Catching up with my finishes..

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. I managed to resist chocolate, but have eaten my fill of Easter biscuits and Simnel Cake (marzipan – yum, my favourite…). We’ve had a lovely time, but now we are looking forward to everyone going back to school so we can have the parks and walks to ourselves  again.

Work-wise it’s a bit same old, same old for me at the moment – I’ve had lots of commissions to complete, and it’s been those favourite old perennials, crochet hook wraps, wallets and booties that I’ve been asked to make… But in spite of being on well trodden sewing paths, I’ve been able to use some lovely fabrics, and the pleasure of putting different fabrics together has its own rewards.

So first up is this Folklore Forest wallet. I wish I had bought loads of this fabric (by Lecien I seem to remember) – so many people have asked me to make them something with it… I only bought half a metre, on impulse, in a sale. So you see, never resist the impulse to buy fabric…

Folklore Forest Wallet

The pink binding is the lovely Four Square by  Denyse Schmidt (available at Gone to Earth). Regular readers and many of my customers will know that this is one of my favourite prints in the world – it’s such a workhorse! The tiny polka dot fabric is becoming another go-to fabric for me – it’s a lovely, very useable linen, that comes in a variety of colours from My Fabric House. The wallet itself is my own half-size version of Liz’s wallet tutorial, which I used to make this bigger version:

Farmdale Blossom Wallet

Wallet on the inside

The fabric here is Farmdale Blossom – another hard to find print now, but also one of my favourites, and I’ve used more of that polka dot linen from MFH. So, look at all that money – that’s what I call photo props! And a little insight into my life and interests- my library card, my Campaign for Real Ale membership card, and my Camping and Caravanning Club membership card. Yes, I am a middle-aged bloke – fooled you!

My latest crochet hook wrap (in spite of having made so many) was an absolute nightmare because I just couldn’t get it all to line up properly – then I realised that I cut the fastening strip 1″ to short. Too much Easter sherry maybe?

Crochet hook wrap

This is yet another set of fabrics from My Fabric House, requested by my customer, who clearly has sophisticated tastes.

I have had these booties sitting round in my ‘to be completed’ box (actually, I have several of these boxes, and bags, and cupboards…), when someone serendipitously got in touch to ask me for a pair of booties for a little girl. All I needed was a little motivation…

Matryoshka booties

I got the lovely Matryoshka doll linen mix from Celtic Fusion Fabrics. I’m really pleased I remembered how to make them, I was all bootie-d out after Christmas.

But while I was in the bootie-zone (as it were) I also finished these, which will actually be going into my shops…

Patchwork booties

I am so delighted with this photo, this is just the look I am aiming for. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with my camera (famous last words!).

What an epic! Hope you sewers and crafters out there are having equally productive times..

16 thoughts on “Catching up with my finishes..

    1. Thanks Kat – the wallets are rather enjoyable to make too – I have a couple on the go at the moment – just when I think I have finished for the time being, someone asks for another one..

  1. Beautiful makes – thanks for the link to the Matryoska doll fabric – that’s going on my shopping list 🙂 PS -your photos are lovely.

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