read on my iPod app), but I do pick up some great stuff through it! Twitter’s more my thing, probably because it’s easier to access on the move and I can post pictures more directly.

    Congrats on 1000 followers! Great stuff 🙂

  57. Congratulations on your 1000 Facebook likers! I love keeping track of what you’ve made etc through Facebook, and if I had to choose, one of your beautiful wallets would be an amazing prize. I love the look of them so much! Even if I don’t win one on this giveaway I think I’ll be commissioning you to make me one. 🙂

    I think it’s safe to say that my life has never been quite the same since I discovered social networking. It’s great to have a non evasive way to keep track with people from my past. I’m hopeless at emailing people but it takes just a few minutes to check fb and comment on a couple of statuses.

  58. I joined FB reluctantly but now I love it for finding people, ‘meeting’ people, re-connecting with old friends (like you :-)…..) & for being unashamedly nosey about people I hardly know! Also I need a new wallet as I broke an egg in my bag the other day when taking half a dozen as a gift to my Pilates teacher (creep) & my old wallet got very icky!!

  59. Please pick me!!! I would love the chance to win either one of your lovely prizes. I have to say I am on Facebook and Twitter and to be honest haven’t got much of a clue about either. Good job I have a teenage son in the house to help me! Sue x

  60. I love using social media, especially Facebook. I’ve made firm friends on Facebook and kept in touch with lots of like-minded people who I would have lost contact with otherwise. I also read a lot of blogs as I find them inspiring and they’re useful to spread information about different competitions, exhibitions etc. I’m not good with the phone so I would really struggle without social media.

  61. Oh my – I would love either the fabric or one of your wonderful wallets (have been drooling over those for a while now hoping mine will break so I can buy one!). In terms of sewing; Facebook, Pinterest and the blogging world have been an amazing way to get ideas and find out how to do things. I’ve had my sewing machine for 10 years and a dusty singer – ‘how to sew’ book, which have hadly been used and it was through my friend Mary Emmens that I started reading blogs, pinning and following every avaliable FB page going! I really enjoy Very Berry and your UK fabric shop guide and your fabric updates are brill – as are all your inpsirational projects – I know the winner is random -but wanted to share anyway!

  62. Wow! What a lovely giveaway:) congratulations in reaching 1000, at52 we can but dream! Social networking is incredibly useful in my opinion, getting you instant feedback and contact ability thanks again Jx

  63. Love the homemade makes socialising thing it’s brill! Everyone gets to let out their creative side and people who like this kind of thing can comment or purchase – I probably wouldn’t have carried on making if my friends hadn’t of put such lovely comments about my makes!!! Good luck everyone x

  64. Congrats on 1000 likes – I like facebook as I have moved around alot I have been able to contact people I knew I places I used to live but had lost contact with

  65. social networking allows me to keepin touch with friends and family backhome in America. i would be lost without it!

  66. Hiya. What a great giveaway. Until recently wasn’t a fan of social media as my only experience was my personal Facebook page which only “friends” with people I see regularly which kind of defeated the purpose. However, after I started using FB to share my crafts I found how easy it was to link with amazingly talented people from across the world. I’ve gone from being a complete novice to having my own FB business page, blog and Twitter account and a member of loads of crafty internet groups!!!! I’m not a prolific poster, but I try and so something every day, and occasionally sometimes find it is gone midnight and I’m still glued to the laptop…….

  67. I love your giveaway and am impressed at 1000+ ‘likers’!! I am a FB user but hate when they change things… I like the original way the pages used to look. I have never twittered (I’m in my late 30s – should I have?). Technology moves faster than me so I can only keep up with some social networking things.

  68. Facebook has meant a lot to me since it has become so huge. Being a stay at home Mum who is trying to start a small business making lovely things, life can get a little lonely. Knowing I have people out there supporting me is a great comfort. I am learning so much from all the wonderful crafters who use it too including yourself. Thank you.

  69. What do I like about social networking? Well, it’s a good place to find people like yourself, who can feed my addiction to crafty things and fabrics/haberdashery…oftentimes I think about leaving Facebook, but can’t bear to lose touch with everyone. Maybe I’m just nosy! I have been a farmer, a cafe owner and a city mayor – all just passing phases and now behind me! I don’t have time for all that now that I’ve rediscovered sewing and the joys of interacting with like-minded people. I love giveaways of course and was lucky enough to win not one, but two of the Easter prizes from Nortex Mill in the last couple of weeks…it must be my year!

