I’ve been making..

Things have been a bit slow round here when it comes to writing about finished handmade projects… mostly because I’ve been too busy sewing stuff to write about them. So this is a bit of an epic catch up…

Some wallets – the first 2 were commissioned for Mother’s Day:
Dotty spring wallet

Dotty spring wallet

The main fabric here is Dandelion Hatch from Josephine Kimberling (if you’re a regular you’ll know it’s one of my favourites) which I got from Eternal Maker (none left now), and the inner fabric is a cute polka dot from My Fabric House.


Sophisticated wallet

Sophisticated wallet

The outer fabric is from My Fabric House again. The pink chequerboard fabric is from my beloved Four Square by Denyse Schmidt from Gone to Earth. This wallet was saved from oblivion by some very very very careful unpicking and resewing – I originally put the whole thing together upside down! A word of advice, always CHECK FOR MISTAKES BEFORE YOU TRIM THE SEAMS!


The power of the flower wallet

The power of the flower wallet

This one is for sale at Folksy. By complete coincidence, the outer is from My Fabric House again (this wasn’t planned honest, and I am not sponsored by them today!!), and the the coordinate is a Sevenberry dot from Fabric Inspirations.

The wallets are all made with a brilliant pattern that you can find right here.


This cute zippy pouch is also going to be available from Folksy when I get round to listing it.

Zippy pouch

Zippy pouch

The adorable fabric is by Lecien (called Vintage Art Store) and is available at Celtic Fusion Fabrics. I’ve used a vintage metal zipper (I think it looks great with the fabric), and the purse is lined with this ace Essential Stripes fabric from Seamstar.


Phew…! Now I must go and wrap the wallets ready for the post, and then I intend to sit on the sofa, drink a lovely cup of Choco tea approved by Yogis, and do some crochet to relax..


21 thoughts on “I’ve been making..

  1. These are beautiful. I just had a look at the pattern. These must have taken ages to make and a lot of patience. I would like to say I would try it myself, but without a sewing machine, it might end up as a bit of a mess!

    1. Thanks Teresa – it really is a great pattern, and the tutorial is nice and clear. I have tweaked it a little bit to create lined pockets for the credit cards, but that does mean there are about 8 layers of fabric to sew through – nerve-racking!

  2. Glad to hear that even professionals sometimes have the odd hiccup 🙂 I love your choice of fabrics Ali, beautiful as always. Off to take a pic of the tutorial, thank you for sharing.

    1. It was a rather *large* hiccup and my heart sank when I spotted it… Can’t have a wallet where you risk all the credit cards falling out every time you open it! Thanks for being so nice about my fabric choices – my confidence has had a boost!

  3. Ooooooooooooooooooh I loved the pink one, and then I saw the turquoise, i fear I may have lost a little piece of my heart to it!
    Beautiful Beautiful work! Well done you
    Ps thanks for the pattern link too!

    1. Thank you so much for that – and I especially appreciate that you like the 2nd one because that was the one I was feeling a little bit twitchy about.. Very kind of you to give me a boost!

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