Photo fiddles

So I have been experimenting with photos a little bit… Stand by for lots of this stuff because I am now a pleased owner of A Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos (a birthday gift from my bro who is excellent at following instructions!).

This was mostly about props, in terms of getting interesting photos of something that is rather tricky to shoot. I also had a little experiment with f numbers, ISOs and shutter speeds, but I am still not quite clear on all that… photography really feels like physics sometimes and I was so rubbish at physics at school…

Liberty pouch photo experiments 5

Slightly dull flat shot. Although it is quite hard to make Liberty fabrics dull. The problem with this of course, is you don’t have any idea of the size of the pouch, or the shape.

Liberty pouch photo experiments 4

A more interesting shot from the front. And you get to see the cute dotty lining. I like taking shots from this angle, but it doesn’t really give you the complete picture.

Now an experiment with some random props:

Liberty pouch photo experiments 1

Experiment 2 with more random props:

Liberty pouch photo experiments 6

What do you reckon? They feel a little bit stagey to me, but maybe that’s because I set them up. In my literal-minded way, I’m always tempted to use stuff related to the product as props, so, e.g., put cotton reels with pincushions… There’s no way you could get your knitting stuff in this pouch, and I don’t think I’d use if for pencils, so does it look odd that I’ve used them? I think I like the pic with the wool and needles best.. I’d love to know which one stands for you.

The main lesson I’ve taken from this is that I need to collect some more funky stuff to use as props..

Happy Friday everyone – hope you have great plans for the weekend…

35 thoughts on “Photo fiddles

  1. I like the photo with the yarn the best because of the colour match but I think it would be better with something that would go in the bag. Having props definitely helps get a better idea of size (even having the measurements doesn’t always help to picture it). The bag is bigger than I thought at first. Despite all that, they’re much better pics than I could take!
    Teresa x

  2. It is really hard taking pictures of certain things. Props definitely help with the picture. I think they should be things you intend to go into the pouch or things you used to make it.
    I like the picture laying flat at an angle.I shows some of the pouch and the lining which is cool! I wouldn’t call it staged as the pouch is an inanimate object..=D

    1. Thanks Lindsey.. I *think* I like the book photo best too. I spent a lot of time painting that blimming wall just to take photos in front of.. It’s in our conservatory, which is great for natural light, but I have to share the space with all my boys’ toys and books… There’s not much room in there!

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  3. I think the trick to staging probably has more to do with the colours of the staging objects in the relation to the main focus. Looking at the comments..many have chosen the knitting needles and yarn picture, probably because it matches the pouch. Love the clean white backdrop and the lighting in your pictures…all are well exposed.

    1. Oh thank you! I spent a lot of time painting that wall! Just for photos! The things you do in the attempt to get good product photography… Thanks for your input Jane, I really appreciate you taking time to leave a comment.

      Hope you are having a good weekend!

  4. I agree with you about staging – it feels artificial BUT when looking at your photos the one with the wool and needles is great as it gives a perspective on the size of your pouch. The pouch is lovely btw. Di xo

    1. Thanks so much Di – it’s been so useful having everyone’s helpful comments. Photography is always something that gets the conversation going! It’s a steep learning curve πŸ˜‰

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend..!

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for leaving such a kind comment on my blog. I was about to let you know that I linked to your gorgeous flower when you already found out πŸ™‚ if you ever go to Delft again, let me know! I’d love to meet you. I love your work! Have a great day!

  6. I think your props make what is already a fantastically professional looking pouch even more professional looking : )
    I started using props about a year and a half ago and my work has definitely attracted more attention online. I seem to get featured on other blogs and asked for images to be included in articles more. Also when I do events, my photos often end up on the promotional leaflets and brochures etc. Not trying to sound boastful just saying that it all seems to be since I started using props! Can’t wait for my petunias to flower again! lol
    Thank you for visiting my blog too. I have been really rubbish at keeping up with everyone elses. Yours is always lovely to visit though : )

    1. It’s always a real pleasure to look at your lovely stuff Aileen, and I’m not surprised it gets featured all over the place, it’s so pretty, with or without props. Thanks for the kind words about the pouch – much appreciated.

      Hope you are having a good weekend!

  7. Hi Ali
    Beautiful bag that doesn’t really need any props, just looks great on its own. If I had to choose I would say the photo with the bag on the book as it injects slightly different colours and gives the photo interest. The one with the wool for me is a bit too samey in colour if you know what I mean. I think the best thing is not to think about it too much or you’ll get too carried away with the props!!

    1. Oh, but I want an excuse to buy lots of lovely vintage goodies to use as props! Spoilsport! Glad you like the pouch Jane, really appreciate it, and I have come to agree with you, I like the book picture best too.

      Hope you are having a great day!

  8. I’d probably use a pouch like that for make-up so how about some wooden makeup brushes to show it off and give an idea of scale. I actually really like the one with the pouch on the book, gives a good idea of size. Looks really great though Ali x

    1. Lol Sasha, I did actually think that make-up brushes would be a great thing to photograph with the pouch, and some swanky make up too, but as I don’t own any, I had a bit of a problem! I am wondering if it would be investing in some just for photography purposes, πŸ˜‰ Thanks for always being so nice about my stuff. xxx

  9. Hmm, I think you ought to have props that will actually work with what you’re selling (apart from anything else to prevent people sending things back and complaining!)

    If you want I can e-mail you some non techy experiments you can do to learn about f-stops/shutter speed/ISO, let me know πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Katy, I would lovely your non-techy experiments, that would be brilliant. I have a vague idea of how it all works, but it’s a real struggle!
      Hope you are having a great Saturday.

  10. I like the wool and needles one, (predominantly because of the harmpny pf colours) but if you are looking to sell your things through your photos then I agree that you shouldn’t use props that wouldn’t fit.

    1. If you substituted the needles for a wooden crochet hook, would it then all fit in the pouch? Then our favourite, colour-coordinated picture would also be suitable as a sales photo. Simples!

  11. I like them very much. Yes they are staged but it shows off your purse beautifully!
    Any tips for a sewing newbie on how to get neat zips at the end? I’m struggling with zips!

  12. i like the one with the knitting needles best. i like the one with the books, but i think i would like it better if the colors all went together more.

    1. Thanks! I think I decided I like the book picture best too… (I used the idea before for your pouch of course!). It is fun playing, yes, and I’m beginning to think I will get there in the end. I would love to end up with consistently good pics.

  13. I’ve just bought that book too! Haven’t had a chance to play yet though. My favourite pic is the one with the wool, but I think the one with pencils is better as a “marketing” shot. It leaves the buyer to decide what they could use it for and gives a better idea of scale…there are too many sizes of needles & yarn balls so the scale is still unclear. All your photos are fab, though, as always! X

    1. Oh thanks! I was unsure about getting the book, often things that will solve all your problems in a particular area don’t live up to expectations, but I actually think this book is going to be great. Really appreciate your feedback – and I agree re crochet hook – just couldn’t find my nice bamboo one!

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