  70. Hi Ali

    I must say at first I wasn’t too convinced with FB, but now, I must admit to being slightly (only slightly) addicted. I have to check it everyday to see what is happening and sometimes I must confess to spending far to long on it. Once you start, you can’t stop. It makes everything accessible and I feel it makes the world a smaller space. Its a great way of keeping in touch.

    The prizes on offer are fab and if I had to choose, I would really love one of your wallets as I think they are so perfectly made – fingers crossed.

    Anyway Ali, well done on your 1000 likes, here’s to the next 1000.

  71. Hi I love all you stuff you make I only use facebook for keeping up wiht ‘sewing’ and fabrics and still getting use to it. Love the fabrics and your wallets – already thinking of what to make if I win – Louise W

  72. Congrats on your milestone! Social networking…I’m partial to Pinterest now just because I love pinning “to do’s” and having them all in one spot. I usually stalk Facebook and Twitter a few times a day but sometimes I don’t post for days.

    If I win, I’d love the Tara fabric bundle (although all the prizes are awesome).

    Thanks for the chance.
    shel704 at aol dot com

  73. Congratulations on reaching 1000. I’m so glad I found your blog. I really look forward to your fabric update. As for Facebook, I enjoy using it to keep abreast of what’s going on for people. I’ve never used other networking sites so can’t comment on those.

  74. I do use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family back home, but like Flickr, pinterest etc they swallow time whole, so I don’t use it much.
    Congrats on 1000 and thanks for the chance to win

  75. Congrats on the milestone–that’s quite a feat! I think FB is great for people with businesses–an easy way to keep customers updated :O)
    But then there’s that one guy from high school who tries to “friend” me…..run away! run away! And the photos people found in their basement and tagged me…yeesh! At least I was skinny…

  76. Congratulations on 1000+ likes on facebook! What a fabulous giveaway! I love the fabric & the wallets are great! I’m on facebook daily. It’s great to keep up with friends that I haven’t seen since school (elementary & high-school). And it’s nice to keep up with what the blogs I follow are up to as it’s a little easier to sort through that google reader. Thanks for a chance to win this great giveaway! 🙂

  77. I use both Twitter and Facebook. I like Twitter because it’s so chatty and I like Facebook as it’s a great excuse to have a nosey at everyone’s photos of things they have made. Also, please pick me. :o)

  78. Wow…beautiful prizes. I’m so thankful for blogging, because it’s how I got linked into the quilting world, how I’ve done almost all of my learning (through talented people like you, I might add), and how I’m now able to share what I’m doing with others. As long I don’t let it take over my life (and the jury’s still out on that one), I say, what’s not to like?

  79. I’m like you, I use FB to keep in touch with friends, new and old, near and far! Additionally I’m in the process of starting my own online business so networking is important! Although I would be exceptionally delighted with any giveaway gift, and I JUST LOVE your designs and sense of style with the fabric combos you use, I COULD REALLY USE the fabric bundle, as I could use it to create something special as a gift for my first online customer in my new store!

    Thank you for the generous prizes and good luck to all!

  80. I don’t use Facebook very much, but I do like being able to see updated pictures of friends and family on the mainland! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Congratulations on reaching a milestone! I actually use Facebook very little. Only when someone “friends”me, do I go on over there! I prefer to call or e-mail friends and family. Makes me a dinosaur I know! The giveaway fabric is absolutely amazing, and I have had a wallet on my to-do list for ages now. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  82. I love twitter as it allows me to connect with a huge variety of strangers with similar interests without the baggage of them knowing me as a parent/wife/friend/daughter etc. it also allows me to indulge my inner wag by following my gave footballers 😉

  83. Congratulations on you first 1000!
    I love facebook for keeping in touch with old friends, hate if when I have to sort out bullied 12 year olds with it!!

  84. I love FB because I have managed to reconnect with lots of friends all over the world and find out about other fabric-holics like myself as well as drool over other people’s beautiful crafts! Good luck with the next 1000 likers!

  85. Ooooh I was drooling over your wallets last week!! Congratulations on hitting 1000 🙂
    Personally I love FB because im nosey, I have quite a few people who irritate the hell out of me with their status’ but I cant bring myself to “un-friend” them as I like to see their drama when ive had a boring week! :p
    Also id be lost without my business page, Most of my dolls fly around the world because of it 🙂

    Kirsty xx
    (Hattie Willow)

  86. Your wallets are fabulous!
    I’m not too into Facebook but have recently discovered blogging and am hooked! If I were lucky enough to be picked for a prize I would love a wallet but would be happy with anything, particulary as it is my birthday next week!

