A couple of finishes..

I finished another custom crochet hook wrap last week. My customer was really keen to use this gorgeous floral from the Freebird collection by Momo for Moda:

Crochet hook wrap

I think she was so right! It’s a lovely fabric from a great collection, and still available at The Eternal Maker, but you wont find much anywhere else. The fabrics I used inside the wrap all came from my stash:

Crochet hook wrap

The orange crosshatch is from Timeless Treasures (Seamstar), the blue trim is Hugs and Kisses from Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner (M is for Make).


I’ve also made another Runaround bag from the brilliant pattern by Noodlehead. I was a bit unsure about the Retro Ladies from Ruby Star Rising (I am sadly conventional in my fabric choices!), but my friend Lynda was very keen, and I am SO pleased with how this turned out. There are many hard things about taking commissions (I find them quite stressful, worrying about whether they will live up to expectations) but one of the upsides is that you get to use fabric that you might otherwise have been too intimidated by.

Runaround bag

You can get the ladies from Celtic Fusion Fabrics. The lining is Hugs and Kisses again (such a useful fabric!), and the binding is a pink linen blend. I love the finished bag, I think the fabric works perfectly with the style.

The pattern for this bag involves gathering the edges of the sides to fit the base –  I find it really tricky to get nice, even gathers, especially when working with this linen blend fabric. I’ve been searching round for tips and techniques for making better gathers and came across this video on You Tube, which demonstrates a method of creating gathers by zig-zagging over a fixed length of thread. I’m definitely going to have a go with this next time I’m gathering, but if you have any other tips, do share!

11 thoughts on “A couple of finishes..

  1. Hi Ali
    I bought the Runaround pattern from Noodlehead yesterday after seeing your lovely bag. Just cutting out the paper pattern and have emailed anna to asked about the seam allowance. On the pattern it says 1/2″ seam allowance so I asked if this was included in the pattern size and anna replied saying yes it was included in the pattern piece but it shoud be 3/8″. Did you use the actual pattern size or did you allow extra on your material for the seam allowance?

    Louise (other half of Ellabella) x

  2. Lots of pinning is the only technique I’ve seen for gathering (of a chef’s hat) – making the gathers even by folding (match half and half again, and again…), and pin as much as you can be bothered then go for it!

  3. The bag is just beautiful Ali, I think I may even have a go. I’m also a bit conventional in my choices but that fabric is wonderful, I may have to pinch Lynda’s choice as it works so well and not something I would ever think of choosing, I love it. Would also make some great cushion covers for my very stylish sil.

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