  87. I would love to win one of your lovely wallets, so I’d love to enter. I am new to Facebook pages and still get everything wrong, but I can see how good it is for keeping in touch with friends and customers..
    Well done on your 1000+likes 🙂
    Jane xx

  88. well have already written once but doesn’t seem to have gone on, so apologies if you get two from me 🙂 i love facebook/twitter/pintrest a great way for people who are starting out new businesses as free advertising also great for keeping up with friends and family. I would love to win because i love all your creations and also Emma’s fabric – everything crossed x

  89. I’ve recently found a friend on facebook from 30 years back. We’re going to have a reunion from school, unfortunately she will not be able to come because she lives in another country and it’s a long way to go. But I’m so glad I’m in contact with her again! And PLEASE PICK ME!!

  90. PICK ME!!! Just had to say it but Social Networking, is amazing, I love how my neighbour can see her 2 year old granddaughter over Skype who lives in Australia for free, just as the best things in life should be. But as for me, I love the fact that I got so see my ex-boyfriend, chubbier than I remember dressed as Patrick Starfish from Spongebob Square pants on Facebook, and could have a guilt free little chuckle to myself. I love Emma’s Fabric Studio and I have already fallen in love with Michael Millers Blue Birds range, it would be amazing to have some coordinating fabrics to go with the cushion I’ve made in my spare room! Pretty please with a cherry on top 🙂 xXx

  91. your creations certainly inspire me to be more creative, I have recently bought my first sewing machine and I am loving finding all the various sites and blogs talking to people about being crafty etc im totally falling in love with it all, i often have to restrain myself from buying loads of fantastic fabric, buttons etc so to top my new obsession off a treat it would be great to win a prize

  92. please pick me! pretty please. I love your wallets so much, just wish I could afford to treat myself to one…..fingers crossed!

  93. Thanks for having such a fab giveaway 🙂

    I find Facebook amazing for giving me an insight into people’s lives that I would miss out on otherwise. It has also introduced md to an amazing talent of crafters out there I just didn’t know existed xx

  94. I am loving discovering all the wonderful crafty pages on Facebook. They are great for gift ideas and inspiration too. I have just got a sewing machine and going to give crocheting a go too as my 7 year old would love a granny blanket :0) x

  95. Would love to win anything from your selection! all very welcome here! I love blogging, tweeting and Facebook. It has opened up all sorts of different avenues to me – not just to sell but to see what others are up to. I am amazed at the fabulous ideas other people have and how amazingly creative we all are.
    Congrats getting to your 1000 milestone!
    Susan xxx

  96. I just hooked up to Twitter, and I’m loving keeping up with my friends as I sew at weekends, challenging each other as we go 🙂 I haven’t used Facebook really in a while as I found I had loads of friends posting loads of cutesy photos/videos/sayings and it was taking hours for me to wade through to read the important stuff 😦 Once I get some stock built up though, I’m hoping to get back into maintaining my business page more…

  97. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends old and new, as well as developing friendships with people I have met on various forums on the web.
    As usual, your wallets are fantastic…. I would so love to win one!

  98. dont do fb or twitter but i do blog having a bit of a drought there at the mo,love your wallet and the fabric is lovely !!

  99. Today I like FB because it helped solve the mystery of who sent me a text message last weekend… It’s good for things like that! Lovely prizes!

  100. Oooh gorgeous fabrics and wallets! Facebook is essential for me – I’m a Canadian ex-pat, so it helps to keep in touch with everyone back home. Twitter is fun – I read more than I tweet. I think of it like a real time magazine of sound bites. xx

  101. I love being able to easily see blog updates and what is going on – easy answer to questions and such on facebook. I’m not a twitter fan – it’s just a mess of sentences to me. I LOVE your wallets (I’d pick a small to fit in my easy to go purse when I go out without kids and don’t take a diaper bag!) and I LOVE the fabric!

  102. I love how easy Facebook makes it to see what my friends are up to and I love the design of the large purse! x

  103. I also share your love of facebook, more or less for the same reasons,but also because I have just launched a facebook selling page, materialistic.

  104. Oh yes please, love fabric and love your wallets, I too wouldn’t be without fb now, as you say it’s fab staying in touch with old and new friends, and I have also enjoy making some lovely chickens inspired by the customer.
    Louise x

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